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  1. Love all the great pictures. From cars, to scenery to the air show..................thank you for sharing. A few years back we were in FLL for Fleet week and the air show was in town. What a great display of flying in the sky. In regards to our children getting their first car and worrying about them. I am a worrier, and my daughter always told me I had to take chill pills..................... and when our daughter drove in the evening I set an alarm clock in the upstairs foyer for curfew time whether it be 10pm. on a
  2. Had a great weekend. DD visited and finalized a lot of wedding planning. Went to one of our home town Italian restaurants, in Warren Ohio. Enzos. Great dinner. I had the chicken Marsala with Alfredo pasta. And the DH had prime rib. Then we became the designated driver as the DD and maid of honor went out to finalize bachelorette party. (🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷).
  3. Finally able to get back on CC. Been a challenging last couple of hours. No, not on naughty list. Bought a new IPad, never had one and I wanted one to help with wedding planning. Now mind you I am old. When I took Physics in High School I mastered the Slide rule. Well these new electronic devices are going to keep me drinking (3 Pineapple Margaritas). My first mistake was opening the Apple box when I brought it home. It said to place your smart phone next to the Ipad to link it. I did,
  4. Yes have 3 trays, the top with that attachment tray for silver ware/ utensils No handle on door, very happy about that, was a dirt trap, hard to get in grooves to clean. New towel holder, lower refrigerator door. Paid $125 for installation and take away. Worth every cent.
  5. Waterskibum Your pictures bring back great memories. I used to bike that part of the park when I was a member of the Outspoken wheelsman bicycle club. We did the 14 mile loop every Tuesday and Thursday. At the end of Summer we would bike the centennial run and biked on rte 193 to Ashtabula and back. Did it once. Lived to talk about it. Never again. Thanks for sharing. Stay healthy.
  6. Decided on Maytag 3 drawer One year warranty to store. After that 5 year extended warranty. The service man noticed our garbage disposal is old. I go yup original from house build 30 years ago. He gave me his card. He cannot believe it still works. Call him when ready. So now the next thing we will replace is a garbage disposal.
  7. Good Morning My outlet for social media is here. For years I creeped on my DH's social section FB. And finally opened an account. I do not have a ton of friends, post mostly about cats or repost anothers post. I seem to get on the naughty list more there than here. The powers that be their seem to delete my posts saying their not conferrable. I mean, really. They probably have less an edukasion then me. (🙄) Besides over the last few months CC members seem to be less confrontational. Glad we
  8. One of the girls I used to work with had a part time job on weekends off. She purchased an older van and used to be a "YODER TOADER' on weekends. For $10 bucks a person (van could comfortably hold 8, and shopping parcels), she would transport the Amish to WalMart, Sam's club (they were members) and the Mall, and then to dinner. In our area Outback was a common place for dinner. She would do her shopping, and didn't care and made some money on the side. They did tip well she said and paid for her dinner. Also she would have 3-4 days a week where the Amish
  9. Took the old car (2006GTO) out for a spin. Fastest vehicle on the road.
  10. HAPPY EASTER TO ALL!!!!!!! Today is a first ever for us. Me and the DH are celebrating our first holiday ever.....................alone. The DD and FSIL, cannot make it for a visit. And both myself and my DH's family that we have always celebrated with have all passed away. We have some family members left, but have grown distant to them. We come together in times of need, and the nephews help us out when needed, but they have their own families. So not wanting to have a pity party for ourselves, we decided to celebrate mass with our
  11. Well, my last update on receiving the Moderna vaccine dose #2 this past Thursday. I was sluggish yesterday, kinda just rested watching TV and took a nap. Ate dinner (Pizza and salad) kept drinking water. Felt a little achy, but not terrible, did 2 loads of wash. Went to bed early for me at 9:30pm. About 3:30am woke up, do not know if I woke up because I had to P or because I had a headache. Yup, on a scale of 1-10 it was about a 7. Enough to catch my attention. Took 800mg. of Ibuprophen (there goes the ulcer on an empty stomach). Fe
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