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  1. My reservation indicates that it will. (I know that can change, and probably will) You can't book for that date, but their website is showing like 10/31 might be the first one? MSC Meraviglia - Miami's Best MSC Meraviglia will offer 7-night Caribbean cruises from Miami. Starting October 31, 2020 through April 2021, MSC Meraviglia will depart every Saturday from Port Miami and cruise the Eastern and Western Caribbean. Every week, she will visit Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve, our award-winning private island, exclusive to MSC guests.
  2. We're supposed to sail on Mera 10/31. Just logged into our reservation and nothing's changed. "Your next cruise departs in 89 days!" If they're not sailing, I hope they tell us soon. We have flights and other reservations to deal with.
  3. Since we were moved and I’ve had some time to do research, I moved us from 14 to 16. You might want to look at the deck plans if you haven’t already. 😊
  4. I consider Nassau another sea day. 🙂 And I completely forgot about Ocean Cay. Yes, we'll for sure be getting off the ship on that day. We haven't been there yet and are looking forward to it. I just wish it wasn't our last day, because I know my mind will be on packing and I won't fully relax and enjoy it. Too bad they can't dock there overnight instead and skip Nassau altogether.
  5. I feel the same way. We can take or leave shows. Not big fans of the casino. Would have no problem wearing a mask walking thru the ship or in areas that tend to have more people, like muster. We're fine with the switch to Mera. (Not too happy that MSC hasn't notified us of the change yet, but it is what it is.) Loved Seaside, but Meraviglia was on our radar. Plenty of space in the Yacht Club, and it sounds like they'll be taking precautions to social distance as best they can. We may not even get off the ship. Been there, done that. My main concern is the Covid surge happening in
  6. Just logged onto my reservation and it's also showing this. I don't believe it was the other day, but definitely there now. Would still nice to get an email notification advising us of the ship change. Still can't believe we haven't gotten anything yet.
  7. Mariner was our first cruise back in 2006; it's what started it all for us. Our family loved that ship. Captain Johnny and Becky. We sailed on her from PC several times and then followed her out to LA in 2009 when she was doing the Mexican Riviera. Would love to sail on her again someday.
  8. They offered you money? They moved us from Seaside to Meraviglia and I still haven't even been notified by them. Not even an email.
  9. We received our assignment a few days ago. Went from GTY to deck 14. Not crazy about that deck, but will try to move on July 1. We were really excited to be on Seaside again, deck 16, but are fine going over to Meraviglia, as we wanted to sail on her eventually anyway. My husband's excited about the change. He loves trying new ships, and we'll be in the YC, so I'm sure we'll enjoy it. That is if this cruise ends up happening. Crossing our fingers, but wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't.
  10. I agree that they'll have to work on reducing crowding in certain areas of the ship. It will be different for sure, but we're fine with that.
  11. Here are some photos for you to begin obsessing about. 🙂 https://www.cruisecritic.com/photos/ships/msc-meraviglia-996/msc-yacht-club-deluxe-suite-411527/
  12. Oh my gosh, us too! And I'm a planner as well. When are you sailing? We're (hopefully) sailing on 10/31/10 in the YC. Would love to hear some good things. My husband's excited about the change. We've been on Seaside before (loved it!), but he really wanted to sail on Meraviglia. Now he gets his chance.
  13. Great to hear! Did you know that those Aurea Duplex Suites on Meraviglia are now part of the Yacht Club?
  14. So much uncertainty at this point. Sorry to hear about your diagnosis, hope your case is mild. My husband and I were scheduled to sail on the MSC Seaside in their Yacht Club in April. Of course that was canceled. We took the 125% FCC and re-booked Seaside for October 31. (We have 3 reservations for our family) This morning I got a call from my oldest daughter saying she received an email from MSC. We're now sailing on a completely different ship, the Meraviglia. No notification for us at all, not even an email. When I logged onto my reservation earlier today it showed the ship c
  15. I'm excited about this as well. I've always wanted to sail on this ship, and have very fond memories of sailing out of Port Canaveral. I think our last cruise from PC was in 2012.
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