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  1. There will be better and worse times to cruise. 2020=the worst. Needing emergency healthcare on a cruise is horrible.
  2. When there is a vaccine and there isn't a stir of another novel virus of this magnitude snowballing. Earliest possible for ME, if those are in place, is 2022. We planned to book one for January, 2021, but no way now. Honestly, going on a cruise is falling down much farther in my list of preferred vacations given the crowded shared spaces and potential of being stranded in those confines. I have one cruise that's on my bucket list (Panama Canal) and my extended family really wanted to do an Alaska cruise (I've vacationed there, so it's not a biggie for me...luckily we had to abandon plans t
  3. Go to the pool deck, grab drinks, and people watch!
  4. Sounds awesome! I was worried balcony cruising had ruined us, but nope! My desire to vacation often, and not always having $3K to spend on a week long vacation, has made it okay to go back to an interior room when needed. BUT, it's a harder pill to swallow on ships that don't have quiet areas to read and relax.
  5. First and foremost, the destination. We definitely have our preferred ships, so that's always somewhat of a factor, and as we check off destinations, it will probably become more of a factor. For example, one more trip and I think we'll have hit every Caribbean and Mexico port Norwegian sails, so we'd pick a preferred ship next time if just sailing for warmth in January.
  6. I'd pick Greece/Turkey because outside of a cruise, I'd never convince my husband to vacation there. I'd rather stay longer in many of the countries on the other itinerary, as would he. I'd also consider the difference in the ships, if I were you. If you have mobility issues, the Star is smaller to navigate. If you want nightlife or relaxing spaces to read, I personally like the Escape much better for those things. I also like the fee based restaurants available on the Escape better than those on the Star. All depends on what's important to you and how much time you'll actually spend on the
  7. You sound a lot like us. We find a lot of things to like, but are honest about the things that aren't so great. I appreciate a review from that perspective. It's more helpful to me than reviews where everything is great, or where someone lets one bad thing influence their perspective of everything else on the ship. Glad you had a nice cruise!
  8. Thanks-we are not doing the Haven (dreams for a retirement splurge in 15 years!), so it's less of an issue. I haven't sailed a Jewel class ship, so the Pearl would be a completely new experience. I didn't love the Dawn and Star for layouts (except pool area), and someone recently summed up my main reasoning: Few spots to nestle in for some reading, walking and ocean gazing. The new mega ships have definitely addressed that problem in spades, but did the jewel class ships?
  9. Seriously, you all made me go look at Carnival pics and they do look better than NCL. Although La Cucina (at least used to) makes a good pizza that looks on par. But of course, that's an upcharge. So I'll agree...come on NCL! I've grabbed pieces in desperation when I have a late lunch and most of the buffet is closed (and once in a drunken night of sing a longs, had one delivered to the Red Lion). Always a disappointment. Reminds me of most gas station pizza.
  10. 2/3 and the two were prior to the big renovation, so hoping next time we are good!
  11. It looks like the Sun was refurbished more recently than the Pearl, so that has me considering choosing it over the Pearl for a 2021 Southern Caribbean. Any thoughts? Or knowledge of other refurb work coming up for the Pearl (I assume it's way too soon for a full dry dock)?
  12. I'm worried about this for our next cruise because we've been enjoying the new ships so much. We also got bored by the smaller ships in the past, so not sure if going backwards is a great idea for us. But we've never sailed a jewel class ship, so I was hopeful. Now you are making me consider a different sailing (similar itinerary) that has a less-ideal port situation (repositioning going out of NYC in January), but is on the Getaway.
  13. A few of these have been in place before my last sailing, but a few are new. I think the only thing I'll notice are internet options changing. Maybe the ice in my stateroom and towel animals, but neither are a big deal for me at all. If I were in charge, I'd honestly consider cutting the same things. So, glad there are no massive changes I'll be navigating.
  14. I like the people-flow of the smaller ships, but all the variety of the larger ships. Depends on what I want out of the particular itinerary/vacation. If there are a lot of sea days, give me a bigger ship because I like the variety.
  15. I've sailed: Majesty, Spirit, Star, Sky, Dawn, Getaway, Escape Easiest to get around: Majesty or Spirit Best balance of amenities, layout and crowding: Dawn or Sky (like the tiered pool seating) Best memories: Star Most beautiful decor, comfortable and fun: Getaway May win for having the District Brewhouse: Escape Ship I'd be MOST excited to sail again: Escape (see aforementioned District Brewhouse) Ship I'd be LEAST excited to sail again: Dawn (Star would've been my choice, but ah, the memories)
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