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  1. @AncientWanderer, I am lucky and don't suffer from migraines, so I'm not sure if the show would bother you. The Charlotte show offered some times that were less intense and designed for people with sensitivity to loud noises and flashing lights, and I do not know anyone who went to one of the alternate shows, but you might look into that if you have a chance to still see the show elsewhere.
  2. For those discussing the VanGogh exhibit - @KirkNCand @NextOne, we saw it in Charlotte soon after it opened, and I was enchanted by it. We sat through it twice, and I turned around in my seat for the second time, because the perspective is a bit different from different angles. I think you might get dizzy if you moved around too much in the middle of the show. It helps to be familiar with his works in advance, because a lot of them were in the show and in different combinations and sort of telling stories. The music was really emotional at times. The one that immediately comes to mind is Barber's Adagio for Strings. I hope you both enjoy/enjoyed it. Thanks to all who post and visit here. Cindy
  3. Hello @notamermaid! I am so happy for you that you are on a nice little trip and able to take a break. Have fun and please have some ice cream for me - any flavor is fine, because I'm not picky! Take good care.
  4. @atexsix, we wait until dark to spray the hole, and then throw an old towel over it. The towel takes less precision to throw than a rock, and it gives you time to get a head start running. My new, easy, homemade ice cream (in the machine I heard about from @TiogaCruiser) is mint chocolate chip. I'm sure my recipe cheats compared to yours, because it uses sweetened condensed milk and no eggs so it doesn't involve cooking, but the chocolate is melted bittersweet drizzled in as the ice cream is churning, so it is sort of like stracciatella with thin shavings of chocolate. I add chopped up pieces of mint-Milano cookies at the end. It is really easy to make, especially with that machine.
  5. I’m so excited for all onboard and all of us watching!
  6. Thanks for the wonderful news about Roy. Count me in his cheering section, and I'm sending prayers for continued improvement and healing.
  7. Good afternoon to all the cheery posters, hosts, list-keepers, drink and recipe ladies. We had our second shots this morning, and I'm feeling such a sigh of relief. We will not change anything we have been doing, but I still feel relieved. Thanks for all the pictures, cartoons, tidbits of information and wisdom and for the overall grounded feeling I have from checking in every day. Cindy
  8. Oh, Roy, I am so sorry for your loss. Sending prayers that you can be comforted by many fond memories. Please take care of yourself. Cindy
  9. Good morning. Rich, isn’t this the day you’re getting your first shot? I hope it goes well - I know it will. I have some cocktail napkins That say duct tape is like wine - it fixes everything! Be safe everyone and keep up the good cheer.
  10. @XBGuy, the video is unbelievable! I wish I knew your secret.
  11. Since our first jabs were at a community event at the Panthers Stadium, we got our second appointments when we successfully got appointments to get into the Stadium event, because the joint effort by the hospital system, the Panthers owner and Honeywell (who supplied the IT and logistics) will be a repeat at the stadium again the end of February. I am relieved to not have to deal with any more uncertainty than necessary. I'm trying to figure out how I can thank the remarkable people involved - from the first people directing us into the correct lane of traffic to all the workers every block or so along the way and all the medical personnel! I wish I could hand them all trophies or gift cards or some kind of token of appreciation. I'm still working on it since I have several weeks.
  12. I remember back over 20 years ago when I took my first Mediterranean Cruise, when my co-workers had to take some of my phone calls while I was on vacation, they decided to respond to callers asking for me by saying, "She's abroad." I'm definitely in the spunky, old broad group now, and I'm honored to be here and have earned every bit of it, but oh, what I would give to be abroad! The eternal optimist in me reassures me that we'll be back there at some point.
  13. Good morning, everyone. I was up at the crack of dawn today getting ready to head to work and the news said the huge community vaccination event at our Carolina Panthers Stadium had just opened up some more slots at the previously booked-up event. It was about 5:30 AM when I called the appointment number, and they were able to schedule DH and me for our first shot this morning. We had appointments for about a month from now, but they were happy to schedule us anyway. The event included a lot of appointments for people to actually go into the stadium, but ours were for a drive-through. It went like clockwork, and I can only imagine the manpower and logistics to pull this off! They scheduled the second shot at the same time, so we are all set. Whew! I'm sending prayers and positive thoughts to all, and I'm also sending a great big thank you for all the kindness shared here.
  14. @Cruising-along, I don't know the Jigzone ones - I'll have to look that up. I am at my office now so I'm not sure what mine is, and I also like the mosaics. My least favorites are plates of salad or cheese or other food. @XBGuy, I am so envious of the hummingbirds all at the feeder together. Our birds have gone away for the winter, but before they left, they were definitely territorial. Maybe when they come back in the spring, they will be pandemic deniers like yours!
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