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  1. Sorry - I was thinking of the higher end drinks that we were able to get with the PremPlus package such as Johnny Walker Blue. It’s just that some people who wouldn’t be familiar with what’s on offer in TSL might mis-read it as all top shelf items. Unfortunately there won’t be a drinks package to cover all drinks by the glass when the new packages are introduced like PremPlus does.
  2. Nicholas F was always available in TSL (and the YC restaurant) when we sailed in YC. The sommelier on Splendida on our 28 night sailing from Dubai to Japan always ensured I had a glass served at dinner each evening.
  3. It stated on the MSC Canada website (posted on the forum recently) that Aurea will have EasyPlus included which makes it likely that YC will get the PremXtra. The drinks value will only be slightly higher than is covered now, but I’m sure the prices for drinks will increase so they’ll have to offer YC similar to what’s currently on offer.
  4. They don’t quite get ‘top shelf drinks’ currently. PremiumPlus covers them but is not included for YC guests, you have to upgrade. The current Premium package is basically what you get. MSC will not indicate a specific drinks package inclusion for YC bookings but the items covered in the Premium Extra package, which is being introduced later this year, will probably be what’s on offer. That will be all drinks up to €13/$15.
  5. PremiumPlus will no longer be in existence when Karmamule sails in January. It’s highly likely that the equivalent of the ‘new’ top drinks package, Premium Extra, will be included for YC guests.
  6. That would be great, MT. I’m following your reports from Seaview with great interest. We were booked on your itinerary (in YC) for next week but cancelled when Virtuosa was swapped out.
  7. They did have an Italian restaurant on some of their ships - Eataly - but it didn’t do well so they replaced it.
  8. We’ve never had a problem with quantity but there’s certainly a need for an improvement in quality. We’re booked on Seashore in October in steerage (before our March YC sailing) so will be very interested in the new buffet set-up.
  9. They’ve always had ‘Chef’s special’ on Gala nights, even in steerage. Don’t know if this reference is about something other than that. Had a similar reaction at first to the “alternating restaurants” 😁
  10. Includes an insight into what to expect on Seashore: https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/25459-msc-food-and-beverage-bringing-more-options-and-choices.html
  11. Getting closer now. Hopefully there’ll be some early reviews when she starts her Med season.
  12. We loved Aruba on our stop there and have been saying something similar. The way prices are going, we’re looking more and more at land-based holidays which seem to offer better value. The new ships especially are just too big, too, with too many people onboard and YC prices for these ships are getting crazy.
  13. The 15% saving refers to the service charge that’s added when bought onboard that you avoid paying if you purchase the package prior to embarkation. It’s not a 15% discount.
  14. The same prices will apply to your upcoming cruise as they were on Divina. The new packages don’t come into effect until November.
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