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  1. DW used sailor loot on slots and came out $100 ahead. 🍀 bar tab diminishing quickly however 🍻😜
  2. Bar tab update - we have about $70 left so we did good. Got some sailor loot to use still. See if I can use it in the casino or check the stores out.
  3. There was no 2-3 minute demonstration for any of us. just cabin number and marked off the list and on our way
  4. also i’m not sure what he was doing there. they were much more full glasses than that
  5. nope Just like royal except you can do it on both your TV and your phone. Then you just hard to your assigned station and they check you off the list. The video is much more annoying IMO and felt longer to me.
  6. DJ is at the end of the right hand side pool so the left side is a bit quieter if that’s your bag
  7. Cabana 32 $100 bar tab wait service day bed and loungers all included Service was frequent, fast and attentive
  8. Called an audible for dinner... no gunbae or razzle dazzle. Just hanging out and doing galley when we feel like it.
  9. So we ended up walking back instead of the tram. 1.3 miles says apple watch if you’re curious. 🤨 They need some type of order to the tram system. People were literally rushing and pushing themselves onto the tram as they showed up with no regard for who had been standing there waiting. Not worth the aggravation.
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