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  1. Where to begin. OH BRANDON Did you ever watch the show. TO CATCH A SMUGGLER????? WELL leaving the terminal at the facial recognition screen. Mine lights up RED. They asked for and took my passports. The attendant leads me to a custom guard. And he asks do you know why you are in front of me???? I thought WHERES BRANDON???? I go sir. ………. Then he goes follow me. So now everyone is watching me go in the inspection room where they are going thru a ladies suitcase ahead of me. Now 2 agents come over. One with a clipboard the other with to be continued
  2. When you walk in the casino entrance at the back of ship. on the left you first see a card game next you see a craps table. exactly to the right of craps first machine is an old style five lines spitfire. it is caddy corner to the wheel of fortune. also when sitting in my chair if you look to the right there is a door to workers lounge. They go in and out frequently. I autographed it the second machine button is weird. I won on it but painful good luck.
  3. The machine I won on is an old fashioned 5 line spitfire. minimum bet 0.25 on one line. you can set it to gamble 25, 50 cents or a 1.00. but you can do a max bet of 50 x your bet. I was playing 5 lines machine set at 0.25 and I was playing 15 coins a spin. ($3.75) I got the 60,000 for 3x triple 7 . won something trivial on another line. coming home with over $15,000 plus some odd bills and a w2. from this win. nit won 2 more jackpot Below is a picture of my winning spin. I will try to find a better picture also of machine. those are the only pictures I can find CC acting goofy. SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!! Good night sleep tight.
  4. Won an additional. $2000 tonight same machine. Cashed out, no w2 or whatever counting what we came down with our own $$$$ we are going home $16,574. ahead. IT IS WHAT IT IS 😃
  5. Need a favor. can someone find out what is the protocol for declaring a casino winning. The Bahama registered ship gave me a w2. 🤔 Find out the process. tyaot ❤️
  6. We were not interested in dining at hook. That was one of the restaurants they were pushing for people to go to. Chops Izumi wonder-whatever were the hot venues. Flight had 2 showings 4 ish and 7 guess a lot of grumbling that it occurred on a coco cay day. Interfere with dinner plans and our limited cruising guest could not attend. packing. no luggage valet to airport. Even they we’re staying in FLL FOR A DAY. traditional leave your bags out by 11 to be picked up outside. later
  7. Good evening I’ll find out about flight. we had dinner scheduled so sad we could not go to rescheduled show ……..if it happened Suite lounge and CK practically empty. Hoping people are packing and not avoiding given a little extra tip tonight going back to casino. it is what it is sea ya.
  8. I cannot begin to think how much thread catching up I will be doing when I get back home. Today perfect day at coco cay. Last night as Radio would say the casino was very lionesss friendly. I won $15,000. Great machine. After I got my pay out I went to another machine and won $1,200. Done in casino. Off to beach. Sea ya.
  9. Good morning. Sunny day soon to dock at coco cay. Slept like a baby. Off to breakfast. Sea ya
  10. This young lady. ME. Just won $15,000 on the 0.25 slots. I had a feeling and upped the spin cost. I would say this is a great cruise.
  11. Labadee information was provided thru next cruise area where you book your cruise on board. Some sailings not getting neither private area. Guess you better look at seeing a canceled stop or change. Now major bummer. Our main show. FLIGHT. Just canceled. Take care.
  12. good question. But the way he was running around he said. “ get 60% of your dinner”. Not buy one get 60% off your second.
  13. I have not seen any of the games advertised. But, with the afternoon rain trivia has never been more crowded. At the beach pool no signs suggesting hogging chairs. Seen some chairs covered with towels for hours. Only saw one adult get reprimanded in pool. Guess cannonballs not allowed. Hot tubs surrounding pool not really hot. yup. People rinsing off their sun tan lotion. 😳 Tonight the return of Flight. Cannot wait. OMG. How could I forget to tell you. Did you know there are 2 Izumi restaurants. Well I did not know when I booked. We were placed in the Sushi one. And I wanted Japanese one. Easy fix due to low crowds. So check your reservations. Captain announced the staff/crew 100% COVID negative. Later.
  14. I found the coffee machine in suit lounge. Yummy. Never knew why I never did it before. To me better than Starbucks. Also. WJ HARDLY CROWDED. At this time unless numbers increase no plans on opening for dinner. later
  15. Good morning Thursday. Once again I am amazed how there are lack of crowds. Once again they are still trying to sell the dining venues. Yesterday the offer was 60% off if you book one. The other thing is I did not notice any drink cards to purchase like before. Escape room someone asked about — I could not find on app. Do not know. Getting tons of fliers regarding “sales” for stores on promenade. More than usual. Catch you later.
  16. Great night tonight. Not bad loss on slots. And. A surprise. They called my name first in the casino 11:30 pm raffle. I won $50. Also white chocolate chip cranberry cookies tonight. Mmmmmmm take care.
  17. Good afternoon. Got a chance to stop in the loyalty area. Here is a breakdown of C & A members on this sailing. PINNS. 42 DIAMOND +. 162 DIAMOND. 213 EMERALD. 115 PLATINUM. 162 GOLD. 600 and of course. I could have asked what the total number of cruisers were but I was not ready to accept another number. Made it at the beach pool for 2 1/2 hours. Damn it’s hot. Had prime real estate loungers even with social distancing. Also. I witnessed zero tolerance with the kids. outside the solarium was a group of about 4 early teens playing ice hockey with ice cubes. They were laughing having a good old time. They left on their own. And soon two boys started doing the same thing. Well one thing led to another and the men in blue kindly asked them to stop. They did not want any one to fall on the slippery deck as it was. They looked scared. I mean like. Oh *hit were in trouble. The security guy left and the boys exited stage left. Getting ready to sail away as the dark clouds are approaching. Take care. Sea you later.
  18. It was great sleeping in and not planning anything today. Pool time. Chillin. It seems that wherever we go and what ever we do we have encountered only friendly considerate people. Yesterday the DH met Ken from CC postings. And I had the opportunity to meet SANDYBEACH in the casino. I hope this new appreciation for cruising as well as people friendly continues. IT IS WHAT IT IS. And I love it.
  19. Last night was probably the best night sleep I have had on this cruise. One thing I noticed yesterday was at the schooner bar the signs were down that you could not sit at bar. We ordered our drinks and the bartender was very nice. No more “wary washy” person at WJ. Just told to wash your hands. The ship has a new sent. “Ode to Clorox”. you can tell they are cleaning. As I look out the window it looks over cast in St Thomas. Took a break from breakfast. Just want coffee. I have seen some people walking around without masks. Although few in numbers nothing being done. catch you later. byereeee
  20. Enjoyed a great day. Walking in St. Marteen. Shopping. I also had the chance to do what Radio enjoys when cruising………got to watch the news for 2 hours. There was a massive payout in casino tonight on a black Jack table. If you the player draws 2 queens of hearts and the dealer gets a black Jack, you win 1000 x your wager. You should have seen all the Pit Bosses scurry to that table when the screams began. I am sure RCI review the films a ton of times. I broke even. Kinda sorta. My DH was able to meet Ken from our threads. He was a dead give away with his chess shirt. He actually lives about 10 miles from our house. Stay safe. Good night.
  21. Something I never knew you can do. You can access cash out of a slot machine. Just follow the prompts and put in your amount. It shows up as cash on your machine. You can cash out or play slots. The best part is it is free. No fee/ interest. checked our account on the TV. And it just listed the $50 I took out. This could be dangerous. Hope I don’t need another $50 tonight. Be safe.
  22. The free picture is a benefit from C & A level. So me and the spouse get a photo for free. I do not know what level it started out at.
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