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  1. One of the most common questions we get on these boards, particularly from new members, is about the different "classes" of HAL ships - the Vista-class, S-class, and so on. Naturally, everyone wants to know which ships are in each class, and what the differences are. With that in mind, I decided to post this "sticky" post explaining the different "classes". I hope this clarifies the situation. Now, let's meet the different HAL ships, starting with the smallest and oldest: PRINSENDAM PRINSENDAM - Built 1988 - 37,983 Gross Tons - 793 passengers The smallest and oldest HAL ship,
  2. In response to a thread asking about the whereabouts of the former Royal Cruise Line ships, here is a history of the fleet that I prepared for the old boards, updated to the best of my knowledge: CROWN ODYSSEY: Built 1988 for Royal Cruise Line, Piraeus, at Jos. L Meyer Werft, Papenburg, Germany. RCL sold 1989 to Kloster Cruise, Nassau. RCL dissolved into Norwegian Cruise Line, Nassau 1996. Renamed NORWEGIAN CROWN. Transferred 2000 to Orient Line, renamed CROWN ODYSSEY. Transferred to NCL 2003, renamed NOREWGIAN CROWN. Presently in service. GOLDEN ODYSSEY: Built 1974 for Royal Cruise Li
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