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  1. I would get in line to the exit stairs about 20-30 min before anticipated ship clearance to let passengers off. I do not know why it takes a little time on the private beach locale, but it is what it is. ( The time Usually posted in cruise compass the day before the port). We were in a suite and were able to meet in the bar area next to the comedy club on Allure and we were lead to the front of the line at the exit closest to shore. All others were just a minute or two behind us. Others were exiting from the other exit further back on the ship at the same time. I would not wait for the ferry to fill, I would make the 12 min walk straight to Nellies to get your loungers. Good luck.
  2. I just thought of something I cannot find the answer to.............................. Was resolution ever attained with the picture you wanted from the art people on your other cruise? Thank you.
  3. Our daughter and her BF brought it home from college and um adult, ..............yup, addicting and we had a blast. If your looking for other card games take a simple playing deck of cards and play bull**it. (google it) Yup played it at the Embassy suites this past June, and let me tell you it was fun. Safe travels.
  4. Glad to hear this!!!! Was waiting for your next adventure..... Hey, Want to borrow Brandon? OOOOoooooops, sorry, this weekend will be his first game of the season (Strength and conditioning coach).............................Go Falcons!!!!! Safe travels.
  5. Good chance of being cancelled. Our Alaskan cruise in 2018 was to be a rock n roll cruise (bookings) from a TA in Georgia. Never happened ------ the prices thru this company were $$$$$$ over the top. The rock n roll cruise cancelled about 5 months out. We had booked this cruise before it was a theme cruise, and glad it never came to be. Good Luck, hopefully a cancellation for the theme on your cruise also. Safe travels.
  6. This past summer on both of our Allure sailings, the M & M sign up page just literally vanished never to return again . After I signed up for both at least twice prior to that. Then low and behold one of the cruise directors (Favio sp.) posted on our cruise thread for both sailings an open invitation to come to the M & M to all on the thread. Some never did sign up prior to that invite. The invitation was very similar to what you would find in your cabin --- only a modified online version. Wonder if this will be the new trend. Safe travels.
  7. Question about this, since once again on your thread I am confused. So we currently have $600 OBC for our next summer cruise. Is it possible to get this out on a slot machine with no added fees? How? Is it the same way you cash out your cruise earned points and convert to $$. Another question, If you cash out your points do you lose the chance of earning a discount of a future cruise (certificate). TY
  8. Thank you Never been to cococay, going there next year twice. Guess I have a lot of reading to do. Thanks for heads up
  9. When we sailed the Allure May 5th and June 30th. both sail-a-ways on the helipad were non existent. We were told by Nancy the Concierge that they have a suite lounge social in its place. Prior to this the Eastern was held when we left San Juan, and the western held leaving Labadee. Surprised at this, glad to hear the Harmony still does one. Safe travels.
  10. I did not know that the cabana included the cost of the all day passes......to do what is offered here. That does seem to make it more realistic than just having a place to chill. So the passes would cost just under $600 for a party of 6??? Which would bring the price down to around $ 600ish for just the cabana....... The passes are included right? Or am I reading the thread wrong?
  11. I am following other threads here stating the cost of the cabanas on Cococay. We never booked one on Labadee, with doing excursions and such, we would never be in it. And could not see using the money for so little time in it. Can you find out if that is really the cost people are paying???? It seems very high to me. Also, are they left un-booked (for lack of a better word). I just cannot believe the cost! TY
  12. In addition to the time you can leave the ship......................... Just an FYI MCO (Orlando) airport can sometimes be very very busy. To get through TSA security has been known to be a lengthy process. Once we were in TSA pre-check line (pre-approval) for 30 min. I can only imagine what the regular line waited. Cannot predict the wait, but try to build that into your time allotment. Safe travels
  13. I hope this helps, it is the whole information packet Go to the last couple pages to review. Safe travels. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1sWZ9D9HxO6PWLXgwYnsP2zymlo1Ew94R/view
  14. Question Do they come in different colors like Disneyworld Magic bands? Thanks
  15. Our two recent sailings on the Allure....May 5th and June 30th. Quest rose from the dead................ Only two search items remained from our previous 9 ish sailings. Some of the newer items were shall we say tamer............................. You really had to think, but not to hard to get the items..................... Almost all of the items someone in attendance would normally have with them (esp. tourist 🙂 ) The only thing I did not like that there were 10 teams, and a total of 20 captains............. Talk about a mad crowded rush. It was fun though. We lost, do not know if they really keep score, but it was fun. Safe travels.
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