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  1. Correct, I have since acknowledged the stupidity of my statement. Obviously wasn't thinking clearly.
  2. Mini buses are readily available and are $7/person.
  3. Yea wasn’t thinking. It was late 🤷🏼‍♂️
  4. That’s part of what I’m curious about. I assume the regular price of the refreshment pkg now prevails making it much higher than $18/day. So if there is no refreshment pkg below the cost of deluxe will they allow 1 cabin mate to cancel?
  5. And at what cost is the refreshment pkg? Or can you cancel a “non drinker” cabin mate?
  6. Good question, I also am curious if anyone who got the $18/day deal has been able to call in and buy down to the refreshment pkg for a cabin mate?
  7. There was a pricing mistake that some were able to take advantage of for certain sailings for the deluxe pkg for $18/day. after much ado on CC RC has decided to honor the mistake rate but has since corrected their pricing as far as I know
  8. Wow, I bet they never catch it. 😴 😉. I’d book that SO FAST. Good Luck & please report back whether they end up catching it or not.
  9. I use a portable power bank with multiple outputs. That way I can charge that battery up and charge my iPhone/iPad from that and free up the outlets for other things. For me, Eliminates the needs for a power strip all together. The multi USB charger in post #24 has also been very useful to charge devices + the power bank.
  10. Is that possible?... I sure hope not 🙄
  11. Anthem also has a specialty coffee bar in windjammer
  12. I’m seeing 4 left. 2 on deck 6, 1 on deck 7 and 1 on deck 8. None connect to each other. Wish I had the time! 😭
  13. Try using a website other than RC. I can see plenty of interior cabin availability for that 5-24 sailing when looking at my TA website.
  14. wanted to try the lamb so we were requesting a small portion if possible. Waiter said it’s normally a $20 charge for second entree but he would waive the fee for us. He repeated this multiple times & it was pretty clear he expected to see that $20 reflected in his tip. Btw DW liked the lamb better than the filet.
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