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  1. Coral

    Ta upgrade list

    Upgrades must go through your agent. The other person is speaking of upsells which I don't think you were offered one.
  2. Coral

    Ta upgrade list

    I would book the minimum cabin you would be happy with. If you think you would be happier in an outside, I would upgrade. Your agent is right as far as free upgrades. You can't count on them.
  3. Coral

    Milestone cruises

    I did a 14 night cruise with Princess this year to Norway and loved Norway. The ship experience was mixed - service exceptional but food was a disappointment. It was on a ship I liked. I really don't like Princess's new ships or large ships in general so I will continue to see what Princess offers but will no longer be loyal to them. I have had recent changes that allow me to travel more and I will take the time to "look around". My travel agent said that there are a lot of people who are saying similar things to her. People are more apt to try something different now-a-days. I agree about Alaska!
  4. Coral

    Viking Buyer Be Aware

    I think this is a reminder for everyone to try to fly in a few days early for your river cruise. I am flying in 2 days early for my upcoming trip. I am doing this in case I miss flights, weather issues and also with the hope if my luggage gets lost, it will have time to catch up with me. I do think this is an example of seasoned travelers plus those who have traveled a little. I also would like to think that if the OP had used a travel agency (as opposed to directly with Viking), that the travel agent would have suggested flying in early. Remember - a TA is an advocate for you! Good luck with insurance reimbursement. I hope it works out. I am not sure any other river cruise would have handled this differently.
  5. Coral

    Milestone cruises

    I will probably never reach a milestone under the new conditions. I have only traveled on cruises 7 days or longer so it is not like I did a bunch of short cruises to reach any milestones. I could see myself hitting 50 cruises but 500 days will be tough, especially since I am looking elsewhere for cruises.
  6. Coral

    Alaska Deployment 2020

    I think the schedules are out - I just don't have them. They are opening November 6th and 8th.
  7. Coral

    Europe Deployment 2020

    I don't have these but I know they are out. Canada/NE is open for Booking November 6th for Elite, November 8th for everyone else. My thought process is Princess put the worst ship (Island) on the best routes. I heard bookings were down on Island Princess in Alaska.
  8. Coral

    Sofa Beds

    The sofa beds used to be queen size but they seem to be replaced with twin size.
  9. You seem to have a lot of issues with traveling - maybe using a TA will help in the future. I also agree with using a 3rd party travel insurance that could include air purchased on your own.
  10. Coral

    Sun Princess Condition of Ship

    As odd as this sounds - the carpets that have been replaced on recent ships are slightly different from starboard to port side. At first glance, it looks the same but there are colored dots in the carpet that are a different color. I have no clue if the Sun Princess has this or not.
  11. Coral

    Back from Ruby

    Wow - I would have escalated the noise issue. I can't believe that was the response. Unacceptable.
  12. Thank you! I hope he still gets to play in public - so much talent. Sea life is difficult on family!
  13. Coral

    Japan Deployment 2020

    2020-JAPAN3.xlsx November 6 for Elite November 8 for everyone else
  14. Coral

    Europe Deployment 2020

    Japan opens up November 6 for Elite, November 8 for everyone else. I have the spreadsheet but am having problems posting it. You can email me.
  15. Coral

    Europe Deployment 2020

    As someone who doesn't like to use Excel at home..... I have the same issue. This includes some land programs also.