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    I walk dogs for a living and I really enjoy cruising.
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  1. Thanks for the update. Enjoy your cruise.
  2. Lots of one hit wonders in the 70's too. And being a hit, didn't necessarily mean good, but they'd be good for trivia.
  3. We have CSA Travel Protection included with our upcoming cruise in October. Trying to find out what's included with the coverage, but after trying a search on the MSC website, came up with nothing. I seem to remember in the past, this info will be part of our cruise docs. Am I correct? We live in the US and will be flying from Chicago to Miami. We're spending 2 nights in Miami pre-cruise, then 7 days on Meraviglia where we'll probably only leave the ship at Ocean Cay. We're both fully vaccinated. The reason I'm inquiring is, I started getting estimates for additional tr
  4. We're sailing mid-October, so we should still be part of the Premium Plus if we choose to upgrade. And we're not upgrading for mini-bar snacks only. We have a pretty large amount of OBC to spend, and we're planning on getting the upgrade anyway. (Also, our room's right next to a door that exits right into the Top Sail, so it will be very convenient to grab snacks from there too.)
  5. Well that stinks. We loved those little cans of chocolate covered peanuts. I wonder if you upgrade to Premium Plus if the refills are included then? (Not sailing until October on Mera out of Miami)
  6. What about snacks? Do you mean they'll be charging for those little cans of peanuts now?
  7. LOL! Same! We even used the portrait filter. 🤣
  8. We did our online check-in yesterday, but no docs available until 20 days before our sailing. Is that when we'll be assigned a boarding time?? We don't sail until 10/16.
  9. Yes. I actually found a link and it states no "sunglasses," so I'm sure glasses are fine.
  10. Just replying to the email we received that said "Action Required." I'm sure we'll have to get our pictures taken again at the port, but so excited to be doing anything related to the cruise, figured we'd comply all the way.
  11. We're getting ready to take care of this. Looked all over the web check in and can't find my answer. If my husband wears glasses, should he wear them in the photo? He seems to remember doing this for our last RC cruise, and thought he couldn't wear his glasses, but I think he's getting confused with wearing sunglasses when you're boarding the ship in a port of call. So, glasses on or off?? Thanks!
  12. We're October 16, and lots of rooms still available, YC1, and today one of the Royal Suites opened up as well. And when I say lots, as an example, on deck 16 where our room's located, there are only 2 others booked. Deck 18 only has 3 rooms booked. Unless these are all rooms that haven't been assigned yet after everyone's rooms went up for grabs a while back. Although that makes no sense, because I'm seeing these rooms available on another travel website. They're all available for booking. Just had a thought. If everyone in YC is vaccinated during our week, wonder if they'd do a no
  13. Received the same email today. We're sailing mid-October.
  14. This is exactly how we feel. We're both fully vaccinated and sailing on Meraviglia mid-October. The false positive, or being asymptomatic with the Delta variant, is worrisome. I'll be so relieved once we're able to board.
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