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  1. Good luck and maybe we will bump into each other the following week.
  2. I was visiting my parents over the long weekend and they are cruising with us in September. I helped them get their check-in as far along as possible. Got their payment method entered, text and email confirmed, and photos uploaded. I might have to go back down there again (they are in PA) over Labor Day weekend to get their vaccine cards uploaded. Hopefully they can do that 21 days out instead of 14 days out. Not sure I can realistically get back down there within 14 days of our cruise. Why not just take their vaccine cards home with you if you have to wait until the 14 days? Or j
  3. Thanks for the reply. This may be a deal breaker for us. The sun deck looks small on the breakaway and if the smoking area is forward it must make the entire smoky. Oh well
  4. Does the Breakaway still have the smoking area way up front on deck 17? Thanks
  5. I hope this just a glitch on my system. Sorry for the panic guys.
  6. I just went in and can still book things on my Joy November 6th cruise that was cancelled yesterday. I have another bad feeling.
  7. I just went to book the Breakaway for October to Bermuda and it is now gone. It was there 2 hours ago. Nothing for the Breakaway until November now. Just in case we are able to book this, what are the current requirements on covid testing for passengers? I know things are changing almost daily now. I can only find old info on Bermuda.
  8. I am booked on this cruise and will be playing in the tournaments if they still happen. I have heard from 2 reliable sources that the poker challenge may be postponed until next year. There have not been enough people who qualified to make up the numbers I was told. I hope the tournaments still go. I have at least nine people who will buy directly into the main event if it is a go. As far as the cruise not being there to book, I just looked at my reservation and it is still there. I also just did a mock booking with no problems.
  9. SAS is still $15pp and will pick us up at a hotel that is not listed on their site. Also the return trip to FLL is $15pp. I booked with them. QLS has not gotten back to me yet.
  10. If there are a 3rd or 4th platinum or higher then they will also get the 2 meal, laundry, etc vouchers.
  11. I knew about the carts and they will be nice to get back and forth if need be. We tend to overindulge when renting places like this(GSC a couple of times) so the ride back to the pier will be nice also. The walk is long down the pier to the ship(not sure if you have been there yet). We want to be able to enjoy the cabana as much as possible. Maybe a nice tip upfront the golf cart driver will keep him or her near our cabana throughout the day. I would really like to see a menu for the cabana though. If we could keep it under $200 plus tips for 4 of us we may not
  12. We are renting a cabana in November this year(Hopefully we sail) and was wondering what the cabana food menu might be like. I know we will be paying for it. We will have free eats at the pool for an event but that is a long hike from the cabanas. We also have free drinks at the event but if the prices are not to bad we will just order at the cabana all day. Thanks
  13. Thanks. I just contacted QLS and SAS. Waiting for replies from both. I will let everyone know who is still working and the prices.
  14. As of 2019 we have always ordered food from FR in the DBH. Usually a couple of rolls to split.
  15. I just checked my account and I now have 8 $250 cruise next vouchers instead of 6. I looked at my Nov 6th Joy cruise and 2 were taken off and the total due is now $500 more. I tried to apply them back and it will not let me and says to call. Also there are no more dinning or entertainment options that were there yesterday. I have a bad feeling right now.
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