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  1. I flew in from Singapore on sunday and just walked on thriugh. No testing.
  2. I am on the 28 February cruise to Sydney so looking forward to see what has been done.
  3. Hello, can you please add us for Pacific Explorer, Singapore to Sydney, 28 February 2020. Thanks
  4. I would suggest the wine tour of barossa. You will probably see some other sites along the way. You will get more time at wineries than you would going on a day trip to the Hunter where it would take ages just to get out of Sydney. There are plenty of other things to do to fill your sydney days.
  5. We flew Qantas to Vancouver in December 2016. couldn't fly direct so went via Sydney and LA. The LA Vancouver leg was my favourite flight ever, I could not take my eyes off the changing landscape below. It really was beautiful. San Fransisco is a great city, well worth a visit.
  6. That sounds really strange. That transport to the beach is a licence to print money for the cruise line. I would expect that if cruise line doesn't arrange transport that the locals would still provide it. I hope they do for your sake.
  7. As much as I love cruising I agree with two weeks a land trip is better. The hunter valley is an easy drive from Sydney and they have fantastic wineries. You could also come to Canberra, there's some great wine produced in this area and lots of cultural activities in close proximity to each other or you could fly to Adelaide where there are lots of wineries to visit and you could go to kangaroo island. This would take two weeks. Eac of these cities have zoos where you could see Australian wildlife. Fly into Sydney, drive to hunter then to the blue mountains for a couple of days. Then drive to Canberra and from there fly to Adelaide and leave Australia from there or go back to Sydney and leave from there.
  8. A day spent on the beach sounds perfect for new years! Its a beautiful island with gorgeous water, I'm sure you'll love it. Maybe take a little cash with you for the markets. Only small but you might find something you have to have. We once bought board shorts because my son left his on the ship and it was easier than going back.
  9. we did the island discovery tour on carnival website. The first three times at isle of pines we just snorkeled and walked around and loved it. For the fourth visit I though we'd do something different. There was more to the island than I realised. It's not a mind blowing tour but i really enjoyed seeing more of my favourite port. I'd do it again.
  10. Isle of pines is my favourite. I always snorkel at sacred rock but last time we went we booked a half day ships tour of the island and it was really good. Still had plenty of time for swimming. Tchou tchou train is a good overview of Nouméa but my favourite tour was segways at the zoo.
  11. I think the numbers are capped for kids club. I always book asap as I like to cross things off my list so i can start relaxing and having just one child it would have been disappointing for him to miss out and be stuck with the oldies!
  12. Jinek bay is great so I'd book that ticket straight up. If you snorkel on the beach near where you get off at lifou you can be lucky and see turtles. I recommed booking into kids club straight away too.
  13. Its very busy in the blue mountains on weekends so if it was me, I'd try to go on the Friday. I second the recommendation for the hydro majestic.
  14. Have a look at wild life Sydney zoo. In the city so easy to get to. Not as great as taronga zoo but if what you want is native animals it would have what you're after and doesn't take long to get around.
  15. You might enjoy 'wild life Sydney zoo' which is a small zoo in Sydney CBD which has a lot of native animals. You can hold a koala etc. They used to have a discount pass that includes the aquarium, Sydney tower and madam Tussaud. Sydney tower gives a great view of sydney too.
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