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  1. They did release the new loyalty program recently. I haven’t looked at it that closely yet bc I also status matched in 2023 and have DBE through the end of 2024. There’s 3 levels now. Status match is now only to the new (middle) level - Blue instead of DBE. 😤 Here’s the link… https://www.virginvoyages.com/sailing-club
  2. thinking about going through that small crack, even the other one you posted that you went through, gives me anxiety 😬
  3. Unfortunately I think it will be very difficult to find a pet insurance policy that will cover pre-x and even more difficult to find at a decent rate.
  4. I can count on 1 hand my times. I’ve been known to sit on the side, drink in hand, with my feet in the water in the solarium. Hair has been wet once LOL It was on Mariner. I remember the day. Mostly limited to short periods NEAR the pool. My complexion doesn’t lend well to extended direct sun exposure. Wouldn’t surprise me if it was.
  5. Yes definitely make reservations. You can try to go as a walk up but we were not successful at that. No extra cost.
  6. I think his relationship with Josh Allen was strained. I don’t think it helped him to be acting like a diva demanding the ball and yelling at teammates on the sidelines. On paper it’s a great pickup for Houston but I’d be worried a bit about his attitude disrupting the team.
  7. For me the 3 night doesn’t show up if I look via the app however if I login to the website it does appear there. 🤷🏻‍♂️ I think I might jump on that beach club price if it’s still available.
  8. Yeah I hear you! My collection is in a constant state of construction much like PA turnpike lol 😂 I’m still fairly new to bourbons compared to many.
  9. OMG That’s one of my Unicorn beers. Just don’t see it out here. Took me years to get my hands on heady topper & focal banger by Alchemist.
  10. Yah it’s a neat app! I totally understand! I love whiskey/bourbon but I am also a big beer/craft beer guy so I don’t always drink whiskey but I will NOT hesitate to buy any whiskies if I see something interesting. Doesn’t help that the wine & Spirits is literally next door to the beer shop I go to most of the time. At some point I will have to limit due to space. DW likes her old fashioned with BT so I can at least justify 5 bottles of that in hand since it’s not easy to find in my area.
  11. Fantastic idea! Speaking of bourbon… There’s a free app called OnlyDrams. I just downloaded this morning. You can scan all your bottles and track your collection as well as what others have in their collections. I thinks there’s reviews and other stuff in there too.
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