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  1. Yah it’s a neat app! I totally understand! I love whiskey/bourbon but I am also a big beer/craft beer guy so I don’t always drink whiskey but I will NOT hesitate to buy any whiskies if I see something interesting. Doesn’t help that the wine & Spirits is literally next door to the beer shop I go to most of the time. At some point I will have to limit due to space. DW likes her old fashioned with BT so I can at least justify 5 bottles of that in hand since it’s not easy to find in my area.
  2. Fantastic idea! Speaking of bourbon… There’s a free app called OnlyDrams. I just downloaded this morning. You can scan all your bottles and track your collection as well as what others have in their collections. I thinks there’s reviews and other stuff in there too.
  3. The bridge collapse is so tragic. Unreal how fast that entire bridge went down after the pillar was taken out. Thank God for the MayDay call, I wonder how many lives were saved by that. Still shocked by the whole thing. Sad day for sure.
  4. I did a LIVE with many comparisons to RCI. Here’s the link if you want to check it out. If you weren’t able to status match ahead of the cruise the no drink package or free diamond drinks will be very different and potentially additional cost depending on your bar tab. The standard included restaurants in VV are comparable or better than RCI IMO. Go in with an open mind. We did and we very much enjoyed our cruise.
  5. What’s the over/under on number of hours before this thread is locked ?? 🤔🤪😂
  6. We did the S Caribbean itinerary on Jewel in January. Rhapsody is a class smaller than Jewel. Not sure what ports exactly you are looking at but you can’t go wrong with a southern route IMO. I did a LIVE report if you want to check it out.
  7. haha anytime - also the wonder and utopia you mentioned is bella 2 and 2.5. I don’t have Bella 3 dates in front me.that should get you pretty close to updated.
  8. SeaDog 2026 - I don’t think I made that up but that’s surely possible 😂 I just used that because he started by booking it and people began to jump onboard with him after posting here. Some are calling it Bella 3.75 too. Here it is:
  9. I’ve got a mental bookmark on the 2026 Ascent “SeaDog” cruise. 😃 Been wanting to try X and also get to JVD/Soggy Dollar. Seems like the perfect opportunity. Too much uncertainty at this time with work and stuff and 10 nights is pushing it for us with work and especially with bella 3 so close. Definitely still in for Bella 2 and 3 though. I think I would opt for a sunset veranda. Ken has group rates? i was not aware of that.
  10. Thank you for clarifying this! Glad I didn’t totally mislead everyone. lol I’ve spent a lot of time occupying various bar stools across many of Royals Pubs! 🍻
  11. Ah yes - forgot about richard’s rooftop. Shoulda known since I did illegally enter in the name of a sunrise photo opportunity. 🙄🤫
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