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  1. It is so good to have plenty of birthdays and anniversaries to celebrate! Yesterday was our 10th anniversary and I’m glad to be in such good company with lots of happy years ahead for all of us. Cheers to all of us - everyone celebrating and all the well-wishers too!🥂😷
  2. Thanks to all the kind people here. I hope everyone stays safe and cheerful.
  3. Thanks to all my new friends here, I can start every day with good cheer and optimism. And it gets better as the day goes along! This Carolina Girl could have pulled pork for dinner over and over, and a nice Sauvignon Blanc always goes with it. Stay safe and kind. Cindy
  4. We had the high dose flu shot, and our pharmacy recommended it for 65 and older people. They kept running out of it because all the seniors rushed in to get it. I had no side effects afterwards, which is unusual because I usually react to everything. The shingles shots both did a number on me, but that might mean it is really working!
  5. Is it the Electoral Palace in Koblenz? We were on a Crystal River cruise on the Rhine, and they had an evening performance there for us.
  6. Oh, bless your heart! I wish you the best, and we are kindred spirits in this adventure. My DH's 101 year old mother is also in a senior living facility, and they have just started to let visitors in, with lots of rules, and we have to make an appointment. We have had some FaceTime with her, but I think that may have confused her, and we will hopefully get to see her this week. Please take good care, and report back in when you have a chance. This has to be really hard on people like those dear ladies whose worlds had already gotten so small.
  7. Is that a wooden vase/carafe or a pottery one? That and the runner are such gorgeous fall/Thanksgiving pieces on top of that table. And the simple place settings allow the other decor to be stars of the show!
  8. John and I want to come too! We are within driving distance but I'm afraid I'm miss dinnertime! I have wine too.
  9. I am so sad I missed my Danube cruise earlier this year, and these pictures are really making me hope for another chance sometime! We had such a great time on the Rhine cruise last year, and I'm sure the Danube would be great too! Thanks for all the pictures and history tidbits.
  10. Notamermaid, we very much look forward to seeing your posts in the message board. Thank you for your pleasant messages, even with the gloom and doom, and stay kind. All our best, Cindy & John
  11. Tioga, if you ever decide to adopt a 66-year-old, I would like to be the first to apply!
  12. I love the kitchen, and I also love the painting on the wall back in the hallway! Sending prayers for your friend and all her loved ones.
  13. Notamermaid, I like the idea of a quiz game too. Some of the other message boards on CC have occasional games that are mostly spontaneous and it is fun and it certainly takes our minds off gloomy news! I have made some new friends on those boards, but you are the only one who has invited us to Würzburg!
  14. TiogaCruiser, we got the Whynter201SB, and we are thrilled. Its capacity is about twice what my old Cuisinart was, and I am still learning how to best use it, but two times an old recipe fills it too full, especially with add-ins. I am old-school with recipes, and I started with traditional recipes with the egg yolks in the custard-based mixture, but then I tried a mint-chocolate chip recipe with sweetened condensed milk. All are really good, and I was amazed at how much we all liked the easy recipe. I also learned that if I go to the effort to make the cooked custard with the egg yolks, I make about 2 1/2 recipes, and since the machine doesn't require any "down time", I can just churn it in two batches in the machine back-to-back. I know what you mean about a hard crust, and I have not had that at all. The machine turns itself off when it knows it is ready, and I think it will then switch over to a "freeze" mode, but we are always ready to sample it, and might have some right away, but it is better if we put it in a container in the freezer for a little while, and it is really good the second day. I know you were concerned about the space it takes up, and I keep mine in my pantry on the bottom shelf where I have enough space between shelves. It is sort of heavy, maybe about as heavy as my KitchenAid stand mixer, but it is easy to set up. I don't know what direct drive means so I can't advise about that - sorry. We got ours from Amazon, and it came in about 3 really large boxes, all very well packed and exciting to open! Some of the reviews mentioned being careful to keep it upright in shipping, and I have no idea if that is how ours came, but we set it up and used it within several hours, and we did not have any issues. Good luck with your decision, and I look forward to a full report!
  15. Dear CalTom, thank you for your beautifully-written comments. I'm sending my best wishes to all of us who share your sentiments. Stay kind, Cindy
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