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  1. We moved the deposit from our cancelled Sept cruise to a booking for Nov '21 despite the fact that YC inventory hasn't been released for that sailing, yet. We, too, have no indication that the booking has actually been made but I did get a reference number for it. I haven't followed up about it because (a) the cruise is a long time off and (b) I really don't believe that cruising will be back to any normality next year so am not fully invested in it - I'm so hoping I'm wrong, though!
  2. I’m not fully committed to our booking, either - probably due to all this uncertainty - but it feels good to at least have one in place to look forward to.
  3. Same here ... we'll have 10 sea days (if you count the transit through the Suez). Here's hoping we both get to enjoy them! 🙏
  4. What have you booked for Nov, Liz? Our next one is not ‘til Nov 21, either, on Virtuosa (have a provisional booking, apparently, as YC cabins haven’t been released yet - moved the deposit from our cancelled Sept cruise on Preziosa). Don’t fancy booking anything earlier than that!
  5. Hi Liz .... we're doing OK, thanks - hope all is well with you and yours I do, too, but I just get the impression that other nationalities don't, e.g Americans tend to say they're going to Ireland/UK and not Europe when travelling to this neck of the woods. BermudaBound started a thread on the subject, Dave and also posted a link to a report in post #4 on this thread.
  6. As an aside, I don’t think we’re really regarded as European, Dave, because we’re islands and not mainland Europe 🙄 (not saying that’s why we’re excluded - just a general observation) On topic, I’d echo what BB has said about the Hurtigruten cruise, where there was a C-19 outbreak - it does give pause for thought.
  7. We spent 23 nights in a YIN 6 weeks after a 7 night cruise in a YIN and enjoyed every minute!
  8. I wouldn’t wait around to accept that price! Itineraries can change even when onboard so it’s not a good idea to set your heart on the POCs anyway.
  9. Please note that you will receive a voucher for 125% of value of your cruise package, which can be redeemed on any future cruise at any point until the end of 2021. Once you have received the voucher, if you wish to opt for a refund, please contact operationsuk@msccruises.co.uk to put forward this request after the voucher has been received.
  10. Sssh ... he'll hear you! At least with Beetlejuice you had to say the name 3 times - with this one you don't! 😛
  11. Hi, P. Wow ... that's a lot of cruises booked! We're fine, here - hope all is good with you, too. I'd be very reluctant to book anything these days 'til I see how this crisis pans out. The earliest sailing I'll book for is the Nov 2021 one that I moved the deposit to. I have an FCC from a sailing on Meraviglia last year that must be used by mid-October; I'm waiting 'til the last minute to use it to book for 2022. It would drive me nuts to be changed from a different ship or itinerary the way MSC is changing things around at the moment. Especially as it's so hard to get money back from them should you decide on a refund, instead.
  12. I had expected to lose the deposit as MSC don't usually refund it to those in Ireland and the UK. Final payment date had actually passed a few days before I received the email and I had already decided that we weren't going to go on the September cruise months ago so had written the deposit off. Was delighted that the announcement was made in a timely fashion and that I was able to re-use it for a cruise next year. The email does refer to a refund, though. (It won't copy and paste for me, unfortunately)
  13. No ... we only had a deposit down - final payment was this week so was really delighted to get the email notifying the cancellation. We've moved the deposit to the cruise in Nov 2021 that we'd been considering rather than lose the deposit. In reply to your other post, we had booked directly with MSC and received the email yesterday. In fact, they emailed both myself and DH.
  14. Just to update ... we can re-use the deposit as long as the cruise is before the end of 2021 and we must book up to 48 hours prior to the original sailing date of the cancelled cruise. We weren't planning on sailing next year (have an eye on a Feb 2022 cruise, though) so will have to decide whether to write the deposit off or re-consider a cruise we were looking at for Nov 2021 but had dismissed in favour of the 2022 one.
  15. Yeah ... I got an email yesterday from the UK office advising that our Sept 2nd Preziosa cruise from Southampton has been cancelled. At least they gave more notice than they did for our May last cancelled sailing which was only announced a couple of weeks before the due sailing date. Maybe I'll be able to salvage our deposit after all. (Hi Foxy - saw your acknowledgement of the post I'd submitted on this subject on another thread 😚)
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