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  1. Is it really double points if you're paying double to sail in a Jr. Suite? I've heard mixed reports about Coastal Kitchen. One of these days, if i truly have the money to burn, I will splurge on a Jr. Suite (or if a decent upgrade rears its head) on a ship that has Coastal Kitchen. But for now, I prefer to cruise twice and get the points that way. Or, I will cruise solo on a cheap cruise to get the same double points. (I did two 9 nights solo to hit Diamond quicker) and only paid 1K for each.
  2. I tend to be frugal, but it really is in comparison to similarly priced things. We general sail in interior rooms, but have done Balconies in the past when we got decent or free upgrades. We don't care about the room, but we do care about location of the room. We have never sailed in any suite, even a jr. suite. This is where our frugality seems to bite us. I'm MORE reluctant to sail in a Jr. Suite then I am in a Grand Suite. The reason is that Jr. Suites, other than space, have no real advantage over a balcony room, but are priced higher. In Grand Suites, at least you get the suite benefits, but those seem to cost double or even triple the price of an interior. Here's the rub when i say frugality is in comparison to similarly priced things. I recently had to cancel my Disney trip in September. The amount of money I budgeted for the two of us, cost LESS than a grand suite on my 9 night trip for next year to Canada on the Freedom, and I was staying at Disney for a week. So less time, more money. Here I am, willing to budget over 6K for a week vacation, and my booked 9 night cruise (on an interior) came out to 1760. Oh, the 6K was not taking into account airfare I would have to had to get to Florida. So no, the Pandemic has not made me less frugal. But my frugality has its own logic which may not make sense even to me.
  3. Iced Tea is my drink of choice. But I tolerate the Royal Caribbean Iced Tea as best I can. To me, I've tasted similar "iced tea" from Five Guys. They have this machine that dispenses the iced tea. If you have one of these near you, you can get a similar iced tea experience there.
  4. I just looked on the RC website and there are no Canadian cruises being offered in 2020.
  5. I had a big Disney trip planned for early October. I have cancelled it. The cost is more than 3x-4x my typical cruise. If i'm going to budget that much money, I do not want a abbreviated experience. Also, I don't want the chance of catching anything considering Florida is spiking severely over the weekend. This weekend's numbers of infection is almost 1/2 of what my State has since the onset of this pandemic. I'm kind of doubting that Florida will allow it to open when Disney wants to. But hey, the amount I saved by not going to Disney, I could book 3 cruises!!! And in answering the OP question, I would not cruise and do Disney together. There is a lot of things going on in Disney and like cruising, you need time to acclimate yourself to the Disney way of life. My cancelled trip was 8 nights. I did 10 nights the last time I went, and it was perfect. I didn't have to run around, i could do things at a leisurely pace. 4 nights is too short in my opinion, but that's just me.
  6. I did a live thread on the princess board comparing it to Royal. I love Royal and Royal is my brand, but my cruise on the Ruby Princess last May threatened that standing. Sure, Princess can't compare to the major entertainment spotlights that Royal Caribbean has, but it makes up for keeping a lot of the old cruising standards. I found the service to be WAY better on both my Princess cruises. Something that has been slipping on Royal and Carnival. Its kept a lot of the classic cruising details that other mainline ships have dropped. (chocolates on pillow!) The two things that stood out for me on Princess. First. Their burger at the Salty Dog edges out for me as best burger at sea, even beating out Guys which i love. The main reason is that its a similar burger BUT they cook it to order and that wins out. Second. Their bed is absolutely amazing. Its to the point where I'm looking to see if i can buy it for my house and dropping 1600 bucks for a king size mattress (not quite there yet).
  7. When doing an estimate of the number of people, I use the math of 90% of full occupancy (as oppose to double occupancy which is every room has 2 people). Full occupancy for a cruise ship means every bed is filled. From what I hear that number falls at 106% of occupancy which is what Royal Caribbean aims for. They cannot have more people than lifeboat capacity. I did this when I found out there was going to be 8 cruise ships at Fort Lauderdale on my December 1st sailing on the Allure. I came up with a number of 56400 people (90% of full occupancy of all ships x 2 coming and going). I was scared that they would beat the record that day. I was right about that they did beat the record, but the number came in at 55964, so I was really close considering.
  8. I read sometime ago that damages are applied to your account. I know it was a fairly recent post because it was about the virtual interior rooms. Someone damaged the screen, which is in essence a large TV hung on its side to simulate a window. They got nailed for like 5K on their onboard account or something like that.
  9. I was on the December 1st Allure cruise and did the Chef's table. I agree that it was not the best venue, but the Voyager class was worse. They put you on the landing in the MDR which was loud throughout. At least for us, the diamond lounge calmed down after 8:00 when the happy hour was over and we could actually talk afterwards. However, I found the presentation to be lackluster and scripted and the wine pairing to be mediocre at best. I've done it on Grandeur, Navigator, Anthem and now Allure. Grandeur was the best, but Allure was easily the worse. On other cruises, the chef who did Chef's table seemed quite proud of their achievement, whereas this one, it was just meh. There was no pride or anything. Plus, I expect Chef's table to be the most diligent when it comes to allergies, and this one could have ended in disaster where one lady had one of her allergies accommodated to, but not the one about tree nuts, and my wife was almost served the peanut butter dessert despite her peanut allergies. It just felt like they were barely going through the motions.
  10. The Chef's table on this ship is the best two i've been to. I've done Chef's Table on Grandeur, Navigator, Anthem and Allure. The top two were on Grandeur.
  11. https://cruisefever.net/port-everglades-breaks-world-record-for-cruise-passengers-in-one-day/?fbclid=IwAR1MTtqkhgdcztwh93rTES9uBqrZzurvvT7nmo3NvFPpE-vFa-G_0Ao35s4 Hey @FionaMG, we actually did break the record!!!
  12. https://cruisefever.net/port-everglades-breaks-world-record-for-cruise-passengers-in-one-day/?fbclid=IwAR1MTtqkhgdcztwh93rTES9uBqrZzurvvT7nmo3NvFPpE-vFa-G_0Ao35s4z Boom!!! Called it!
  13. FYI, when we left for our Allure cruise on December 1st, there were EIGHT ships there. I was afraid they were going for world record that day. From what i see (or don't see actually) I don't think we made the record, but I'm certain there was over 50,000 passengers there that day.
  14. Roatan was a major reason I booked this cruise. Although I have been there before, my wife hadn't. Was a little disappointed when they canceled it, but pretty much saw it coming for like 4 months when it was announced Allure was still suffering from propulsion issues.
  15. @FionaMG Are you scanning the Compasses. Yours looks so perfect and mine are twisted and gnarled and cut off because my picture taking skills stink.
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