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  1. Had to cancel Norway cruise June 2020 on New Statendam due to Covid. I have been looking at 2022 to rebook, and the prices are double, some even almost triple what we had paid! also, the itinerary and ships are not the same );
  2. Yes true, my TA kept "unrecoverable" commission of $750 after refunded by HAL 😞 Even though I had chosen the cruise and cabin number and had to chase up for my refund myself.
  3. Hi everyone, Like many of you, I lost quite a lot last year during the pandemic and cancelled trips. I want to support the industry once there is a "normal" environment to travel again. I am wondering if anyone knows if I book a non-refundable deposit price, if for some reason the cruise was cancelled either by the cruise company, or other government directives, would i still get my deposit back? It would not simply be a change of mind, but out of my control (as with the pandemic and bookings last year). Would also be happy enough with a credit if it was cancelled or p
  4. We paid for insurance (insure and Go) before the "covid" deadline early Jan 2020 for trip cancelled for June. I asked for a policy refund in March, when the Aus Gov told us there was a travel ban. They flatly refused as we didn't cancel "within the 2 weeks cooling off period". I asked if we could move the dates (a credit) and they said no !( I go no emails saying yes now we could have our policy money returned.) We decided to make a claim as our TA charged us the $700 commission for our HAL cruise, plus a $50 cancel fee...even though the cruise was cancelled by HAL and there wa
  5. That's the best way and cost effective. Went to Tassie in October last year. Own car 4 weeks wonderful! Staying in B and Bs and cabins and houses. To hire a camper soooo expensive and then park fees and extra fuel...plus limits on where you can go
  6. Very very happy with Vietnam airlines who have finally refunded all of our PE seats Syd to Paris. They were non refundable tickets. So glad i booked these myself, as my TA has charged $704 fee for lost commissions on our Holland Am cruise, plus $50 cancel fee, plus other cancellation fees for transfers, accommodation etc. They said we can get the $704 discount if we book another holiday worth more than $7000, but this has left me not wanting to use agent as all those "bits" i booked myself I got refunded.
  7. So....back on track, what are people thunkjng regarding booking/rebooking? I was going to try reschedule a Northern Europe and UK trip for July 2021, but thinking it might still be dodgy in 12 months. Hurtigruten is offering 5% deposits but they are "non refundable" , that can be in the hundreds and with our borders possibly still closed I am not keen to kiss more of my hard earned away. I dont think there is an insurer on earth that will cover pandemic cancellations now.
  8. Well, if you booked direct without an agent, hopefully you will get 100% of your money back. They wouldnt even discuss "financial matters" with me as I used an agent. Good luck.
  9. I think this must be the case. The provided info box (thanks) says 100% refund all monies paid. I think what has happened is, I paid TA $8400, they take $704 commission and pay HAL balance. When cancelled, I get 100% of the money PAID to Hal, commission has been spent back in Feb when my final payment due. TA says this money doesnt exist anymore, plus they took $50 cancel fee ( reduced from $300, as they got so much backlash from consumers) I wanted to do the FCC, but agent said I would have more flexibility to cancel. Hence my statement about agents, everything else
  10. I have made enquiries on the Holland American forum, but as they are mainly US citizens, I guess our rules might be different? I waited over 90 days, and finally notified by my TA the refund is now being processed and will take 7 days to got my account. Problem is, there is a $754 shortfall. Explanation is the $50 cancel fee and $704 commission not "recoverable". Now, my agent says they will give me a discount of the $704 on any trip worth over $7000. Ok i say, not your fault BUT over on the Hal forum they are saying they got full refunds AND "honoring agents commission" which i
  11. Hi Tony. I am really confused about this. Surely HAL wouldn't give the TA their commission in addition to the cruise price I actually paid? How could they pay all that extra money they didn't have as income?
  12. Really? How do I find out about this? Is it only if you had a rebook for the next year's? My agent said that commission, and my deposit is unrecoverable as they were only refunded the wholesale amount into their accounts and the commission doesn't exist. Maybe because we in Australia? I trust my agent that they aren't lying and have used them for years. They also said they will deduct that amount if I rebook, but that is looking unlikely. The agent is under the umbrella of Flight Centre. Travel Associates.
  13. So the plot thickens! Just had email from TA saying they are taking $704 in commissions as this is unrecoverable for them! Minus our deposit. So angry, wont ever use a travel agent again!
  14. Finally got an email from HAL saying our refund has been processed and sent to our TA! Hopefully it will be passed on soon. It has been about 100 days. And it took repeated requests to my TA to call and ask as HAL would not deal with me directly with any "financial" details. Good luck everyone!
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