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  1. referring to the white space next to the bed where it can be converted into a couch or maybe a third bed (?) i now know there is storage space in there.
  2. Typically you need to buy the insurance very soon after booking in order to get CFAR. Within 30 days or less depending on carrier. Cost will depend on the amount/cost of your trip that you are insuring. Read the details of the policy.
  3. I am so far from musically inclined it’s ridiculous but I I have noticed this before with other pub musicians. From what I could gather it looks like they record a certain part and can switch it on and off with the foot pedal to get different effects and play overtop of what they recorded in the beginning to get the sound of multiple guitars. This is just a total guess from watching with zero musical talent 😂
  4. I can tell you we loved the S Caribbean we just did on Jewel from SJU. I WISH we had a direct flight! Ship may not matter so much with that intinerary.
  5. Cardinals were hanging out at the feeder in the snow squall. There’s a female on the opposite side. The tail feathers show just a bit.
  6. Thanks!! 😊 Emma is our first setter & I agree. Very gentle, loves to be around people and gets along with all dogs. She’s such a Diva… Emma is the definition of a “Princess” lol
  7. You’ll be aboard in no time. 🍻 Have a drink for me. Actually, make it several. Who’s your Genie?
  8. Definitely complicated and PCP relationships shouldn’t be overlooked. Ancillary services like imaging and labs are mainly what I’m referring to for shopping.
  9. 100% agree, while insurance carriers have contracted rates that keep you somewhat price protected it is a totally different story otherwise. always shop around for the best price. especially for imaging services like MRI’s etc. There can be massive price swings for the same service. even on covered services you could save on your deductible/coinsurance/HSA payments by shopping. It gets complicated when you like your doctor and feel loyalty/pressure to stick with them and pay the higher price.
  10. I was thinking the same . I was at 6.4 just a couple months ago and finally agreed to try 500mg metformin. Hasn’t been long and haven’t had a follow up blood work up yet to know what it’s doing.
  11. What’s the saying? Something like “Saltwater cures everything!” Or maybe I just saw that on a T Shirt 😂
  12. Awesome- i hope you are loving it! Let us know how it’s going. I agree sip felt like champagne bar to me as well.
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