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  1. Touched down in Pittsburgh 🛬 Ready to get home and see the dogs 🐶 🐶 Thanks for following and contributing! I am gathering final thoughts and will post soon.
  2. Did some visiting over in Naples. Now all checked in waiting for boarding. Flight on time. Hope to be at home before 10pm. 🤞🏻
  3. Trying to talk this crew into finding an 8 nighter if we can. May have to consider a B2B if the group wants another 4 nighter. I’m just full of great ideas 😉
  4. Walked off around 9:45 leisurely. Very relaxed disembarkation. The ride share section was super crazy. Jammed with people waiting.
  5. Here’s the room ipad that you can do most everything from … It controls the room temp, curtains, lights TV. Has pre- set moods etc. We used it for more water and requested ice. Check out some of the YouTube videos.
  6. Looks like the final damage will be a grand total of $15. (Besides the $300 for the My Next VV) 😉
  7. The track and the Perch are kinda connected with the perch being 1 deck higher. Think of an Aft facing viking crown with a roof but open air. Not quite as big. It’s where we had the DBE cocktail hour for sunset. … which was really nice BTW.
  8. I was going to suggest this too. A lower deck could easily be a make-shift track if your not running or speed walking or whatever
  9. Went down for coffee around 8 past the gangway and there was absolutely zero madness going on. I’m still sitting on my balcony drinking coffee at 9 am. Not even possible on RC. 👌🏻
  10. Also I didn’t talk about it much because I wasn’t working out on this cruise other than morning walks exploring and logging some steps before DW was ready to get up but fitness is very forward on the ship. By that I mean there are tons of workout classes, workout equipment on the pool deck, peloton -like bikes and big gym, boxing ring and heavy bags, ab & cardio classes and plenty more I’m not remembering. Much included and some cost extra. I know it was all there and available but don’t have any first hand knowledge experience in that dept.
  11. Possibly Razzle Dazzle breakfast in the morning. We’ve got a ride reserved for 10 am to Naples area for a visit. Then heading back to FLL to fly back to PA. Casino treated most of us nicely on the final night 😁 Got burgers and pizza for late late dinner and heading to bed. 5 Cheese was the special pizza of the day 👌🏻👌🏻 Got some Big Lebowski on the TV & Loving it! 😊 My fav. Weve got another cruise to plan 😃🍻
  12. DW used sailor loot on slots and came out $100 ahead. 🍀 bar tab diminishing quickly however 🍻😜
  13. Bar tab update - we have about $70 left so we did good. Got some sailor loot to use still. See if I can use it in the casino or check the stores out.
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