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  1. We are scheduled for the March 21st cruise out of Miami on Riviera and still planning to go. We have no underlying health issues currently and are not over 60 so I don't feel that we are 'disobeying' any specific warnings. (But I am watching the news and these boards very closely!)
  2. Sometimes they will offer price discounts when you are on board -- we've saved considerable amounts that way in booking massages. You are taking a chance if you wait but it could be to your advantage. Wanted to let you know that it is possible -- but you cannot count on it so be aware that you are taking a chance. 🙂
  3. Sorry to maybe go off topic here... You're lucky to get 2 glasses per meal? When we dine, we expect to have cocktails while we peruse the menu and then a new glass with each course. Is that going to be difficult? Is that because the servers are not very attentive? Sometimes we want different wines with each course and ordering a bottle does not make as much sense as separate glasses (especially if we order items at each course where we each want different grapes).
  4. Totally being serious here. I'm not talking about the DSC -- I'm talking about us saying "Give a $100 bonus to John Smith, our butler, for the wonderful service this week on our cruise and please charge it to our cabin" at guest services. If I did this at a hotel, I would not expect that they would redirect the funds anywhere else so why would that not apply here as well? I really thought all the threads on the boards regarding 'where does the money go' were about the DSC, not any extra monies that we choose to distribute.
  5. Wow... that is really hard to believe!
  6. I was referring an extra tip given with not even touching the Daily Service Charge. Why give a crew member cash instead of a charge to our on board account targeted to each crew member? I really don't like carrying cash. I never have more than $20 on my person at home since plastic is so much more secure. I don't like carrying a few hundred dollars onto a cruise ship just to tip. And, if I charge it to my on board account, I get points from my credit card company. Double win for me -- no chance of theft and helps to finance the airfare for my next cruise. 🙂
  7. I have slightly different question: why give out cash to each crew member? Why does it seem that nobody wants to simply charge that extra gratuity to their on board account and add the name(s) of the targeted crew members? We did this once because we did not have enough cash and did not have ATM machines available when we realized that our cash was so low. Would these funds still go to the targeted individuals in full? Or would the funds go into a pool like the Daily Service Charges?
  8. From what I've read in this thread, that may or may not work. But yes -- definitely worth trying. And if this is the one thing I complain about after our cruise, then I'll know I had a great time! 🙂
  9. 🙂 No, he just likes being chivalrous. Though as I type this, maybe that would be even better if we were drinking Chivas. 😉
  10. My husband prefers to be the one to refill my glass. If he speaks to our Butler in advance, might the various venues all get the message and leave the bottle at his disposal? Does anyone have any experience with this type of request? If not, I guess we'll find out... but whenever we're out for dinner, allowing him to decide when to refill my glass and with how much liquid is one of his biggest complaints. (In our experience, servers tend to overfill.)
  11. I guess if they don't tap dance into the Terrace, we'll be fine! 🙂 Thanks!
  12. On Seaside, we ordered Room Service pizza. I am extremely gluten-sensitive but not "emergency room visit" sensitive. I plucked the toppings off my husband's pizza and had no issues. The toppings came off clean and I had zero issues. Yummy!
  13. I had not even considered that Deck 11 is right under Waves until I read this thread. We're in 11060 which is apparently under some "dead"space. Does anyone know for what this area is used:
  14. We buy them in the paper containers and cook them fresh at home. Does Costco sell them pre-cooked? Are they already cooked and you just reheat them?
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