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  1. I would go with the GS. Same reasons as MM Access to concierge lounge/suite lounge is nice too
  2. Just noticed there’s 2 marker 29s. Ours was in the second cove north of the pink #10 marker. Now shows cabanas and free loungers only in that cove, no daybeds. I think the new location is an improvement from where ours was.
  3. Looks like the day bed we had has been relocated. If you look at that new map above ours was a little below marker 29 on the map by the cabana concierge symbol. It’s now showing all umbrellas or loungers or whatever those blue things are.
  4. Thanks for the heads up & hope everything works out for you.
  5. The card was available on our 5 nighter on Explorer last week for $75 plus gratuity
  6. I’d choose the Explorer. Refurbished ship, longer cruise, better ports, and cheaper. Sold. Excessive amount of kids on each at that time = wash. I like the voyager class personally. Either way your cruising so no wrong decision in my book!
  7. These are photos I took last week while laying in our “south beach day bed” #65.
  8. So to answer your question, no, to me it wasn’t worth it but that doesn’t mean you will have the same experience.
  9. We had a south beach day bed rental last week. There was no served lunch included. It was $199 per bed not per person. It was actually on chill beach not south beach because south beach was still under construction. There was a cooler with Evian water included and 4 floating mats with 2 loungers and a side table. Supposedly south beach is opening today?? Not sure if someone can confirm this? The bed was nice and comfortable. Pretty close to restrooms and the lunch buffet and a drink cart. Those photos above are slightly misleading in my opinion as you will notice nobody on the beach in front of you in those photos. On our particular day there were tons of people who hadn’t rented a cabana or beach bed dragging loungers from behind the beach beds up to waterfront. Directly to the right there is an open section that was full of free space for loungers. We had 2 completely obnoxious groups of people in that free space between the beach beds and cabana sections. This can obviously vary from sailing to sailing and we drew a short straw. We were on Navigator and Mariner was also there that day. Just don’t go in thinking it’s private at all and there’s no way to know if you will get peace and quiet or multiple obnoxious sloppy drunken bachelorette parties right next to you until you show up that day.
  10. When will you be there? It was hard to tell with the construction fence up how close they were to being done. The fencing has 1/31/20 written on it for the expected completion date. At least you know now where to go if it isn’t open. We basically had to walk all over looking for a Check in stand. Even asked a royal employee at the end of the pier on coco who said just keep walking and you’ll see the stand...wrong.
  11. No not open. I was just there on the 26th and had a “south beach day bed rental” (that’s how it read in my planner). However when we got there we followed signs to South Beach which basically lead you to a construction fence. We back tracked to chill beach where they have a stand with “south beach day beds” or something of that nature written on it. Very confusing.
  12. On now - had dinner there last night on embarkation day. Nobody was seated at lunch when we were there setting reservations
  13. Last night on Explorer the compass listed the dress code as resort casual and specifically said in the description Bermuda & Golf shorts were acceptable. I don’t recall seeing that language before. Just an observation FWIW.
  14. On EX now. Yes - today pickle ball is listed on the compass from 9am to 11am. Open play at the sports court.
  15. Thanks for the report! We board EX today!! Woohoo! Did you have a favorite bartender?
  16. Agree, I love barefoot beach but it’s definitely on the rocky side.
  17. Explorer update. We board Explorer in a week & received our welcome email for suite guests from Jorge Delgado. Im not sure if this means he replaced Denzil in CL or if they share duties? Spreadsheets shows Jorge in DL.
  18. I got $59 for a 5 night on Explorer and $60 for a 3 night on Navigator. Not with VOOM.
  19. you might want to check out the thread by johnstoc13 re: Mariner live review. he had a south beach daybed at coco cay and posted photos etc. I just booked a south beach daybed for our Explorer cruise. It was $199. I never saw it any lower.
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