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  1. Perhaps you could grab a bargain if those that are disappointed choose to cancel? Keep an eye on Cunard or grab a good TA - always a Silver lining 🥂
  2. Exactly what is being expressed by those who were booked on those dates going to NZ ……… all very interesting don't you think???
  3. Yes … but those on Cunard that booked the original dates aren't happy, I think it was going south to Tas then NZ etc. On the Cunard website, these dates aren't even there now 🙄 Its more about the reason to not go to NZ at all anymore … …… or so it's rumoured 🤔
  4. We all got to Easter Island last year - 2023 and it was wonderful. Hope the next Worldies get there too 🤞
  5. Just saw this notice and wondering if anyone knows the reason for the change with Cunard cruising to NZ??
  6. Agree with you guy01 - we book Reserve Collection mini suites all the time now and we had Priority boarding - now we have reached Elite, this no longer matters, but we DID receive priority in Reserve/Club Class. 👍
  7. Yep, we've done it, off Celebrity and personally we loved it. Read the details and decide if it's something you would enjoy. We were really well looked after and saw places we would never have thought of visiting … so, we highly recommend it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ cheers, Rose 🌹
  8. This is the reason I asked originally, particularly for our Australian season - so was after our 25/26 summer season for downunder. Will wait till March and see what comes out then. Rose
  9. Just aside from SPF50+ sunscreen, if you are going into the water on the barrier reef anytime from November to May a stinger suit is highly recommended - our sun can burn you, but our stingers will make you very ill. Anyway, enjoy your visit, Rose.
  10. Hello all, May I intrude to ask a "newbie" question? When do Silversea release new season itineraries? For example 26/27? Regular cruise lines it's around March each year, is Silversea the same - looking toward the mid to end of 2026 to 27. Thanks in advance Rose 🌹
  11. Hi all, a Newbie question if I may. When do Azamara release new season itineraries - ie 2026/27? Thanks in advance Rose 🌹
  12. Exactly my point, so at the stops on our Qld cruise, we will be entertaining ourselves. Rose
  13. Just reading this thread and interesting to see now, due to World circumstances, Cbtours - you may have multiple choices of itinerary's to South Africa, with the Suez so unsettled. Just read QM2 will be going that way this year 🤔 Rose
  14. We have a cruise booked on Edge in December. Have been looking at excursions on a Qld itinerary and WOW 😳 Compared same excursion with Princess prices and Edge are triple the price for exactly the same excursion … criminal actually. the only difference I can find is the train seating is "Premier" and includes a glass of wine 🙄 So, we will be doing our own thing, as the ship is the destination for this 10 day cruise and we have done the sector a few times. Rose
  15. Nancy, Exactly, we have never removed them either. Just lovely to read a thread where passengers are so supportive of the hard working wonderful crews. Rose 🌹
  16. So, just to clarify, no one on this thread removes crew appreciation? On other Social Media sites, this is all that is talked about, removing 'gratuities' as soon as possible when they board the ship. However, cruising on HAL, from Australia or International we are charged daily gratuities and have never removed them. Believe that the right thing is done and these monies make it to the intended crew members.
  17. I have used this advice for new cruisers on more than one occasion, after reading it here on CC. This is gold though … thankyou TPKeller 👏👏🥂⭐️🌟
  18. That's how it works in the Pacific, welcome to our side of the Globe 🎉⭐️
  19. We are currently on the WC 2023 and as part of our boarding, we had to provide evidence of Travel Insurance and we aren't going to New Caledonia. Also asked for Travel Insurance documents on a majestic cruise to NZ in Dec 22. Dont know about anyone else, but I wouldn't want to be the passenger in the terminal testing the validity of the Travel Insurance requirements before boarding. We always get Travel Insurance regardless of destination.
  20. As Aus Traveller said, wifi has improved immeasurably since the change to Starlink. (And, I understand that only those who complained received partial credits 🙄) We can now stream the Aus nightly news each morning, social media, photos, weather apps etc. Heard that Coral was the last to be upgraded to this new service, so if you have cruises booked on other Princess ships, wifi should be much better too. And ekka49, we will see in the Pacific, but it's my understanding that Starlink has more satellites at a much lower altitude so we shouldn't see any loss of service 🤞 Will let you know.
  21. Overheard an officer say 120 off and 111 on so basically equal. However, seems we will be increasing the numbers of US passengers, which makes sense.
  22. Even though we love HAL I think Royal, Carnival or P&O will do a better Christmas cruise for kids. 😄
  23. We cancelled a cruise in Feb this year, just before the cutoff deadline - 30 days? It was cancelled for medical reasons. We received 25% of what we had paid Cunard, paid back into the original credit card we had used to pay them, and the remainder from Travel Insurance. Found it imperative to have a letter from Cunard stating that we had cancelled and the amount they had repaid, then a letter from GP with medical reasons for cancelling and making sure all the correct forms for both Cunard and Insurance were completed - and received ALL our money back. Most important - you must follow all their procedures and it works. I managed ALL of this via email. It can be done. Good luck 👍
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