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    Wine Package on Caribbean Princess?

    Agreed with the lack of promotion of wine package on Princess. On RCL, there was a table set up by stairs in common areas selling their wine package...easy peasy. On our 17 day TA this year, we had to purchase from our very busy server during dinner. Not the best for him or us as he was rushed, I was rushed trying to decide which package although I had searched first here on CC so had the main idea. Problems were several tho --you always needed the punch card with you. (I forgot one nite..had to go to customer service the next day with said card, they had to look on my folio to see I purchased a bottle, then find a punch to punch card, refund, etc etc) To me it should somehow be linked to your card. --Sabitini had different wine list but could use the card there which was ok --we do anytime timing and while we tried to stick to the same dining room, sometimes we were moved to the other room by the staff. We often had a bottle open from the nite before. First question would be where did you dine last nite and then the servers would have to go find our bottle. One nite they said we 'must have finished it'...and I knew we had not. I think it was 'resolved' by them giving us a glass of wine. Not cool. --hubby drank white and I drank red so we usually had TWO bottles on the go which was very confusing for the staff....after them 'losing' the bottle that nite, I started to keep track on paper what bottles were left open and where. --we used some of our wine package bottles and took unopened to Vines and they were happy to store them there so we could enjoy 'our' wine with their tapas appies and the quiet atmosphere Vines offer each evening pre dinner. Problem would be if EVERYONE did that as they don't have that much space to store....Vines cannot 'sell' you your package wine which is unfortunate as that would be a better solution but I'm sure there is a good reason why not. We always bought a better wine that the silver package roughly an additional $5 per bottle so in the end I think we saved $50 total. Not sure it was worth all the hassle and I doubt we will do again.
  2. Thanks fellow Canuck.. .my 'International Easy Roam' from Telus (you may have the same) for $10/24 hrs WHEN and only WHEN I make/receive phone calls or use data. SMS text messages unlimited free BUT iMessage uses 'data' Telus says thus not free even tho their ads say 'FREE TEXT MESSAGES'. I just came back from the US having put on the US Easy Roam at $7/24 hrs and honest to gosh swore I was hooked up to Wifi all the time when I texted iMessages but somehow, my data got dinged and I was charged. Telus couldn't explain it either so credited my account --now I am very leery about even turning the darn thing ON. Good reminder about the one time offer of extra minutes. I am trying to get away and be unplugged on this trip other than let the kids know how I'm doing so I may just have to deal with the 150 me +150 hubby = 300 min or 5 hrs....I hope. I note from my roll call that there is 1000 elite and 1200 platinum on our cruise so the internet may be crawling at snails pace with that many users.
  3. Pardon the dumb question but I note your screen shot shows your phone is on 'Airplane Mode' as in No cell connection and no WiFi. OR are you connected to the ship's WiFi and using your 150 free internet minutes? Also the TapTalk Forum app you are using to post...is that 'free' as in no cell or data or internet minutes somehow? We sail on the Royal next week and am I wrestling with which devices to take and use...so far I have my iPhone and Netbook but I had planned to take the cell phone with a International plan from home just in case of 'emergencies'. thanks in advance for your answer.
  4. remydiva

    mini bar elite perk question

    I have forgotten ...do you call Room Service or House Keeping to do an exchange of mini bar items? Thanks
  5. remydiva

    any issues - flights or seats changes with EZAir

    We have used EZ Air many times with no problems. This time when I requested seat assignments I got them for the two flights TO and on the first leg FROM but could not get them for the long haul LHR to YVR on BA. I waited until final payment and tried again....third phone call to Princess, two phones from them to EZ Air and one phone call to BA, I finally got seats 'requested' for the long haul back but it was Princess who did it, not BA. Now 'requested' does not mean 'assigned' and all 4 flights are code shares. We had no problem doing this using BA last time but for some reason, it is not as easy this time. So fingers crossed that when I check in online 24 hrs ahead, my 'requests' are close to what we get. The cost savings tho make it a no brainer for us at least flying out of Canada so hope it all falls into place for our trip next month.
  6. On Oct 3 we booked a Caribbean cruise that was Nov 30- Dec 10. We also booked air through EZ Air and transfers. I also purchased the Princess Platinum Insurance for us both and being Elite we got the 'better' coverage for the 'lesser' cost I believe. I think the cost was $120 pp. Oct 18 our young grandson was diagnosed with a rare bone disease that requires major surgery scheduled for tomorrow Dec 7. He will be in hospital for 5 days. Not only would our emotional support be needed, we were needed to take care of our granddaughter and so the trip had to be cancelled. I phoned Princess then phoned the insurance number and got a file opened, email was sent to me while I was still on the phone with a 'package' of all the forms and information needed to file a claim. I then phoned Princess back to officially cancel the trip (and air and transfers) and they gave me the exact dollar amounts of the refund (yes, part of the monies we had paid were immediately credited back to our credit card from Princess even though we were only 6 wks away from our cruise) and how much we would be claiming back from the insurance. The two amounts totalled what we had paid MINUS the cost of the insurance since we were USING the insurance. There was one page of the forms that needed to be filled out by our grandson's attending physician...in this case the surgeon...and I emailed it to his office, he filled it in, they scanned it and emailed it back to me within the week. You can either MAIL the entire package into the claim center OR scan all the pages and email them back as ONE ATTACHMENT which I did...I scanned them all, then 'inserted' the jpgs into a Word Doc adding one page after the other then saved the whole doc as a PDF to email to the claim center. I got an autoreply that it had been received then the next day, a real 'live' reply to acknowledge receipt of the claim. My primary focus was on my grandson and supporting the family. I was so focused on helping my daughter with preparation for the surgery and before and after care, I forgot about the insurance claim. Today, I got an email saying our claim had been approved and a cheque would be mailed within the next two days to......and listed our home address... All of this was done in just over two weeks! And all done by email! It could not have been easier or quicker. So well done Princess Platinum Insurance and their insurers Aon Affinity. i am VERY IMPRESSED. I
  7. remydiva

    Sip & Sail Main Dining Room Question

    [quote name='Ferd Berfle']Just the typical thick glass bar wine glass found in bars everywhere. Try some wine in the Riedel style wine glasses in Vines and see if you taste a difference. [COLOR="Red"]ABSOLUTELY! Night and Day![/COLOR] What's really screwy is the "Wine tasting" events use the junk wine glasses. [COLOR="red"]Agreed 100%...major screwy. :eek:[/COLOR][/QUOTE] see comments in RED
  8. remydiva

    Viking Rhine Rhapsody here we come Apr 25!

    If you are talking April 7, 2016, this must be a last minute 'sale'?? We booked 5 months in advance for our April 2015 trip which in Viking terms is 'short notice' considering many people book..and pay in full... 1 - 2 years ahead! But to answer your question..yes we enjoyed the cruise...me for the second time...hubby and other couple for the first. Was it worth it? Price wise and value wise yes, we felt it was 'worth it'. We got an airfare deal which made it rather attractive $$ wise. Happily the food and wine was 200% better than our last Viking cruise on the Danube New Years 2012...likely that one was so poor as it was the last cruise of the season and it seemed they were 'eating down the fridge' and they had actually run out of the wine I wanted. This Rhine trip, the 'house' wine was a Riesling and the house red was a pinot noir from Germany and both were excellent...and plentiful. The food was excellent as well and we enjoyed the outside eating area at the back..on nice days you were outside; on windy or cool days they closed the glass doors to still enjoy the views in comfort. We decided to NOT book a balcony for the first time in our cruising life because of our past experience with the ever growing popular river cruising means at least 50% of the time we couldn't/didn't use our balcony due to rafting to another boat. We were satisfied with our 'aquarium class' of cabin which had a long horizontal window and wide ledge to let in natural light but you couldn't open it as it was at water level. I am 5 ft tall so couldn't see out the window unless I stood on the bed..not the end of the world. What we didn't like was the location of some of the docks--some were not in pleasant pedestrian park like areas which had been my first experience on the Rhine. Some docks were in industrial areas and seedy. Others were a long walk 'to town'. When you got on a bus for a tour, no problem. But it was when you had free time and wanted to wander into 'town' to explore that sometimes wasn't very pleasant. Strasborg in particular was a pain as you had to shuttle into the town and the times weren't very convenient. The Strasbourg cathedral the big draw of that town was closed when our tour was there in the morning due to a holiday celebration but in order to see it when it reopened at 2 pm meant either a long wait in town or trip back and forth. However, Kehl where we docked for Strasbourg was actually a delightful little town so instead after lunch we walked there and discovered a climbing tower that gave a fabulous view of the river and town. So we turned a negative into a positive. Plus we bought the best ice cream in Kehl for 2E that was to die for. The long bus trek from Trier to Paris was broken up by a stop in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg. Not the most exciting but the American Cemetery with George Patton's grave was interesting even for we Canadians. The hotel Le Meridan in Paris at the end of the tour was in decent enough location altho not my first choice of where to stay in Paris.( we changed to our usual hotel at the end of the tour) Le Meridan is like any big US chain hotel -- this one had no ambiance, bar furniture quite worn and the rooms are rather futuristicl. But it is located an easy 10 min walk to the Arc de Triomphe and then onto the Champs D'Lysee. We were there on a Sunday and most stores are closed on Sunday but not the ones on Champs D'Lysee so that was good. Hope that helps. Any travel is 'worth it' as it always adds to life's experiences whether good or not so good.....both scenarios make for some good stories to tell the folks once you get back home!
  9. remydiva

    Viking Welcome Back Gift

    see earlier post on this thread from Viking.. We expect that all guests who traveled this year will receive an email by the end of November. I too will have to wait patiently for the end of November ;)
  10. remydiva

    Another voice for flying in at least the day before

    [quote name='Ka Honu'][B][COLOR="Blue"]Just to add to the reasons for flying in a day ahead, a few months ago our luggage didn't make the transfer during a short plane change at Dulles and we arrived Amsterdam the morning of the cruise with carry-on only. The luggage was scheduled to arrive that evening at 6PM and we sailed at 4PM. The bags finally showed up three days later at an isolated port in Norway. The good news is that United could actually find Ulvik, Norway, and had no problem with reimbursing us up to $150pp/day to buy clothes, toiletries, etc., until we got our bags. It still would have been easier to have our own stuff. [/COLOR][/B][/QUOTE] Another example of why it makes way more sense to travel with carry on Only...if you go, it goes
  11. remydiva

    Australia restriction on creditcards

    [quote name='Kartgv']But where did you find out your PIN? As most others note, the new cards do not have PINs, only the chip.[/QUOTE] Here in Canada where as others have noted we have had chip and PIN credit cards since 2010( and now tap and go), the default PIN for my credit card was the same PIN as for my debit card (from the same bank). I had been out of the country when the PIN system started so the first time I used my credit card I was stumped and the store clerk said it was probably my debit PIN,....it was. When I got home and checked my mail sure enough the info pack from the bank said that and instructions for what I was to do if I wanted to change the credit card PIN to something different from my debit card PIN. Europe has had the mobile card readers in restaurants since my visit in 2004. The US needs to do some serious catching up and finally it would seem they are. In the meantime, when we winter in the US, my hubby follows the server to the machine and then gives them his credit card.
  12. remydiva

    Posting photos using ship's computer

    [quote name='Colo Cruiser']Good to know. I have not seen them before. Did you try and use them? I wonder how you could get to a menu to access them once plugged in since the computer only goes to the Princess log in page and no "computer access" tabs. If you don't get an automatic pop up.[/QUOTE] in my cabin on my netbook I checked in for my flight home. Then I downloaded and saved my boarding pass onto my thumb drive and took to IT guy in Internet cafe. HE put it into the one computer with a USB port (the rest didn't have one) and he printed up my passes. Agreed with statement that my laptop and thumb drive could have had a virus...they didn't...but it does beg to be asked that this has dire possibilities.
  13. remydiva

    Disappointed with Viking

    I get the impression that JvilleGal does not like Viking, will never travel with Viking and thinks that those that do, are bordering on being town fools. Yes TH went out of business; but so do stores leaving people with worthless GCs; so do banks; heck even countries go into economic down turns. Personal experience is always valuable and welcomed here on CC but of Viking's tens of thousands of passengers, MOST have had a wonderful trip. We all know about those that haven't because many end up here on CC and sometimes, their issues are resolved to their satisfaction. Sometimes not. Whether an experienced traveller or a newbie, the words of advice should always be 'research and do your homework'. Use a good TA if you feel unsure but just as in life, there are no guarantees. But to continually beat the DONT USE VIKING DRUM, gets tiresome and I think unfair.
  14. remydiva

    Disappointed with Viking

    Also from Canada..we booked an April 2015 cruise in Dec 2014 and paid in Dec 2014 with an 87 cent dollar and yes, paid in full 5 months ahead, Was not happy with the 5 months ahead full payment but hind sight being 20/20, the 87 cent dollar looks pretty darn good.:rolleyes: Yes 'trading' is something else and we Canadians just learn to suck it up and deal with the rise and fall of our oil soaked loonie' :eek:.
  15. remydiva

    Meals on Viking

    i hope you are lucky enough to enjoy the same Head chef we had on the Odin in May. He was personable, visited our table often and excelled at his work. Every meal was delicious and while I know the soup chef and the dessert chef work their own magic, given that everything was wonderful, leads me to believe that they were overseen by the Head Chef.