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  1. Welcome to Barcelona! Just wondering how fast you were able to complete the turnaround day documentation and process. Our turnaround is when we have a Celebrity fulll day tour to Rome, so curious how they expedite the process. Safe travels back home..
  2. Any idea on best cabins for three adults ? We have always traveled with two adults in one room an a group of three kids in another room, but now we need three adults in a room, and two adults in another room, Two will be Elite and another a gold level member in one room. Will be joined by one gold member and one cruise newbie in their separate cabin. We should be able to make it work but any tricks, tips or words of advice to make it easier for three adults in a room and the most effiecent most of the space is greatly appreciated. If you have a tip to help us three in a cabin, it would be much appreciated. Dianne
  3. Thanks so much for your insights on your B2B on the Constellation! We board her in the morning for our B2B and reading your comments has us even more excited! We sailed on her two years ago and have been planning this B2B ever since! Safe & happy travels to you! Dianne
  4. We are considering sharing a cabin with a third adult family member and wondering just how comfortable the convertible sofas are for adults. Do they put some sort of a mattress topper on when they make up this bed? Im really concerned it may be too hard and uncomfortable for the adult that gets to sleep on it, but a second cabin is out of the question, so any advice on previous experiences and making do is appreciated. Dianne
  5. Thanks mcolem2v, we are just in Rome for the day, so are hoping the Celebrity excursion will maximize the time that we do have, 7:00 AM arrival, 7:00 PM departure, with the tour times 7:30 - 6:00 PM. We are on B2B cruises from Barcelona to Venice, Venice, Greek Isles, return, so have many ports and sights to see. We know that to thoroughly see a city one must spend a number of days, but a glimpse of Rome will inspire us to plan an in-depth visit.
  6. I know that many people swear by private and third party tours; we have been on our share of those too, but we have also enjoyed many wonderful Celebrity excursions. We are booked on Celebrity’s Rome the Eternal City excursion and looking for insights on it. We totally get that to see Rome properly we need a week minimum, but I’m just looking for insight as to what we can expect on this one day, ‘taste of’ excursion. It includes a portion of the Vatican museum, St. Peter’s Basilica, the Sistine Chapel, and the outside of the Colosseum and Forum and a lunch. Would appreciate insights from anyone who has actually taken this excursion before. Thanks and safe travels everyone! Dianne
  7. My husband was awarded our first cruise on Celebrity through the Royal Bank of Canada’s reward and recognition program in 2004. Back then the banks would have very large numbers of its employees from all across Canada, as well as it US and Caribbean branches on a week long Caribbean cruise (and probably annoying the other passengers by theirs large numbers and taking over of certain areas of the ship at times). The event has grown so large that RBC now charters a whole ship, so no more interfering with other guests experiences. There are many Royal bankers who have become avid cruisers after being awarded their first one, a very expensive new way to enjoy travel and getting away from the stresses of work!
  8. OP, here the sizes I mentioned in my earlier post; hope your baby has lots of fun in their private pool, a luxury most other cruisers should be jealous of! 😀
  9. OP, Please do bring a small inflatable pool for your baby to enjoy. My husband and I have not travelled with a baby, but we have brought inflatable pools to use on our own balcony many times; we have enjoyed many private pool parties, mostly on the last sea days when deck space and chairs are at a premium. Helpful hint... we have used the cabin’s garbage can to fill our pool from the shower. We emptied it into the gutter/drain. We have used used different sizes, one just an inflatable foot bath, or a ‘ two foot’ pool and one big enough for four feet, thus a ‘four foot pool’, lol! We have surprised many fellow passengers when we have told them about our pool parties and have even invited fellow cruisers we have met to join us! Being considerate should be everyone’s responsibility, yours, your fellow passengers and crew. I hope you have a wonderful cruise vacation with your family! 😀
  10. Thanks everyone for all the replies, the fun ones and helpful ones! 😎 After some searching we have ordered a Travelon classic tour bag in a medium size. Lots of anti-theft features and hopefully just the right size, not too big and therefore not overly hot, and it has a mesh pouch for a water bottle. 😀 Happy safe travels to all! 🚢
  11. My DH and I are doing a back to back this July on the Connie, Barcelona to Venice, Venice to Greek isles, back to Venice. We know it will be super hot, but as a teacher, our travel dates are limited. Question: what style/brand of bag do men carry? Looking for something as small as possible to negotiate through large crowds and not have to be checked at museum; definitely not a back pack. Must have room for reading glasses/sunglasses, bottle of water, wallet and map/guide/tickets, while also being a deterrent to pick pockets. We did 18 days in Mediterranean two years ago and am hoping my DH can help carry the load this time if I can find a suitable bag for him. Yes, I did a search before posting with limited results. Thanks in advance for all your suggestions! Fire away! 😀
  12. Thank you for sharing your experiences! We are sailing out of New Orleans for the first time in February and it will also be our first time on the Vison, so we really appreciate your valuable insights! Hope you have more to share and that you had a wonderful vacation! Dianne
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