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  1. I have a feeling the Joy will be one of the first.
  2. Here is how I see it. In much simpler terms the want people are the people waiting to cruise and the need people are the ones who need the cruisers to support themselves and their families. At this point there are enough want people to support the need people. Unfortunately every day the number of need people continues to grow. I say let the want people do what they can to help.
  3. Just a guess but did you use a cruise next deposit(s)? If so those will not be refunded but will be put back into your account for later use. So in a sense it was a 100% refund.
  4. Thanks pcakes. I was hoping to hear this. The DOS is much better in many ways. Our friends had one last year and we had a few meals with them in the suite. The balcony was great for dinner.
  5. So maybe the pull out couch in the 2 bedroom suite is a better option for 2 adults. Again we have done this and it was OK. I just thought the murphy bed in the DOS looked about the same size. Thanks guys or girls
  6. Hello all. Can anyone tell me what the 2nd bedroom murphy bed is like? Can it sleep 2 adults? We have stayed in the 2 bedroom suites and while the bed is small in the 2nd bedroom it was doable for 2 adults. Thanks
  7. Not a chance in the world that any line will require proof of vaccination. Just think about how much money the lines are losing every day that they sit idle. Once the green light is given ships will be taking passengers as fast as they can by doing the bear minimum as far as safety is concerned. If the CDC or some other governing agency mandates that every one needs a vaccine then so be it the lines will adhere. If not oh well.
  8. I do not think this is such big news. All along the lines have been saying that they will start up with limited ships and limited ports. Alaska has been cancelled for some time. Canada is doing what Canada does at times, they are playing it safe. They are extreme with some of their measures, right or wrong?, they can do what ever they feel is best for them. The writing was on the wall as far as any ship leaving from NY or NJ. It looks like the start up will be tested out of the southern states and going to the Bahamas or the Caribbean.
  9. Thanks for the info guys. Appreciated as usual.
  10. On the Gem the couch in the second bedroom opens up to a double. So 2 on the double and 1 on the pulldown bed. I am not sure about the couch in the living area, we never opened it up.
  11. Hello. Does the couch in the 2nd bedroom open up to a double bed like on the Jewel class ships? We have had a 2 bedroom on the Gem 3 times and while not the most comfortable the couch worked just fine for 2 adults. Thanks
  12. I called yesterday inquiring about my fcc and upgrading my cruise that is scheduled for this November. No problem using my fcc for upgrades. I then asked about a $384 price adjustment that I had worked out on March 2nd for a cruise that I had already paid for. I had an email from NCL on March 3rd saying that the refund would be going back to my credit card, great. Well yesterday I was told that the refund would be going back on my card in late June. May 31st is 90 days, late June is well over 100. I am starting to think maybe things are as bad as they appear.
  13. Don't worry about cruises to nowhere once the all clear is given to sail again. Every island and port of call will be begging for ships to stop there. Just look at how the US economy is doing right now. A lot of these ports are almost dependent on tourism or else they cannot survive. Safe or not they will be allowing ships to dock. Sure some ports have refused a ship to dock here and there but once the starting gun is fired here in the US to leave they will be welcoming ships with open arms. This may be sad but so very true.
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