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  1. Met him in suite lounge wearing his PEZZ shirt over swim trunks May of 2019. Kinda like walking in the main dining room in shorts,, tank top, and baseball cap. Got to talk with him for awhile.. very friendly, nice guy. Obviously my first impression was wrong. Glad we got to talk, clothes not a person make. (nor does my grammar). Wish him well.
  2. So, she is out of dry dock. What changes were made/canceled on this maintenance event? Besides that azipods. Stay healthy
  3. Omg. You are sooooo right. ty for clarification. can I blame my error on the Plague? thanks again. time to rewatch. stay healthy
  4. I found this link in my files. This was posted before the Plague. It tells everything about departure, and scroll down for information on luggage valet. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1sWZ9D9HxO6PWLXgwYnsP2zymlo1Ew94R/view Stay healthy
  5. If they got wet they went to the "dark side" and became very very mean and destroyed everything. I do not remember them multiplying ................. What I remember multiplying was from Star Trek the Tribbles multiplied. They just multiplied, they did not have to get wet. Stay healthy.
  6. I am not an infectious disease specialist but if I must say here in Ohio when we had the quarantine stay at home order from the governor and also the notice to wear masks in public places traffic and crowds were way done. If you went to a business, store, bank, whatever and you did not have a mask you were not permitted to enter. Some businesses that were financially strapped would provide masks at the door with purell hand sanitizers to get you in to spend your money. Now that we are phasing out and restrictions are lifting the traffic and crowds are growing day by day. But what is sad is that; If you go to Wall Mart you should see the used masks left in buggies (shopping carts). Before I used to see just random all kinds of trash on the side of the road. Now I see masks, rubber gloves in the grass curbside. Now how safe can that be. Someone has to pick these infectious items up. Years ago articles were published on the over use of antibiotics and we were causing "super bugs" that antibiotics were becoming resistant to, from over prescription. Now, how safe is this practice of people trashing the environment. Are we creating stronger viruses. I can just see some non-caring lazy slobs, leaving their masks all over the ship, pool, decks, track lounges for someone else to pick up. How gross and un safe will this be? I want to cruise. But, I will play by the rules. I can only hope all do when cruising resumes. Stay healthy
  7. I recently posted an old thread in a newer thread and by my name came up REPUTATION POINTS 13. So I am either really good, or really bad. Does any one know what this means? Stay healthy.
  8. So our TA just called RCI to move our cruise dates. And their response was “ that sailing is still listed as active”. (August 16th Harmony).
  9. Some interesting posts here lately. But, guess I better not put on any Blond jokes, they may be offensive. Safe travels
  10. Morning Me again. Yup confused again. Waiting for RCI to issue a statement to cancel our August cruise.........like everyone else waiting for news. So, when/if they do?????? Can I then just book another August week next year, same category? Our 2020 sailing is on the Harmony. Next year we want to sail the Allure. What are our options. Once again thanks........ Did not read the whole thread, and the FCC and S/L did not apply to me.............................yet. Safe travels Stay healthy.
  11. I also am blond I’m a bottle blond. My chain gets pulled a lot. stay healthy.
  12. I have finally resigned myself to the fact that I will be having a staycation in August, instead of sailing on the Harmony. But, it is what it is. Guess I will look at August 2021. Before it used to be Hurricanes I would watch for on the weather channel, now it is Covid updates. Stay healthy.
  13. With a few studies being posted about certain risk factors preventing covid 19 and yes smoking was part of one of the factors in one study. I do not know the total number of studies on this subject, and yes I know one study can be shot down in an instance. But the study is narrow minded in my opinion. Which I am waiting for the rebuttles here. If I may explain. The reason I stated the study is narrow minded is that: Smoking in itself may decrease the incidence of covid in the early stages of a smokers history of smoking................but.... The long term effects that cause COPD and other additional lung damage from environmental exposures is a genuine concern. When you have a compromised state from years of smoking you set yourself up for chronic conditions as you age. Why am I sounding off. 1. I am an exsmoker, Smoked for 31 years before I quit. (9 years one month smoke free) 2. One of my earlier jobs as an RN was working for a Pulmonologist and taking care of many patients who over indulged in their earlier days smoking and now are suffering the consequences. Something as simple as a cold or stress would set them off into a crisis. And this virus is causing havoc. (I know because my husband is a respiratory therapist and is on the front line). Seeing the disease in action on patients. 3. I recently retired as a Nurse Anesthetist, and provided care to Respiratory Compromised patients. Put many to sleep and because of their doctors orders when they woke up we could only send them to ICU to wake up till can breath safely, they went to ICU on a ventilator. Not all happened this way, but more than enough. 4. My husband still is in the work force and at his hospital they have had patients with COPD, who required Ventilatory support for weeks to conquer this virus. Almost all ended up being trached and needed to go to long term facilities to recover and rebuild their strength. (Our area of the state has the highest concentration of nursing homes, and we had the highest concentration of covid positives and unfortunately deaths for a while). Remember other theories came into play and were studied. Ibuprofen was initially bad and now is listed safe. Ace Inhibitors (BP meds) were initially a risk factor and now are not. It seems that the majority of risk factors that continue to come into play are: Obesity High BP Elderly Immuno compromised ..........................................to list a few. The views expressed are mine, and am eagerly awaiting yours. As more studies come out, I hope they shed good news on this virus. Stay healthy.
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