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  1. Thanks for the update ctbjr👍🏻 So sad for the crew and passengers. 😢 How inconsiderate of those Miami partying passengers😱
  2. According to a poster on the Celebrity Summit FB page: " Update: they have rerouted us to Fort Lauderdale. We will get in on Monday. Everyone seems in good spirits so far. There was a cheer that went up in the bar! 😂 however the main kitchen guy had a worried look on his face as did bartender. Here is hoping it goes ok!"
  3. Sharing from the FB page for the Celebrity Summit: https://www.kitchenertoday.com/local-news/two-more-local-cases-of-covid-19-confirmed-2157614?fbclid=IwAR23ht_AjmnjyvTMYbihjJ3t28n8DebpQ-6DeZZCNs7f-S2rrYfVF_5xHPw
  4. Greetings all! Trying to plan a cruise for May '21 for hubby's 60th birthday. I have found the cruise and cabin I want and have placed a courtesy hold. We are sailing this May on the Summit in a CS .... so do I make a refundable deposit now and then meet with the Future Cruise Consultant to see if there is a benefit from onboard booking or do I just go ahead and book it? Thoughts?
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