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  1. I have gone back and re-read the last couple of pages of this thread and I seem to be missing something, and I hope someone will help me understand. What is the significance of "flying" and not needing a hotel before cruising. Are the cruise lines not accepting this mode of getting to port? Flying that is? I hope I do not have to pack up the car and drive to PC before our Harmony cruise. It would be a 20ish hour drive from Ohio. We are flying, masks and all the day ahead. Thanks for explaining what I am not getting. Stay healthy.
  2. A & L, that is a pretty Lionesss😉 Right now getting ready to leave for the airport to pick up the daughter who is flying home from Orlando. They flew down on Frontier on a cheap flight Sunday to watch the astronauts go up, and that of course did not happen. If I can figure it out I will post picture of the sign welcoming her back. You see she surprised us two years ago with a prank sign when we flew in from Alaska and you could say this is a pay back. Stay healthy.
  3. This is so weird to see this thread posted today. Well let me stretch the topic a little. On May 25th. 1990 in Pittsburgh on the Gateway Clipper dinner cruise I got engaged. Yes today is our 30th anniversary of our engagement!!!!!! Stay healthy
  4. Even though we go to the suite lounge when we cruise to have a drink, we have always purchased the drink package. We like to try different drinks and if we do not like them, oh well on to another. This way when we are at the pool or around the ship I do not have to travel to the lounge to get a pop, or glass of wine during the day, but rather quench my thirst with what I want where I want it. I wish the suite lounge would get a blender though.........my back up drink is a Frozen strawberry daiquiri and when I am not able to get that It is a Skinny Pirate (Captains and diet coke). Stay healthy
  5. Excellent post. I am currently struggling with a Bakers cyst behind my left knee. Since I do not currently want surgery and hoping that drainage and steroids remain the treatment, I am game for that. I have to keep moving to keep the muscles from getting weak around the area. Which has been my doctors recommendation. I can only walk the neighborhood or the mall for 2 miles, currently. I was upto 6 miles before the covid event grounded us. And the weather sucked. I just started back doing stairs this week. When I go down stairs I am fine, but when I go up stairs I have to be cautious because the area gets sensitive. (On a pain scale maybe a 4/10). I do not need pain medicine, it is more of a nuisance. So when we cruise, I can easily go down the stairs, and take my time going up. Or could actually need to ride the elevator. Hopefully by August (if we cruise) it will be recovered. And use the elevator only as a backup. Stay healthy.
  6. Thank you for sharing this. I would like to follow this site, do you have a link for CDC and cruising, or is it just CDC? Thank you again.
  7. I will admit I have not read through this whole thread, just started on this page, and yup, great reading material with many good views on the subject. I am not one for figuring out the plot, or solving a puzzle, but, I wonder if they would just make the WJ a cafeteria style venue, where you go in line, social distancing of course wait your turn, tell them what you want as you pass down the line, like " I'll have 25 strips of bacon and go lightly on the egg" and they put it on your plate and hand it to you. I myself would say may I please have a bottle of ketchup with 99 french fries. (as long as the ketchup is not next to the bananas). Sorry, could not resist. Just saying. Keeps everyone happy.
  8. We cruise during the summer months out of habit, when our DD traveled with us and we worked around her schedule. Last year we sailed in May and it was quite reasonable on the Allure. So, this year we have two cruises booked, August and November, both on Harmony. I cannot believe how the cost our August cruise has really dropped. Lowest I have ever gotten for an Oasis class sailing in the summer (GS). Now mind you I am only watching the price on these two sailings, the November cruise started out high then low in cost (booked a CLS), probably because it was off season, dunno for sure. But I wonder if RCI is trying to get us to take the lower price and then when they decide to cancel this sailing give less in FCC. Now I know we do not read minds, but sometimes I wonder if it is too good to be true. Has anyone else noticed the cost of their sailing in upcoming months cost less than usual? Thanks Stay healthy.
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