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  1. Great photos and blog. Nice format. Some trips I have created a blog and others I haven't. I went back to search for a blog recently from a trip 10 years ago and was glad I did it. I wish I had done it on other trips so I can re-live those trips as well.
  2. Coral

    Bad weather

    I now fly in 2 days early regardless where I fly (if catching a cruise). There are too many issues involved that can cause delay. In the midwest also and we did have ice glaze Wednesday night and Thursday morning. Glad it missed you!
  3. Coral

    Bad weather

    Exactly - this is our second storm this week. Others are not affected.
  4. Coral

    Bad weather

    Our snow/high winds is hitting this afternoon. It must go through Midwest before it gets to East coast. The news sometimes forget we exist in the Midwest.
  5. Coral

    Booking future cruises while on board

    There was a list of sailings and it was very extensive (not selective to a ship). No use posting it now as the promo is over. I didn't really care about it as I have no desire to sail the Caribbean/Panama Canal.
  6. Coral

    Booking future cruises while on board

    I was for offered on all ships for specific dates for the Caribbean/PC: New Double OBC offer for Caribbean and Panama Canal Cruises Effective immediately we have a new exclusive onboard promo! Now through August 31 guests can receive double Onboard Credit when they book a Caribbean or Panama Canal cruise onboard. This is for sailings between September 2018 – July 2019. The promotion is for all guest locations and currencies and combinable with current public offers. Click the link below to see the complete voyage list.
  7. Coral

    Booking future cruises while on board

    Last summer, they were offering double OBC if we booked a Caribbean or Panama Canal cruise.
  8. It is a South American cruise..... I keep looking. I dawned on me that I hadn't submitted stock info. Oddly, within minutes of applying my stock, I got an upgrade. Go figure.
  9. I just sent in my info for a Christmas cruise (2019). Air and excursions are not available. It was applied within a few hours. This thread made me think that I should fax it in - in case they offer excursions soon.
  10. Whenever I call and explain the situation - they know it is a known issue. They immediately have to call a different office (revenue?) and have them re-apply it. I don't have to resend the info it at all.
  11. Did you by chance re-fare these cruises? I always lose my OBC when I re-fare the cruises - happened 2x in the last week. While I book with a TA - I just call Princess when this happens and M - F, they can re-apply it in 5 minutes.
  12. I wonder if someone from Corporate is reading this thread! I hope you can report a good outcome by Friday.
  13. I had to cancel several when my Mom was alive. Never fun.
  14. I probably had that also. It has been a few years since I have cancelled. I just remember that my TA immediately sent me a bunch of documents that I submitted to insurance. Still sad you had to cancel that cruise! We will be on the same ship together sometime! I am sure of it.
  15. This is my experience also. My TA then immediately provided an invoice of what was refunded and what wasn't to help me and to give to the insurance company. I would assume Princess would do this also.