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  1. Some people say they can smell the smoke from Churchhill lounge. We were in one once - my first and only time I did a guarantee at the last minute - never again. The windows are hard to see out of because of the sea salt from the water splashing up on them constantly underway and they never washed them. Almost every night there was a very annoying pounding or banging - the desk told us it was the stabilizers.
  2. I think they should be under a different category. Not a suite. A suite needs a balcony. I think they wold be good cabins if you had a couple toddlers and were worried about them being out on the balcony. We do long cruises and I would go nuts without being able to sit outside with my morning coffee, lunch, cocktail hour, after dinner drink.
  3. Thanks for the info. never knew that. I will wait 45 minutes next time. I always thought people wanted to eat late. But I remember people lining up at 4:15 outside the dining room so I agree - we will probably have a good chance to get late. Thanks Like everyone says, we have a cabin and we are fortunate to be able to cruise so any cabin will be great. Last I looked, club class was $4000 more - just to be able to eat anytime we want. I don't think it is worth it. Take care everyone
  4. shellbeachjim, thanks for replying. Good to know about late seating. We have had three cruises canceled on the Pacific. In 38 cruise, we have never cruised on her. I had an aft owners suite booked on deck 8 for Alaska this past June. I figured it would not be an issue with such a small number of passengers. But, if that was the last one available, I hate to say it, but I would probably grab it. I love the aft. We can sit all day watching the wake. Take care.
  5. thanks cruisequeen, I will keep checking a couple times a day when I have time. It is not like it is two months away. I have a lot of time. So, one other question for those of you who have sailed on her before. Right now we are wait-listed for 7:15. I don't want to eat at 5 - too early. Anyone been wait-listed and had no problem getting the later time? I like a few cocktails before dinner and I am too full after I eat. Heck, I will either have to start drinking mid afternoon or not drink at all. Thanks
  6. begs, There are none to be assigned. When I first tried to book, there was one club class and I started to fill in my info - (after Princess was closed) so I had to start over. At that point, all mini suites were sold. Someone must have snapped up the one I was trying to book - they are probably a faster on the computer. The only thing that was available under mini suites was to allow them to select my cabin. I want this cruise so I selected it and put it on hold. It was a ME mini - not club class and then to make things worse, we are on a wait list for 7:15 dinner. I have never eaten at 5pm!!!! I called first thing in the morning and asked to be put on a wait list for full suites (really don't want the bow but I want this cruise) and also for club class. She said when you are in a guarantee, you can not be on a wait list for other cabins. Would be great if we were on the same on. BTW, our one bad cruise was right above the ping-pong tables and across from the elevator. I do know to look up, down, over and behind me. That is why the aft suites are our favorite - all but above the Club Fusion. Thanks for the reply
  7. Thanks for the reply JF. I was not sure if the Pacific did things differently since they are so few suites. 10 full suites -2 at bow and 6 on stern. Only14 club class minis and 26 regular minis. None of my friends do guarantees so no real experience when they are assigned. I always book suites so having them sold out was my first disappointment. Thanks again for the fast reply
  8. I just discovered a South pacific cruise that I have wanted to book. We were suppose to be on a similar one this fall but it was canceled last year because of Cuba being put on the no travel list and they rearranged the three month of cruising. I wish I would have discovered this cruise sooner because there are not many of cabins left. There are not many to start with being such a small ship. I went to book it, had a club class mini and when I was almost finished , a note popped up saying there were technical difficulties. I started over and when I got to picking the cabin, it said "they will select one for me". I have never done a guarantee and not fond of someone else picking my cabin location BUT what was I suppose to do - it is almost sold out and I really want this cruise. Next year is our 49th anniversary so I want a nice cabin - I plan to start celebration early - never know how much time we have left. I have been so busy and I really don't have time to check several times a day to see if something becomes available. The rep said I could not be put on a wait list since I am on a guarantee. SO, my questions is: If you have had a guarantee for a mini suite on the Pacific Princess, when did you receive your cabin number?? Please do not comment on other ships - just the Pacific Princess. I know many people say it can be any time and even when you arrive at the ship. Just wondering if they do the Pacific differently. I will continue to check if that is the case ifit is the same as other ships. I am a light sleeper and will go nuts if we get a cabin close to the elevators. Booked a cruise at the last minute many years ago and had one next to the elevator - rough seas and I hardly slept. The worst part was that my husband slept through it. I was awake, watching him sleep all night. I was nice and did not wake him up !!!! But I would have loved to! Thanks for any help you can give me.
  9. We purchased the new medallion internet package a year ago and it was wonderful. Now it comes with their new promotion. Some ships still are not set up with the medallion. The Sapphire did not have it on our 6 week cruise last fall. I am hoping that all the ships have been updated during this down time. AF-1, I think eliminating and cutting back on services has happened all over. I just want to get back on a ship so I won't complain too much if they cut out a few more things
  10. good one Outerdag. But the problem is: what if I am not in the room where I posted the note. Then I won't see it and will forget to call. I am not in the same time zone so I probably will be working outside . Guess I need to set my alarm on my phone - then I should not forget!!!!
  11. That is why I called them. i am getting so forgetful these days that i would like it applied tonight so I don't forget to call in the morning. Minis and suites are sold out so I don't want to get screwed out of a cabin. thanks
  12. 13cheermom, That is usually what happens but since this virus and everyone and their uncle on the internet, I have had so many issues with the Princess site. Thanks for the reply
  13. I put a cruise on hold a couple days ago and they are holding it until tomorrow. I want to apply FCC's to it and just called Princess but they are closed. It is not listed under my cruises in my personalizer but I was able to pull it up by entering my name, birthday and booking number. Under payment, the only choices are credit card, paypal or giftcard. I have searched and have not found anything about applying FCC's. In the past, I was able to apply it right away but their site was acting up the other night and I just wanted to get it booked before more categories sold out. I had a b2b on hold a few weeks back and I received no notice (like I have in the past) from Princess that I had one day left. When I looked later in the day they were holding it until, it was already gone and the cabins I wanted were taken. Anyone know where I can find a place to apply my FCC?? thanks for any help.
  14. AF-1. We have been cruising in suites for over ten years and the perks have changed. Of course, the perks listed are the ones you get. They would not keep the old perks on the list - too many complaints and people would demand them if they did not remove them. Someone said that suites are able to switch items from the mini bar - any elite who receives them, can switch them. The escort onto the ship started two years ago and we have only experienced it in FFL. They do not do it in the Med. And we really don't care for it - we know where our cabin is and don't need people staring at us and wondering what is up. It might be nice for first time cruisers. We are disappointed that some of them have been removed but it won't stop us from booking suites.
  15. It has been happening so much lately. Every time I am ready to reserve a cruise. Very frustrating.
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