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  1. Mini buses are readily available and are $7/person.
  2. Yea wasn’t thinking. It was late 🤷🏼‍♂️
  3. That’s part of what I’m curious about. I assume the regular price of the refreshment pkg now prevails making it much higher than $18/day. So if there is no refreshment pkg below the cost of deluxe will they allow 1 cabin mate to cancel?
  4. And at what cost is the refreshment pkg? Or can you cancel a “non drinker” cabin mate?
  5. Good question, I also am curious if anyone who got the $18/day deal has been able to call in and buy down to the refreshment pkg for a cabin mate?
  6. There was a pricing mistake that some were able to take advantage of for certain sailings for the deluxe pkg for $18/day. after much ado on CC RC has decided to honor the mistake rate but has since corrected their pricing as far as I know
  7. Wow, I bet they never catch it. 😴 😉. I’d book that SO FAST. Good Luck & please report back whether they end up catching it or not.
  8. I use a portable power bank with multiple outputs. That way I can charge that battery up and charge my iPhone/iPad from that and free up the outlets for other things. For me, Eliminates the needs for a power strip all together. The multi USB charger in post #24 has also been very useful to charge devices + the power bank.
  9. Is that possible?... I sure hope not 🙄
  10. Anthem also has a specialty coffee bar in windjammer
  11. I’m seeing 4 left. 2 on deck 6, 1 on deck 7 and 1 on deck 8. None connect to each other. Wish I had the time! 😭
  12. Try using a website other than RC. I can see plenty of interior cabin availability for that 5-24 sailing when looking at my TA website.
  13. wanted to try the lamb so we were requesting a small portion if possible. Waiter said it’s normally a $20 charge for second entree but he would waive the fee for us. He repeated this multiple times & it was pretty clear he expected to see that $20 reflected in his tip. Btw DW liked the lamb better than the filet.
  14. For me it’s more about the experience than the food. It was ok. The main entrees were good but I didn’t care for most of the other dishes. I prefer chops any day. I’m glad I went once but I wouldn’t go again.
  15. Included with deluxe pkg. Definitely a gimmick but honestly I got a drink faster there than at the schooner bar at certain times. We got a drink or two there when it wasn’t crowded and it allowed us to try something different. There are bigger wastes of space in my opinion.
  16. We did the jet skis at labadee in February. I agree with what has already been said. I did NOT appreciate that they have locals paddle out in canoes to the group on the last group stop peddling their junk. Extremely awkward as they circle around everyone begging and asking you to buy something over and over. I won’t do it again fir this reason alone. Just me. Just a heads up that I would have appreciated knowing up front.
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