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  1. Get glasses from your steward. Get a glass of apple juice at breakfast, cool in the fridge all day. Apple juice and sparkling 50.50 for drink at dinner.
  2. @Firepath Don't get too excited!!! There is good and BAD Mike
  3. In general we have been on a number of NCL ships and there are usually 2 different Moscatos available, one a Californian and one an Italian. The GOOD one; Lindemans' Bin 90 seems to have gone the way of all good things on NCL. Just like Darjeeling Tea.
  4. Hope it also works for us non Americans.
  5. And 50% off for Gold; nothing below that.
  6. On the afternoon of embarkation there will be a pile of "stuff" in your cabin; it will be in there
  7. @2 cruises a year Above any on board credit amount, it gets complicated. Not really; they just charge anything above your OBC to your credit card.
  8. @kruisey Today oil fields in Saudi Arabia attacked set on fire by Iranian drones Are you sure of that? The general feeling was that it was the Houthi. Blaming the Iranians without proof will only inflame the Strait of Hormuz situation.
  9. @bluestem711 Yes and any other Extras (dining, spa and so on) that you have booked and paid for too
  10. I think we are generally lucky being in New Zealand as we don't usually get too much of a hold when we call Sydney to do bookings rather than online. If there is a hold we tend to get put through to the USA and get almost immediate service.
  11. Even better if you are on a "long" cruise talk to your cabin steward and get extras. We each seem to be able to 2 each for a 3 week cruise; we are P+.
  12. Remember that this is not covered by Gratuities
  13. All aboard time will be 12.30pm unless you have to tender when it will be last tender at noon.
  14. @Black_Pearl Phone Reservations with specifics 1 800 327 7030 Mike @casofilia
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