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  1. Thank you and yes I'm a little giddy as it has been a LONG wait. Grandkids went back to school today, hairdresser had soft opening on Friday (yay, hair done) so life is slllloooowwwwwllly starting to reopen and look more 'normal'...the new normal that is. Cruising still a long ways off but it would be nice to see my son back east but that too is not in the cards just yet. Hope your's comes real soon too. 🤞🤞
  2. YES Final Update ALL $$ refunded. ALL FCC in cruise personalizer and FCD back. Cruise date April 19 Regal Cancelled by me Mar 6 Cancelled by Princess Mar 12 Phase 1 Option #2 selected Mar 12 Refund to credit card May 22 FCC received June 1 (booked directly with Princess, did not use TA. Did not phone or contact Princess. Did not contact credit card company)
  3. YES Final Update Cruise date April 19 Regal Cancelled by me Mar 6 Cancelled by Princess Mar 12 Phase 1 Option #2 selected Mar 12 Refund to credit card May 22 FCC received June 1
  4. And I got my refund from Princess on Day 70 without filing a credit card dispute or even contacting Princess so there is a mixed bag of experiences. for the record, I did NOT use a TA...booked on my own with Princess and had EZ air and transfers...all refunded. Still missing the extra FCC but if they have a time limit, who knows when we will be able to cruise again comfortably.
  5. Credit card in two amounts as the first one was because we fell in the 50% penalty cancellation ‘fee’ period ( as you get closer to sail date you are penalized more for cancelling) thus we started the claim on insurance to recoup the rest. we were April 19 sail date.
  6. Yes we were in Pause1 WE cancelled on Mar 5 As hubby is at risk health wise (after getting the email from princess reassuring all was well and If we did NOT cancel, here’s some extraOBC. ) Applied for AON insurance cancel fir any reason . Mar 12 Pause 1.. applied for option 2 while AON insurance claim still in the works. Mar17 AON closed our claim saying Princess was handling the refund. Got about 50% back on credit card in April. Got FCD back two weeks ago. Got rest of $$ refund on Friday May 22. Still have NOT got extra 25% FCC.
  7. That’s Interesting @ceilidh.. TAs dealing with multiple companies and clients should have their finger on the cruise world pulse. These experiences may turn into recommendations when clients ask Them which cruise line to use.
  8. Heh that's great to hear about other cruise line responses. I've asked before and no one replied!!! well, it IS a Princess site so guess that makes sense.... and I shall take note that as a past RCL cruiser too. And you'll get No Pom Pom waving from me..finally .got my $$ after 70 days but no FCC yet. Happy Days for sure! The world needs them.
  9. ok so the house build not the best example as I never meant to imply the builder KEPT the money...just the delay cost the buyer more so oranges to tomatoes comparison...mea culpa. However as others have said many activities ARE keeping the money such as cancelled sports clubs my own grandkids swim club were offered 'we keep your money and you can do dry land training' (whoop de doh) OR you get most of it back and pay $25 to be first in line to register for next year. It's not a level playing field for sure. Good to hear from another that RCL and DCL paid quickly. My online fo
  10. thanks for reply. Your cancelled cruise with Celebrity was in October so not in the Covid Crazy Time. I have cancelled with Princess before after full payment due to health issue and had the money back PDQ via insurance so again, not quite the same thing. I guess my ask was more during Covid, what cruise lines are hitting it out of the ball park?
  11. I am sorry for your refund delay; many of us could use the money given the financial impact CoVid is having on the world. I don't wish to be contrary but I am curious tho what 'other cruise lines' you know of that do not seem to have this problem.? Many here have also said 'never again' but NOW is the time to find out how other cruise companies are handling this situation. In fact, I worry about whether Viking (who we have cruised with a few times)will even be around in a year after they had to offer a $600 million 'junk bond' with 13% return. From my limited
  12. Just a thought re: 'legality'. ...is this really any different than the situation people are in when they purchase a condo or house pre built. There is a contract with a due date but many MANY times unforeseen circumstances and delays cause the postponement of the build completing on time. I know in my own neighbourhood of condos with promised move in dates last fall that aren't finished. Builder 'is holding onto their money' and the purchasers...more often than not...are not only without the money and their new home, but also incurring extra costs like storage and renting oth
  13. Mine looks like too.. FCD is back, $$ to credit card back on Monday but no extra 25% FCC.. you’d think it would be done at same time as they wrap up a customers booking.🤷‍♀️
  14. mine too.... 0.01 for PVP which i figured was just a place holder and $0 cancellation. with no itemized invoice i just added the first partial refund to todays and compared it my final booking payment and it added up.
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