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  1. And you do not need to pay for the internet to get the NY Times on line free in the library.
  2. Right, we got two extra days, but those on the next cruise did not do so well. First, they were not getting their first two days. Next, their ports were totally changed because of the hurricane. I remember talking to a person holding a Royal Caribbean sign at the airport as we were leaving, and asking how many they were expecting for the next cruise. She said she really did not know. I remember reading later that instead of two seatings (this was before anytime was established), there was only one seating as the ship was basically half full.
  3. We once would have missed Fort Lauderdale, but I guess they had to get the ship back. So they waited out the hurricane and our 5 day cruise became a 7 day cruise.
  4. I'm not the person that you asked, but I previously did this and went through my TA.
  5. Would a photocopy of the passport in your maiden name work if you also had your marriage certificate? Granted it was a LONG time ago and not in that area, but DW once used birth certificate plus marriage license as identification. (Granted this was well before 9/11 and all the changes to travel that that brought.)
  6. At least you have some time to figure out what you want to do. We once had a river cruise cancelled after it was chartered out. And it was after we had made our final payment. We were also contacted by the TA who we had used to book the cruise. We were offered an upgraded cabin on what was I am sure considered if not a better cruise, one that was more expensive. But the original itinerary was what we wanted. We eventually got our money back (and believe me it is more difficult getting a refund even when it is the cruise line that cancels than paying them) and flew to Amsterdam where we wanted to go and did a land vacation. And we let the river cruise line we wanted nothing to do with them, and asked them to stop sending us both e-mail and snail mail.
  7. Same here. We have been upgraded to an Ocean View twice. The first time was nice. The second time we turned it down because it was going to be right below a bar and we did not want that noise at night.
  8. And the next time we are looking to book a Princess cruise, we'll have to make sure it's on one of their ships WITHOUT the ocean medallion.
  9. We had the tail end of a hurricane when we were in London the day before our British Isles cruise, and still a wee bit of it for the first day of the cruise. But, it was nothing like a hurricane in the USA. I don't remember any rough seas for the rest of the cruise.
  10. Not unexpected, but still good to have it confirmed. I wonder why Holland America is not mentioned in that last sentence.
  11. Good choice. We did this itinerary on the Star Princess (in 2007 for our 30th anniversary), and it is still our best cruise ever.
  12. Those restaurants replaced the Mongolian Wok after the drydock, right? The only time I was in long lines on the Fascination was for the Mongolian Wok.
  13. I agree. We were on the line before they opened. It was not too long, and did not take all that long to enter. And it is well worth it.
  14. Yes, as long as the charge is made to Holland America, not to the TA. That's how our TA does it, but make sure for there may be some who do not do it that way.
  15. We went and saw the Book of Kells on our own. Whether you do the same or take a Princess excursion, it is well worth seeing.
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