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  1. We have gold plated ornaments from the Freedom, Mariner and Allure and use a mini ship from the Oasis as an ornament. From Disney Magic, we have a porcelain ornament with the Magic on it and the year. Safe travels.
  2. Lionesss

    8:30pm depart

    So does that make your criticism another pointless response? Just saying.............................................................. for a friend. CC is for all to ask questions and share information..................... I thought the question was legit. Safe travels
  3. We had a free dinner for two at Chops from Our TA to be used on the first night. When we boarded and went to chops to make a reservation for dinner we asked if we could use it another day (Allure). They asked what day would we like. Guess they were flexible or over booked. Safe travels.
  4. There is something about the challenge of going to the WJ even to this day after all our cruises. Enjoy people watching. Enjoy some people going for the feeding frenzy. Yea, amazing how some people act.......scurrying around. For us, give us some carved meat, salads, and a cookie or two plus a good table with a view and then relax for about 15 min. before we explore. Safe travels.
  5. Lionesss

    adventure of the seas - escape room

    It is a game you pay to play to do different challenges (mind-games) to figure out how to get out of a room. Team sport. All members playing as a group to get out. Many cities have them now.
  6. I am really enjoying your thread. This is a bucket list cruise for us, and probably will not happen for at least 4 years. But it is great tagging along with your pictures. So much to do, and I do not know where you find the time. Anyway ---keep the posts coming, cannot wait for more!!!!!!! Safe travels.
  7. This new bid gimic is similar to what we bought a few years back (AKA Upsells). The first time we sailed the Allure, I think it was about four years ago, we were booked in a GS. RCI called the TA and offered us a CL2 for total cost of $600, we took it. The next year we booked a GS and again the TA was called and we were offered an upsell to a CL1 for $700 or 750, (cannot remember exactly but it was one or the other), we took it. So I wonder if this is RCI's way of changing the way "Upsells" are done. But I did not realize till reading this thread that you only get the perks of the category you originally booked. And likewise since we were already in a suite, I wonder if the perks did not upgrade if different category at that time for those really moving up. Sea Ya
  8. Does choice mean a level your at for the casino program? Safe travels
  9. Bill--------------- You and Marie look great in the formal picture!!!! I love following your adventures. Love the thread Safe travels Eagerly awaiting more.
  10. Lionesss

    Labadee Hair braiding

    Yes it is. When you walk down the pier after you get your picture taken and through the entrance hang a left. It is a short walk to the area that does the braiding, it is on the right. Also, get a price before the ladies start. So not want you to be surprised....only take cash here. Everything is extra, beads and such...................... Cannot remember the exact cost.
  11. As a suite guest, I must add that on our 5 cruises since CK we have never encountered any issues in the suite lounge with seating or getting the time for dinner we want in CK. (July-August sailings) Now mind you, we try to get to the suite lounge at least 5 of the 7 nights for cocktails before dinner and meet up with some friends. We have never had an issue with seating, just sit anywhere. However I did find on all the occasions the suite lounge had standing room only when we went there for priority to leave the ship on that last morning. Enjoy the lounge.............................it is there for all to share and meet new people. TY
  12. When we sail in a suite on the Allure we now see CK more crowded than when it was first introduced a few years back. We make our reservations For CK before we board (usually 2-3 times) for the week when we get the welcome aboard e mail from the concierge and IF we think we need to cancel we do so a day ahead so others will have the opportunity to dine here. (Only happened once we try to schedule by sea/port days). Other days we dine in MDR. As far as pay venues go, we opt not to go unless we get a free perk from TA. Already paying for cruise cannot justify paying an additional $100 (with tip) for these venues. Are we cheap, no, just how we feel. Safe travels
  13. Lionesss

    Oasis Class Ships

    Having sailed the Oasis once and the Allure 4 times with 2 Allure sailings next year I can tell you we love this class of ship. So much to do so little time. Go for it on any of these ships, do not know about Harmony, never sailed . Safe travels.
  14. Lionesss

    Coastal Kitchen first night

    Island Lady Yes from above. That is why I posted that so few spots are left because those of us in suites get first dibs on CK, and those that are in JS will get if anything left. I knew she was in a JS. Sea Ya