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  1. I am happy to award the “prize” to @AnhaltER1960as I really was just after the name of the person and river.
  2. Yes, it is in Alice Springs - the Partijama Light show. It happened to be on when we were last there. Over to you.
  3. Had to put these separate as they were turned upside down when posted as the set
  4. Well done, good searching. It is a statue of General Aung San -this statue is in Magwe (so my file says). From memory there were several of these statues along the Irrawaddy. Aung San was the politician who fought for independence from British rule and was assassinated 6 months before it happened. His daughter is Aung San Suu Kyi.
  5. You are correct, this statue is in South Asia and a very high ranking chap. Not Vietnam. Ps. He has a very famous daughter.
  6. Well here in Brizvegas we have just entered a 3 day lockdown. The dreaded UK strain has been transmitted to a hotel quarantine worker and we hope to nip this in the bud before it escalates. The panic buying was crazy this morning. On a personal note, I have now made 4 major holiday cancellations (along with stacks of little local ones), the latest for next week. We have so much credit around the world it is hard to keep track of it all. At least we are all healthy and still optomistic that we will be able to leave our state sometime soon.
  7. That's the place, over to you. They do a nice "high/afternoon tea" up in the tower if you are interested.
  8. 2 out of 3 ain't bad. Check Mick's clues - not the Isle of Wight - but you can see the Isle from here.
  9. Is it the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia, Victoria?
  10. Wow, this place was just on the "latest" series of "The Amazing Race" that was screened here in Aus. I wondered when it may have been filmed - surely not this year!!
  11. Merry Christmas to all those whom are playing along. It is just after 8pm here on Christmas Eve. It has been a mild day (high 20's). We have had our family over for a swim and dinner, Master 5 and Miss 3 kept checking the sky in case they saw Santa heading to New Zealand (That's first). The prawns and crab are in the fridge for tomorrow along with all the other goodies. Enjoy your celebrations where ever you are in this wonderful world.
  12. It reminds you of it because it is Nuremberg. The angel is the Nuremberg Christkind, the symbol of the Christmas market. Over to you.
  13. Yes, we travelled by bus into this town from the Main or Main Danube Canal. The Angel is rather famous in this town.
  14. @Daisi it is indeed the lounge on the Avalon Tranquility II. I will post another photo that shows our docking location and use as the wild card
  15. Yes it is, over to you. This was Good Friday on the first tour out of Cappadocia for the season. It was freezing over night and before dawn. This photo was the Western Terrace and here is the Eastern Terrace .
  16. I have edited to Oia - have the same photo - taken from the castle
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