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  1. For me it counted as only 1 sailing and 1 shareholder credit.
  2. Certificate for me also! They did have Midnight Sun parties on deck.
  3. If you cancel a shore excursion, in my experience, it will be kept as OBC and you can later pick other shore excursions out. I have had to request Princess to refund it to my credit card. If you don't spend it, it will be refunded eventually.
  4. Colonel Mustard does it in the Library.
  5. On the one specific day I was there - the afternoon would have been the better choice. It was foggier and windier in the morning. I am guessing it is a flip of a coin. The next day could have been the opposite. I would go with what works in your schedule best.
  6. I have done both RCCL and Princess in Alaska and Princess did a much better job. There are a ton more enrichment programs about Alaska - RCCL had none! Definitely try Princess in Alaska. Their one ways have a great itinerary with 2 glacier days.
  7. Coral

    hubbard glacier

    They should know better. They are not new kids on the block.
  8. There was a notice in my cabin somehow - I don't remember if it was a flyer or in the patter.
  9. The Travel Agency would have been giving quite a few free rooms with this size of a group, or she could have taken them as extra commission if she choose to do so. That maybe where the free room is coming from. I would have thought the resolution would have been quicker if it had been Princess's error but we will never know. Enjoy Alaska!
  10. I anticipate a medallion fee added to all bookings.
  11. I had fun playing with the light switches. :) It was the 2nd hotel I have stayed at with a TV in the mirror - the other was in SFO.
  12. So I stayed at Fairmont Pacific Rim and oh my - I think this was the nicest hotel I have ever stayed at. It was amazing. I had one free night and paid for one night which made it almost affordable.
  13. Who cares that much about winning a trivia game?
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