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  1. They did not hire an attorney. After Princess was served notice, Princess had an attorney contact this individual and offered to settle outside of small claims court. The attorney realized what the couple was asking for was reasonable.
  2. I also would go through your credit card company.
  3. So I know someone on this board who did file in small claims court. They also lived in LA area which is where it has to be filed. After they filed, an attorney contacted them and offered to settle the lawsuit for what she wanted. He thought what she asked for was fair and agreed to settle. If I remember the situation - they had a balcony cabin and the balcony was unusable. They filed for the financial difference between an outside cabin and a balcony.
  4. Has anyone had their Out of Pocket items refunded? It sounds like a trend.
  5. I used one credit card for cruise booked at final payment (so I couldn't have booked air with it). The other card was booked for EZ Air (and with out involving the TA). So Air was booked by me direct with Princess's website. Makes no sense. It doesn't matter. I think all of this is out of the TA's hands. That is weird that you haven't used that card forever with Princess.
  6. In the beginning I was thinking it was every other Friday. Not sure currently if that is still true. I was given a process date and then 12 days later I was told it was released (and it was a Friday).
  7. If you chose Option 1 - your taxes maybe in a holding account unless you asked for them to be refunded.
  8. I agree! If one isn't owed money - they probably don't care about the refunds but when you are owed $$$$ - it is very important. I followed these boards like crazy when I was owed a lot of money. It does mean a lot and it is a frustrating process. For those who did not have to go through this process - consider yourself lucky.
  9. Coral

    Tracy Arm Fjord

    Yes - this is a common problem with Tracy Arm. I have missed it several times in July. I wouldn't count on it being a "for sure". If it is too icy, they will often go to Endicott arm. If most want to see it - you can pick a ship that has a long day in Juneau and book a small boat tour through AdventureBound Alaska: https://www.adventureboundalaska.com You have a better chance in a small boat getting to the glacier. Just check the times of the tour and call the office. Princess North Bound tours used to allow for this tour. Not sure if they still do - I haven't looked at port times for next year. I have even missed Tracy Arm with AdventureBound but they were both in May and they made the day amazing anyway. Great organization, excellent reviews - this is far better than on the ship.
  10. I love the "wrong card" as my numbers were weird also (which card got what). So much for "taking extra time to make sure the refunds are accurate". Mine was not....
  11. They have a way to automatically do them. They just turned it off. They said this on one of their webinars. I wish they had left the automatic on and just did FCC manually (though that could have been automated also).
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