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  1. Maybe with the upcoming surge of Pinnacles RCI should designate a specific lounge area so they can enjoy their benefits and friends. This way they will be done with the suite/pinnacle lounge debate. They earned their just cause by loyalty. It should be recognized no matter how many on a sailing. Stay healthy.
  2. The Canadian side of the falls used to be a yearly fall car trip for us. Last year we did it on our Thanksgiving day. It is a 3 1/2 car trip from where we live. This year we ventured to the American side and visited the falls as well as the forts, and the basic touristy stuff. Walked and walked and walked Goat island. Seneca casino was very kind to us. It is not the same fun as Clifton Hill, and love the casino in Canada, but it was a good safe getaway. Wish the border was open. Stay healthy
  3. We will now have enough points to become D+ on our August cruise. So it will then show D+ on our November cruise.sea pass. The only benefit would be the future cruise discount since we book suites. Still. D+ is better than D. ( lol). stay healthy
  4. Yea. They seem to look like “ bricks” of drugs. Read about it. ..... just saying 😳
  5. Ty Also I have not read all 11 pages.I scimmed. 😳 So if this was addressed already I’ll just admit I did not see it. So if two people are in a CLS. Do they get 3 or 4 C & A points per night on a 7 day cruise. Double points would be 4. Because you normally get 2. Ty
  6. Update. RCI just called our TA. They inform her we would not lose the balcony discount on our second. October 9 cruise on Symphony. The action to get the ‘double points’ was a lateral move at no extra expense for both cruises. Nice.
  7. Our TA just got off phone with RCI. our Augu15 Allure. CLS. Sams price rebooked getting 3 points a night. No change fees. Now on our October 9 since we took a balcony discount we will lose that. But price of CLS same. So for around $200 we took the loss and take the 3 points a night. No change fees. Well just loss of balcony discount. We will turn diamond plus on August cruise. So benefits will start on October cruise. stay healthy
  8. Just curious since I never paid attention to the point system before when we started cruising, but what was the deal with the old Diamonds in December offer that used to happen? We were too new to cruising and did not know if we would stick with it (LOL) new addiction. TY Stay Healthy
  9. Yes, it is a tad costly. Thank God we have an only child, and yes it is soooo much fun. The venue can hold upto 500 people normally, but with social distancing it will be meeting our needs. We are looking at 225-250 ish people, and they meet the new state guidelines. And yes, congratulations on your sons upcoming marriage. Stay healthy
  10. Saturday was a very expensive day for us. Found the wedding dress of our DD's dreams (uh $$$$$$) and booked a reception venue for next summer. Let's just say my DH had 3 drinks with dinner, when he finally found out how generous he was. Credit card got a lot of action, I keep telling him look at the points we are getting............cruise money. Today shoes, and cleaning up after the bridal party leaves. It was great having all the girls hear especially when you have an only child and she is a princess. Stay safe.
  11. The free internet took us tipping the jeweler $10 to get password. now we just get on board with our suite.
  12. I’ll donate the venison. Caged and ready for hunting. Bambi jumped the 5 foot fence to feed what’s left of summer garden.
  13. 2 chiefs. I’ll donate the squirrels that are feasting on my fall display.
  14. I heard on the rumor mill that the second edition of this book is coming out. Appropriately titled: 2020. Like I said a rumor. Stay healthy.
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