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  1. Beamafar

    MSC Website Update

    Hopefully they'll get it sorted on this attempt; up 'til around April this year I had very few problems with the site.
  2. Beamafar

    MSC Voyager status

    It should show next to your name on the first page of your tickets, as well as on the luggage tags. If it isn't, you need to have the tickets re-issued, otherwise you won't receive your Black cruisecard on embarkation and will have to go to either the Customer Service desk or the Cruise Consultant to ensure you receive your onboard perks. You'll also have a problem using the Priority embarkation line if you can't show that you're entitled to. This only applies if you're not in Aurea or Yacht Club.
  3. Beamafar

    Meraviglia - Booking of Cirque du soleil shows

    The shows are on different nights, CF. I imagine the showtimes will be dependent on the specific itinerary. It'll be interesting to see exactly when they're on for our cruise. Hopefully we'll get an idea from the previous 10 night sailing. We saw the Sonor show when we were on last year and enjoyed it (though I wouldn't book to see it again). I can't remember how long it lasted - somewhere between 30 and 45 minutes?
  4. Beamafar

    Seaside Casino Question

    I must say I'm very surprised to read this, John, what with Seaside being a US-based ship. I don't remember reading too many complaints about it, either. Whether I just missed them or it hasn't been too much of an issue, I don't know. It'll be interesting to see if smoking will be permitted in the casino on Armonia next January. DH enjoys a smoke (or 3) while I play (get robbed by) the slots :rolleyes:
  5. Beamafar

    TV channels available on Seaside

    HaHaHa ... :')
  6. Beamafar

    TV channels available on Seaside

    Sorry ... it's a bit of a bugbear with me when what other cruiselines offer is compared with what MSC doesn't. When I see what other lines cost, my response is "Well, I'd expect there to more offered for that price!" Anyway ... even those of us who don't live in the US are very much aware of the difference between your news channels :eek: Quite a lot of the type of reporting would never be allowed here, which makes it quite fun for us to watch. :D :D
  7. Beamafar

    MSC Website Update

    Possibly because so many nationalities have been impacted by the breach? Each one will have different fix-times, I suppose. Not being tech-savvy, I don't know (or would even understand) if all the systems are individual and worked on by different tech crews.
  8. Beamafar

    MSC Website Update

    OK, I've done that, Dave - made no difference. Perhaps the Ireland site isn't being updated yet. :confused: I've managed to get the email & password address page again, but still not giving me a link to click, despite advising me to "click the link". :rolleyes:
  9. Beamafar

    Seaside - Daily Housekeeping charges/15% service charge

    The daily service charge is $12.50 pppd and half that for minors and will be added to your onboard account each day. The 15% service charge only applies to drinks purchased; it will not apply for anything covered in your inclusive drinks package (which, bytheway, is NOT the Deluxe one but the Classic one. Items with asterisks on the menus are not included in Classic; items with one asterisk are the extra included in the Deluxe. Items with 2 asterisks are not included in any packages). Drinks covered by the vouchers will not incur the 15% service charge, either.
  10. Beamafar

    TV channels available on Seaside

    I agree - I think there are only news channels in English on Med-based cruises, which is why we don't bother. I would certainly love to see some movies included. It would just never occur to me to pay for one, only because I'd feel confined to the cabin to watch it right through, whereas, if it was just "on" I could take it or leave it.
  11. Beamafar

    TV channels available on Seaside

    TBH ... I have no idea. Nor am I familiar with what has been offered on either ship as I've never sailed on Seaside and never sailed on Divina when she was US-based. In fact, I'd usually have no idea what's on the TV on any ship as we rarely switch it on (though we did enjoy a couple of 'free' movies on our Sinfonia repo from Venice to Durban as we had a lot of sea days).
  12. Beamafar

    MSC Website Update

    Nope! The drop-down box for logging in (which usually offers 2 options - email add/VC number & password OR booking number & name) is only offering me the second option. When I'm logged in and use the dropdown menu beside my name and click on "My Profile" it just brings me to my next booking page. Funnily enough, I did get the "new" page (ONCE) when going back and forth asking for my email address and password. It wouldn't accept the first email address I inputted so I tried an older one that I'd used before. It then said I needed to click to change my password but there wasn't a link to 'click', so I clicked on "Forgot password" and nothing happened.
  13. Beamafar

    MSC Website Update

    I can still only access one booking at a time with no way to log in to my personal area or the Voyagers Club area, either.
  14. Beamafar

    MSC Website Update

    There are 3 threads on this (very serious) subject now. Perhaps the mods could merge them?