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  1. Thanks. I remember when we took our son (who somehow is not in his 40s) on college visits. He definitely fell in love with the school that he eventually attended as an undergrad. I am still amazed by that as it was a totally dreary, rainy day when we were visited. At another school, one of the admission counselors recognized me. He was from our hometown, and he recognized me as I had been an umpire for some of his little league baseball games. Small world. 😉
  2. And if that is the case, passengers without the vaccine will not be able to sail; they won't be able to just say well we'll stay on the ship for that particular port. Same as in the past when people without visas for Brazil had been denied boarding.
  3. I agree 100%. The users of these forums are hardly a random sample.
  4. That has also been my understanding all along. Plus they are expected to upgrade the onboard medical facilities.
  5. Wishing your daughter the best of luck with her college choices. I was wondering how colleges and prospective students would be doing these visits with the Covid restrictions. I had thought most would go virtual, but I guess I was wrong.
  6. Bummer, and you can't even cruise to get the benefit. Sad situation.
  7. We actually did some foreign travelling without passports before we, or at least I, had a first passport. On our honeymoon we went to the Bahamas without the need of a passport. One year before we went to London and needed a passport we went to Jamaica for our 20th anniversary, again with birth certificates and drivers licenses. We were actually lucky that we were allowed as DW had the "wrong" birth certificate. It seems her mother did housecleaning and sent us the hospital birth certificate with no official seal and threw away the proper one. We did not realize why they were looking at it so
  8. Think about what are the choices if only Princess excursions, either those packed buses or buses with social distancing. If the latter, there probably will not be enough buses to accommodate all who want to see a port.
  9. Those in your situation are the ones who need Princess (and other cruise lines) to make the announcement. The cruise lines, OTOH, seem to want to hold onto money or maybe they have a wish and a prayer that somehow either Canada changes its policy or the USA temporarily suspends the PVSA. But the chance of either of these happening are extremely remote.
  10. Our best cruise, which I wrote about in an earlier reply, was also on the Star Princess. It was in 2007, which I believe is one year after the fire she experienced.
  11. No, we have never cruised without a passport. We had flown to England four years before our first cruise. Also our first cruise was roundtrip from Barcelona so it would have required us to obtain passports if we did not have them already.
  12. Did your doctor when he or she said only to take the Johnson & Johnson vaccine advise you to hydrate?
  13. I guess NY state just likes to charge a fee at every possible opportunity!
  14. I agree it is not "free", rather I should have said included. And since it is necessary to reenter the USA, having it included is very convenient.
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