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  1. Tonight’s comedy act was pretty good. We had a two comedians doing their boys. Jeff Nease was ok but Rodney Johnson has me in tears. He sounded familiar. I’ve probably heard good act somewhere. Maybe even seen him on a previous cruise. But despite that, it was a fun night. Hence ends our first Oasis class adventure on the Allure. Tomorrow is a full day. Prices were insane flying home. I originally had the latest flight home from Fort lauderdale. I changed out to fly out a little earlier, but out of Orlando. So the adventure is that we rented a car, driving up and visiting Disney Springs. Specifically, we are going to the Void and doing the Star wars virtual reality thing and having dinner at Art Smith’s Homecoming. It was way too expensive to try and visit the Galaxy Edge at Hollywood Studios when at most we could probably only get 5 or 6 hours there. We’ll be back for the full Disney Experience next year. So, we’re not done yet.
  2. Tonight’s dinner is at Sambas. As I said, this was not really a restaurant for my wife as she doesn’t eat meat much. So this place is a combination buffet and churriscaria. Its just lots of meat. I took some pictures of the buffet. Note this buffet is superior to the windjammer. It has a more Brazilian flair to it. All in all, it was pretty decent as far as buffet go. The main course is of course the meats. They have 8 kinds of meat. Some were good, some were mediocre and some was bad. I did not take photos as they were not very inspiring. Regardless, it was a lot of food and I waddled out of there. Would I do it again? Probably not. It did not stand out. At a retail price of 30/person without tip, it would not be worth it. At 21 without tip (25 quoted to me was 21 with tip), it made this place barely worth it. Not something that will get me coming back over and over like Chefs Table. Tonight is the last comedy show of Rodney Johnson and Jeff Nease. I didnt do research on them. I will treat tomorrow as an excursion day because i dont fly out until 9:40 tomorrow night. I will recap the cruise later this week when i’m at a real keyboard.
  3. So rumor has it that these people got into a fight and are confined to their cabin and they posted a guard. There has been someone standing guard since last night. I also heard someone else is also guarded on 6. I haven’t investigated.
  4. You’re welcome. This has been fun documenting my vacation. By the time i post my final thoughts, you will be on the ship. Enjoy
  5. So this despite my mixed results with the specialty restaurants, I have or will have eaten at a specialty restaurant 5 out of our 7 nights. they were offering a sale. 25 bucks per person for Samba. We took it. I actually wanted to eat there but decided against it earlier on my 3 meal plan because my wife does not eat red meat much. But 25/person is less than what the meal would have costed if i used my plan so i am not upset here. So later tonight or tomorrow, there will be a review of this place as well. The only restaurant we did not eat in was Sabor, but we were not going to because of our horrible experience on Navigator.
  6. There is no vomit comet here is Costa Maya. Thats at Cozumel. It depends. I’ve crossed it several times. I normally don’t get sick, but the last time i did. You need to take that if you want to visit Tulum or Coba. I climbed a total of 3 ruins yesterday. 1 at Kohunlich and 2 at Dzibanchi. I was told that the tallest one that’s climbable is Coba near Cozumel. I climbed up that one 5 years ago. Also, Coba was way more treacherous coming down than any of these ruins down here.
  7. So apparently we are celebrating the birthday of the Allure. They made a cake!!
  8. Its possible. I went to wonderland 3 years ago so i don’t readily remember. Wonderland was awesome.
  9. posting the video kind of made it difficult to put anything after it. So here is my thoughts on Chefs table this time around. Chefs Table is easily the best meal on the ship. However this time around, the wine was a little stingy. No one really got more than 1 glass, each. on previous Chef’s Table, wine flowed much easier. Even though, we only got one glass of wine, myv low tolerance self got trashed. My night was done after that. This event is very dependent on who you are dining with. For the most part, we’ve had good luck throughout our cruises. This last night was probably the best group we’ve had. These guys wanted to get me shots after this. That would probably kill me. Despite a couple hiccups, this was successful
  10. Last night was Chefs Table. It is the best meal of the cruise. Here is the menu. We meet up at the library on 11 and made our way to the 2nd level of the diamond lounge. This was the setup. First was the bread. This is the same Focaccia that we got from 150 Central Park. It was warm this time. Fortunately, this was the one thing we really liked from 150. first course, Scallops Carpaccio paired with the Pinot This pairing worked quite well. I’m generally not a white wine person. Okay, I’m generally not a drinking person, but this worked well. Next was the Tomato Soup paired with the Conundrum. This pairing was wonderful. The acidity in the tomato soup was balanced by this wine. Next, Lobster Salad and the Sauvignon Blanc. I could have done without this pairing. This dish was a little uninspiring. I expected more. Main Entree, you had a choice between the fish and steak. I chose the steak which was paired with the Cabernet. Another wonderful pairing. Best steak of the cruise. Salted caramel espresso martini. This was a disappointment. It looked so good, but it’sa weak drink. If i say its a weak drink, then it truly was. It was too creamy, did not taste any caramel or alcohol. Barely a coffee taste. Dessert. “The World” This dessert was the bomb. Presentation plus taste. Pretty much perfection. Here is how it was served. IMG_5248.MOV
  11. Good morning from our last day of our cruise. Here is today’s cruise compass.
  12. Fortunately, we did exactly that. Ernesto’s was actually next to that hotel.
  13. Today’s excursion was long. We went to the Mayan ruins of Kohunlich and Dzibanche. If you do this tour, be prepared for a long drive. The ruins are about 2 hours and 15 minutes away. However both these ruins have not been commercialized. Unlike Tulum and Coba near Cozumel, there are no vendors there. Its just ruins. The quiet and serenity was great. Here are so pics i took of Kohunlich. And of Dzibanche. I can’t tell which i like more. I still like Coba the best of all of the ones i have been to. My only complaint with this tour is that the lunch should have been more substantial. Lunch consisted of a small ham and cheese sandwich and a bottle of water. I should also add that at the beginning of the tour, they gave us a bag with a banana, a small chocolate water not unlike a kit kat and another bottle water. Its 3:30 right now of this writing and i’m starving and craving tacos because we passed by so many taco stands. All aboard is 4:30, so it’s unlike I will have time to get a taco close by. That’s okay, Chef’s Table is tonight. It is our favorite activity on a cruise. I should warn you that given that this is usually the only time I drink, it will not get posted until tomorrow. On another note, I saw several military patrols and checkpoints. I started to wonder why and if there was something w we were missing. We asked the tour guide and he seemed to dismiss it as an everyday thing. He said something about being close to the border of Belize and Guatemala. I wrote most of this enroute back to the ship. We got back at 4:45, 15 minutes after all aboard. We technically were the pier runners this time but since this was a cruise sponsored excursion, we were cool. We weren’t technically the last ones on board, but I heard them pulling the gangplank up as i went through security. Next activity... Chefs Table!!!
  14. Ocean Aria was a visually impressive show full of divers and acrobats and swimmers. The production value is awesome. Now ask me what is about? Something under the sea?!?! Its kind of like Cirque de Soliel, but not. Did I enjoy the show. Yes, but i don’t really know what i saw. The geek in both of us (more my wife in this instance), recognize the aria song from Fifth Element. yeah she sang along with it. Soon afterwards we rushed back to the room to change. Tonight was the prohibition party. When I showed this to her two weeks ago, she loved the idea and procured us costumes for the night. This event did not disappoint. Its a little pricey for what you get, but when almost everyone dressed the part, the event is amazing as this one was. I may have had a little too much to drink which is why I did not post anymore last night. It also did help that we had 7:45am meet time for our excursion.
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