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  1. OMG - your dinner looks amazing! Thanks for the recipe! I just looked at the recipe - I may make that for Christmas!
  2. This is how I want to cook. It is the work thing that interferes. This is how I try to cook on weekends.
  3. So I work in Higher Ed at a small liberal arts school in the Midwest and had school is session this fall. COVID-19 cases where I live are shockingly high. We just sent our students home (as scheduled) last weekend. They have a few more weeks of remote instruction. I had to laugh when a professor sent a Barry Manilow song "Looks like we made it" to each of us on Friday. Most of us expected to only last a few weeks before going remote and we survived our semester in person. I have to say this was a difficult semester. I have no clue how health care workers do it or those who work in
  4. Yea - just wanted to mention that for those who were going to order off of the website. They are good but not that good. I bought cocoa bombs from Costco's website. Our Costco didn't carry the variety ones, so I spent $$$ online to buy just the hot cocoa flavor ones off of the website. Haven't tried those yet. They are not wrapped as nicely as the ones in the store. Haven't tried those yet.
  5. Yea - last year, Aldi's had 4 flavors at Christmas when Trader Joes's had the one. I did buy the cheesecake flavor about 2 months ago and it is in the freezer (haven't tried it). I like the raspberry one and almond one the best. I also bought a holiday berry one last year (which I don't see on the website - not sure if it has been renamed). I haven't been to Aldi's recently to see what they have this year. While I like them, I am not sure if I would pay for shipping from Racine's website for one.
  6. In Austria - they are known as Hofer. Maybe our German friends know why. Same logo. Povitca looks amazing!
  7. The ones we get where I live are from Racine, Wisconsin. https://www.kringle.com/?gclid=Cj0KCQiAwf39BRCCARIsALXWETx9hJihxQJGzxoNXnYWx91RH48YqyYpaOxmFUzeGEadMXqV0VTbyVkaAhC3EALw_wcB They are not as good as European bakeries but they are good enough.
  8. Aldi's is an unusual store IMO. It appears things are very cheap and the quality would be cheap but I am surprised the quality is actually pretty good, they carry a lot of the same things Trader Joes's does and their European (mostly German/Austrian) items are pretty darn good. I would say produce is hit or miss and I haven't bought a lot of meat from there (aside from turkeys and hams). Whenever I purchase for food banks, food pantries, Thanksgiving meals - Aldi's is my go to place. I can buy a ton of stuff and not break the bank. I often walk out surprised at how little I spent. When I buy f
  9. This same time 2 years ago I was on a Danube River boat cruise on Crystal. I spent 5 days in Vienna. Also visited Christmas Markets in Salzburg and Lake District in Austria. I have to say "I loved the food at the Christmas markets". I miss it already. that was such a great vacation.
  10. Ours is controlled occupancy but they stopped cleaning the carts after every use. Now just 4x a day but they do have wipes nearby. It sort of makes no sense as our cases are the highest it has ever been. Funny - you have never seen Kringles there. They have them several times a year (different flavors). Stay away from the pumpkin one.
  11. If you have Aldi's nearby - they are often cheaper! Same brand except for in shrink wrap. They are good.
  12. Your cranberry tart looks to die for! Care to post a recipe?
  13. Contact your credit card ASAP and see if you can dispute it. It depends on your card and when your deposit was placed. Some cards seem to be more helpful.
  14. They appear to be cancelling anyone on a B2B cruise. The individual cruises seem to be going on as normal.
  15. While I like B2Bs - the interior of Alaska is also worth seeing!
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