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  1. Sure hope so! We'll be onboard Meraviglia for the most exciting games (quarter, semis and final games).
  2. That only applies to those in YC, L (though I take your point about the single access on deck 7); the OP hasn't indicated that they're considering YC. For those in YC, it really is a sight when, supposedly, enjoying "fine dining". 🙄 Also, access to the Villa Rossa MDR on Divina (if you're assigned to it or if lunch is always served there) can be very confusing, because it is situated aft, behind the Black Crab MDR so can only access it from the farthest aft elevator. Otherwise, you have to walk all the way aft on deck 7 (squeezing thru' the photo gallery, like you said), which, effectively, is passing overhead of the Black Crab, then down one flight to the Villa Rossa MDR entrance. Having said all that, I didn't like the Galleria area at night on Meraviglia - it just seemed too crowded. The fact that the theatre entrance is positioned to open up into the area doesn't help with throngs of people either coming or going from there, right next to the most popular and main lounge.
  3. The thing is; we had never tipped this bartender the first time we'd come across him, but we had had some great nights with him in the Cigar lounge. Both he and we were delighted to see each other again so the service we received from him had nothing to do with money and everything to do with how we'd interacted with him before. This has been our experience many times when meeting crew for a second (and even a third) time. Great service isn't always dependent on how much, or if, you tip.
  4. Have a great cruise, Simon. Looking forward to Seaview - we can raise a glass of Moët to MSC's crazy policies! 😂
  5. We've been on Divina (both in YC and balcony cabins) and Meraviglia (YC); we also sailed in an SS1 on Celebrity (never again!). We've loved our cruises on both MSC ships and would find it difficult to recommend one over the other. My only advice would be to check out YouTube videos of both and their deck plans to see which would suit most. There are more speciality restaurants onboard Meraviglia, plus it has the Cirque du Soleil shows (for a charge), but we found the entertainment in the bars/lounges on Divina to be better, with more choices. The theatre is also bigger on Divina.
  6. Cheers, Ken! I have a couple of bags that are a little smaller than the regular cabin-sized bags which I reckon will "pass". I've made a note in my "Preziosa 2020" folder about it - it's the first (and only) entry ... so far! I'm watching the news for the outcome of the court case and hoping the judge will grant the injunction. I read an interesting piece in the Indo online on the subject which states: Only flights to and from the UK rather than European holiday routes may be affected, as was the case during last year's strikes by roughly the same number of pilots. The budget airline managed to keep the vast portion of its fleet in the air because only 180 of its 400-strong pilot crew based in Ireland mounted pickets. Totally agree about being spoiled with the Euro - we tend to take it for granted as we don't have to exchange currency for most of our cruises (including our upcoming one). I'm tracking the US$ and it's not good at the moment.
  7. For us it's €100pp, €250pp if flights (to Europe) are included.
  8. That shouldn't be a problem! 😉
  9. We've had similar experiences on MSC. On Poesia last year, we knew a bartender from a previous cruise. We saw someone give him a very decent tip in the unspoken message "look after me". Well, my glass was constantly topped up, despite never seeing him do it and the bar being incredibly busy, and he was working at the other end to where we sat. Funny thing was that Mr Tipper had to keep clicking his fingers and hailing him to get service - which our bartender took his time to respond to! 😂 One server who we got to know really well when on a 28 night cruise and with whom we had attended the staff/guests disco night every Friday night was on another cruise we were on a couple of years later. Again, despite the place being extremely busy, she was over to us immediately to take our order. I couldn't think what I wanted and she asked why I wasn't having my "usual" port and brandy. I'd totally forgotten just at that moment that it was my drink of choice when sailing! 🙄
  10. We'll probably be flying Flybe next year for our Preziosa cruise, so I'll have to make sure I don't use our regular cabin bags.
  11. Cheers, EM. Seems that the benefit has been re-instated, then, because it was definitely rescinded for a time. Those from the US used to get vouchers for water, 'til MSC did away with them.
  12. Thanks for clearing that one up! There've been noises about tap water and whether it was still available or not for those from the US. I did wonder that it wasn't about US-based sailings - but I don't think it's included for European sailings (though open to correction on that, too)??
  13. I wouldn't be requesting a glass, I'd be looking for the bottle, G! 😂
  14. Not for US guests - only those from Ireland and the UK.
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