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  1. Thanks pms - I was afraid of that. I always seem to wait too long.
  2. I was going to purchase some a week ago but got too busy. Is the sale over with?? I don't see any mention of it under gift cards. Thanks
  3. Thanks so much. She is so excited. She said she teared up when they stamped her passport at customs in Belize. After her mom paassed from cancer in October and having covid an month and then breathing issues followed by GI problems from it for 9 months, two hospital stays and two surgeries, she deserves a wonderful trip. That is why I did not give up.
  4. We tried everything - The United partner we were on for the first leg was Lufthansa and they could care less - no one really spoke English - finally a lady came over and translated but not much help. In the past - we learn from all of our experiences!!
  5. I am not found of United. When we were returning from a liveaboard scuba diving trip in Cairo, two of our party had no issue with checking in at the airport. They told us that our tickets were no good. All five of us ordered them together. No United counter and we were told to call United. Made the international call only to have the agent that answered the phone say " Can you call back in a hour, all of our computers are down!!!" That was not a good trip!
  6. Sorry this has taken so long to get around to update. As I said, I booked her flights again with Delta. Got same seats except on one leg. Finally at 11pm I got through to AMEX - Delta said there was a five hour hold. As soon as I filled the lady in, she said "her original flights and same seats were still there" and said she needed to call Delta asap because, if their computer found two bookings on the same flight, they would cancel both. So I was on hold for another 45 minutes. Meanwhile I printed off her boarding pass and itinerary. Lady came back and said she was able to cancel the second booking. Off to bed and up at 6am. We took off for Chicago and thankfully she went to school in Chicago for three summers for her masters degree and was a fantastic navigator. Foggy at first, then it cleared before heavy rains started - so many trucks and the spray was terrible but thank goodness most people slowed down some. 20 miles out of downtown, traffic was down to 25 mph. I looked over at the other lane and it was stop and go and I had a bad feeling about heading home. She pointed out the building, we turned the corner and found a parking garage on the next corner - $15 sign in front. It only took us 20 more minutes than our navigation's system ETA. We walked to the front door and there were tons of people lined up. Then she went up to the front door and asked if you had to wait if we had an appointment. NO - so we got right in. Went upstairs and got to a window right away. But then we had to sit and wait to be called. 20 minutes later we were with the nicest gentleman. He could not believe what she had gone through at the post office. From them telling her to send copies and calling her three weeks later saying they had to be originals. He said they never call you. So they never sent her stuff in that time. He looked her up and they sent her stuff in two weeks after she gave it to them and they still had not started processing it after 4 1/2 weeks. For the past two weeks, their site said it was in processing. He said that was good because he could get it through faster. Then he told us to come back in two hours to pick it up. With a big smile, I said " I know you can work some magic and get it done sooner". Ok, if we could get out of the city without much traffic, we still should be able to get to the airport with a good hour to spare. Instead of going to a cafe, we decided just to go sit in the car. After 20 minutes, her phone rang and it was a Chicago number - NO!!! now what was wrong. But to our surprise, it was the guy. He said "they are printing your passport and it should be done by the time you walk over here!" We go to pay the parking attendant and I hand him $15 and he says, "it is $28!!!" I should have taken a picture of the $15 sign but we just wanted to get out of there. Traffic was terrible for the first 30 minutes but our navigation system had us only 15 minutes behind and then it was smooth sailing. We were going to go right to the airport and my husband was planning to take my son to the airport but we could get home 20 minutes before they were planning to leave. So I pulled into the garage and my son loaded his luggage and thank goodness he took over driving for me. They are in Belize now and having a great time. As Flatbush Flyer said right away - using the post office was our first mistake. The agent that helped us was so upset with the man at the post office that helped her that he was going to file a report about his mishandling of her passport application. Everyone that we spoke to in the office had their congressman or senator's help in getting their appointment. Thanks for all the support. AND check your passports and send them in early!!!
  7. Capriccio, That is so nice of you to say. She is a very special lady and we are very close. We have had so many cruises canceled - four for this November starting with the Pacific canceled from Tahiti to FLL ( none covid reason). I was thinking of checking out a train trip across Canada this fall but then the Enchanted opened from FLL this week. Had a b2b TA from Rome on her canceled a moth ago. Been to all of the ports many times but there is always something new to see so doing b2b. One reason I am posting all this is that I hope to save people some of the headaches I have gone through the past week. Double check all documents and call early if you need to contact your airline of travel agent. And do not trust what people tell you - that damn postal worker.
  8. Here is the latest: I was on hold for 4 hours and then 90 minutes talking to the AMEX rep this afternoon to change her flight to Chicago. That way we would go directly to Ohare after getting her passport. After another hour with the rep which included two calls to Delta he told me the bad news. The only way to change the flight would be to change all of her flights to one way flights. And they cost more so it would be another $500. No change fee - ha ha. I decided not to go that route and am planning to try to make it back and get her on her 5pm flight. I figured I needed a plan B and asked about early morning flights out of Milwaukee. Yes - there is a 6:05am one that will get her in a hour before the Belize flight and it is in the same terminal - great. So if she does not make the flight, we will take her with us down to our boat, celebrate my husbands birthday and I will get up in the middle of the night to get her to Milwaukee for the 6am flight. All was good. Celebrated with a couple glasses of wine. UNTIL my son printed the boarding passes. Only his was there. Nothing for her under the confirmation number or her sky miles number!!!!!!! I received an email (after talking to the AMEX guy) addressed to both of them saying that they could check in. So, who and when did her flights get canceled? I have been on hold for 90 minutes with AMEX and plan to stay up until I get through. I did call Delta but their wait was four hours. I decided to book her new flights. Three of the four seats were still available. Hopefully I can get a refund for one set. After all of this, she darn well better have a passport in her hands when she walks out of the passport office. And then, I wonder why my husband dislikes traveling.
  9. Glad it is working out for you. She never received any message like yours and she requested updates. Her message has said processing for three weeks now. I am so thankful my congressman stepped in and got her an appointment when they have been booked solid. Now if only AMEX travel department would call back so we can change the flight before they sell out. There still is a later flight to Atlanta so it should workout. They are staying over in Atlanta and have a late morning flight to Belize. Thanks for all your help everyone.
  10. How long did it take for the appointment and to get your new passport in your hands? Is there any parking close to the building? Were you allowed to take someone in with you? Thanks so much for any help you can offer.
  11. Heading to Chicago early tomorrow morning for interview at passport office. I will update later tonight.
  12. Thanks. Yes, everyone needs to keep an eye on those dates. Hope my posts helps others. That is why we come here.
  13. No, I did not know these services were available. Not sure if it would do any good at this point. thanks for posting
  14. Thanks rkacruiser. I just received an email saying the paperwork was sent BUT they can not guarantee since they are so back logged. We will just have to wait and see.
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