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  1. The above Roll Calls May be possibly why the OP is not getting any responses?
  2. In Australian waters - don’t think so 🙁
  3. Goldconnection - that’s great news, enjoy your time in Sydney and have a wonderful cruise. Sydney will be mega busy from the 22 - 24 then a joy to wander, explore and window shop for the next two days. 😉
  4. Exactly Mic - had already considered this to be the reason for the variation in prices. Only thing we buy is the coffee cards, and as I am the designated driver and only drink soft drinks, the boss just drinks as and when the urge takes him, this works for us.
  5. BGozzy - we have three cruises booked with Princess over the coming 18 months. Just checked my cruise planners and these are the per day prices for drink packages. Such a huge difference (probably for numerous reasons) but one of the reasons why we buy drinks as we go. Sea Princess - Dec ‘19 Prem Bev. Pkg AU$79.99 pp/pd - to PNG Ruby - Feb ‘20 Prem Bev. Pkg AU$89.59 pp/pd - to New Zealand Regal - Oct ‘20 Prem Bev Pkg AU$99.11 per pp/pd - 38 day - Southampton to Singapore.
  6. Did a quick search for dining on Christmas Day in Sydney, most of the Hotels would need to stay open for their guests anyway so open up for the general public. Like the Shanghri La, Park Hyatt, Sofitel ..... and for this part of Sydney on this day - not bad $$$$. Did notice while searching that there were Harbour Cruise Christmas dinners advertised as well 🤔 For those interested in the cruises I’ve included these too. This is the page I have been getting the info from if the OP wants to check for themselves. https://sydneyexpert.com/christmas-day-sydney/#Christmas_lunch_in_the_Centre_of_Sydney_Darling_Harbour_and_Barangaroo
  7. anjo, School holidays should be over be the 18th October. I couldn’t find anything on Majestic Princess B733 but looking at the location I don’t see how soot would really be a problem 🤷‍♀️. Found some photos of B733 on Regal Princess which has the same deck layout as Majestic and the cabin looks lovely. Enjoy your cruise 🏝🏖🚢 https://www.cruisedeckplans.com/DP/member/stateroom-details.php?ship=Regal-Princess&cabin=B733
  8. Suggest you find a hotel / apartment you would like to stay and ask them about their Christmas Dinner requirements/ recommendations. But yes, you will need to pre-book restaurants for Christmas lunch or dinner. Sydney is a big place; where are you planning on staying? And how many of you are there? Rose.
  9. We are taking the family to PNG in Dec on Sea Princess, so will decide for ourselves then. But still really loving keeping up with this South Sea cruise. But agree with you OzkiwiJJ, have been on a number of different ships now and notice a remarkable difference at times within the same cruise line. We put this down to the people running the show (ship). Just like any business, if it is run well and your staff are happy, well managed and know where and when things are meant to happen - this is felt by the customer and is seen in the end product. Can’t wait to board Sea Princess actually ...... last cruise was on Diamond, lovely ship 💎💎
  10. Very clean webcam lens - lives up to the name; Crystal 😉 all fabulous grabs, thanks for taking the time to post all these, love them.
  11. Thankyou for this, will keep an eye out for the next photos 👍
  12. We have this cruise booked in 2021 (ridiculous I know - but it’s an addiction 😳) so following with much interest - love it all. How are you finding Sea Princess - was she looked after by all those ‘Worldies’?? Rose
  13. Rickster50, Does the option to buy these cards affect your choice of cruise line ie. HAL over Princess (and lots of others) for example? As having cruised with various lines, I think HAL might be the only one that offers this option (though I’m probably wrong 😊). Just curious 🤔 NB: RCI offers a 10 Drink Punch Card on “some” cruises (US based probably) for $96US - can be used by anyone who has the card. 🧐 Interesting development ......... love Google 💕 https://www.cruzely.com/everything-to-know-about-royal-caribbeans-10-drink-cards/
  14. We don’t buy the packages, so are interested in how you go with this 🤔
  15. bulldogcruisers - with current exchange rates, pay in cash and enjoy the high American dollar against our Aussie. Today your $100US will get you $148AU (approx) 🤩
  16. We take the Moccona sachets, for much the same reason as NSWP - Though the purchased espresso’s on board are fine (doubles for preference) the convenience of a sachet can’t be beaten ☕️
  17. Sounds amazing and totally natural.
  18. Thankyou chengkp75 - as always 👍
  19. Looks like there will be a bit of shopping around for our upcoming cruises then 🤔
  20. Yep - still available, but it will be on put on your sea pass card, staff will tell you when you have used the 15, or you should ask. You buy it at the International Cafe, if I remember correctly.
  21. You know, you are absolutely correct. We go through security to board the ship and our rooms are also secure. To access most things within the ship we use security, (our cards) so it is a monitored environment. For the most part, I believe that cruising is safe, that there is very little crime in comparison to the number of people cruising. If someone feels otherwise, perhaps cruising isn’t for them 🤔
  22. SuitesRbest - seems the vote is in for Insure and Go. Agree with mum and son - do a bit of research on other sites, TripAdvisor, Productreview etc. but CC users seem happy with it. Some type of Insurance cover is def better than NO insurance. Rose https://www.insureandgo.com.au/
  23. Just did a B2B with Princess round Japan and seapass cards remained the same. RCI make things particularly difficult don’t they, if this is how they do it? If the OP keeps the same cabin, do you think they will also need a new seapass card? Because their account should continue over both cruises, or do you think that they would need to settle their account for the first cruise and start again for the second? All things they would need to consider - personally I would contact Royal 🤓
  24. If you book direct with RCI you should be able to keep the same cabin for both cruises. Just ring them to confirm this - easy👍
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