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  1. Oh absolutely! Nobody becomes that rude because of their status. As far as the lounge crowding goes, yes, the two b2b's we took on Freedom of the Seas were in early September, which is a busy time. Schools are back in session, it's peak hurricane season, and the rates are pretty good. And we had a feeling our TA would have a lot of Pinnacles on board. It wasn't just a TA, but a special event being the one that brought Harmony to the US. We still loved the experience and would do another in a heartbeat. In 2016 I took my daughter and a friend on Liberty of the Seas during college spring break week. It was one of those sailings PACKED with spring breakers. We were in a GS, and the concierge lounge was like a ghost town. We'd go for pre-dinner drinks and there were maybe 2-4 other people there. I would imagine summer sailings would be similar.
  2. Oh no, don't not book because of my post. We still enjoyed all of our cruises with RC and will continue to sail with them. Great cruise line and beautiful ships, especially Oasis class. That nasty man we encountered in the dining room was probably just as nasty before receiving his Pinnacle status.
  3. Unfortunately my husband and I have experienced this as well on RC. We'd sailed many times with our daughters were younger, in a regular balcony cabin, usually on the hump, with our girls across the hall in an interior. Once the nest became empty and it was just us, we decided to mix things up a bit and try sailing in suites. Something different, and it would get us to Diamond faster, for better perks/discounts. Of course we loved it, but then we got to discover the whole Pinnacle thing. It was a B2B we did on Freedom of the Seas in an Owners Suite. We figured we'd skip the drink package because we have the concierge lounge available for our pre-dinner drinks. I think they may have changed the lounge situation on these ships, but back then it was a smaller interior lounge with no windows. First night, line out the door starting at 4:30, and you couldn't get in that lounge with a shoe horn. We met several P couples on our cruises who were very warm and welcoming, who I'm still in contact with on social media, and others who weren't. We ended up getting a drink package and never really used the lounge at all. That was the same cruise where we were seated in the dining room next to a Pinnacle couple who were cruising with friends who were either new to RC or new to cruising. They were so demanding of the wait staff, I felt so sorry for the assistant waiter. When something didn't happen fast enough, the man actually clapped his hands in her face and said "chop! chop!" (He really did that...we couldn't believe it.) Of course, that made her even more nervous and frazzled. On our way out that night we told the matre d what we'd witnessed, and that his staff were obviously trying their very best and these people were just not very nice people. He thanked us and moved our table away from them. Probably our worst experience was on the Harmony of the Seas transatlantic in 2016. The "big one" bringing Harmony to the US for the first time. We were in a GS with access to CK and the lounge. On the very first night we went to the lounge for a drink, we were told by some people standing just inside the door, "this lounge is for Pinnacles only." I went around the corner to the concierge desk and asked the 2 who were on for our cruise if that was the case. They were very apologetic and found seats for my husband and I. Regardless, it still turned out to be a great cruise. I really enjoy talking to the people in top tier because they obviously love to cruise, and I enjoy hearing about their favorite itineraries, etc. In fact, we did the transatlantic because we were told by a very nice couple we met in the CL on Radiance that if we enjoyed sea days we should try a TA. Since sailing with RC we've done 3 cruises with Celebrity in suites, and haven't experienced anything like that with the few Zenith members that we've met in the lounges.
  4. Butler got $150 and our waiters both got $60. We've tipped waiters more on other cruises for outstanding service, but from about mid-cruise and on our service really could have been better.
  5. Thank you for sharing! I forgot about all the Risotto dishes in YC. I'm not a big lover of seafood, but there was something on every menu that I'd like.
  6. If it's truly only paying the difference between Premium and Premium Plus, I'm sure we'll go for the upgrade. Mainly because my husband enjoys drinking Hendricks, and I see that's on the Premium Plus list now. I know Moet is included (and @ $25 a glass, it's a no-brainer), but would it also include any of the wines on the upcharge wine list? We're not sailing until April, so I'll be following this closely.
  7. Has anyone posted pictures of the new menus? I wasn't able to find anything online.
  8. If that's really the price, we'll be passing on the upgrade. 😲
  9. Scrolling thru this thread and glad to see you posted, because I remember your post telling us that. Wasn't it what your TA told you? Looking at my booking for our B2B in the YC on Seaside in April, I have EXPYCA "Escape to Sea." Anyone familiar with this promotion?
  10. We've done a couple of B2B's on RC and love them. We did a week on Seaside YC in January and didn't want to commit to 2 weeks since it was a new line for us. Needless to say, we wish we had, because the week goes by so fast and we loved it. I know people have been complaining about the new menus and service in the YC restaurant (hope it hasn't declined that much!), but when I looked at other cruise lines, I keep coming back to MSC for the YC, especially the pool deck with that buffet and bar. Ship is the destination for us; we've done the Caribbean itineraries many times, but we still always enjoy and have places we like to revisit, but usually are back on by lunch time and at the pool. And we'll get to go to Ocean Cay (twice!) so that will be something different. I wonder if the Maria you had as your assistant butler is the same Maria that served us pre-dinner drinks in the YC lounge? She was so nice! As I recall, she was the butler that escorted us to our room from the lounge on the first day, and insisted on carrying my backpack. I hadn't even thought about turn around day with the butlers assisting. I bet it will be a super easy process. Is it true you don't have to do muster on the second week? The trip is a surprise for my husband's birthday/Christmas. It's going to be really hard to keep this secret!
  11. We were fine with the food, but about mid-way thru our cruise we noticed the service was a little lacking. Not bad enough that we'd opt for the MDR, but little things like taking forever to get a refill on a glass of water, or forgetting to bring my tea after dinner, shouldn't happen. Hope this isn't a trend, since we've got a B2B on Seaside next April.
  12. Same! We've only had exceptional service in Luminae on multiple cruises. I mean, maybe an off night once each cruise, but nothing that would make me want to go to the MDR.
  13. Secret door?! I love secret doors on cruise ships! I've decided to stay with 16010, because...I just booked it for the next week, turning our cruise into a back-to-back! And now we have a secret door, which will be very handy. I'm visualizing where that door is, and that would be right around the staircase where they have the menu posted. Perfect! 🙂
  14. Thank you. Look forward to reading your report.
  15. We're currently booked in 16010, Starboard side. If we move across to the Port side to 16009, it looks like there's a closet or something directly across the hall. Our daughter will be in an interior on this side, so thought it might be nice to be in the same hallway. Does anyone have any experience with this room or close to it? Just worried about noise if it's a crew area. Thanks in advance.
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