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  1. Yes, when you buy an excursion on board the ticket it immediately handed to you.
  2. And we all thank you and your colleagues for all the work you do to make our cruises wonderful. But, it is still the stewards and waiters who get out tips. LOL
  3. They may be paying directly, but you as the passenger are paying indirectly as you pay your fare.
  4. The Vasa was a ship that sunk literally as soon as it left port for the first time (It was top heavy.). Having a museum about it does not sound fascinating, but it was. Everything about the ship, its crew, and its passengers is revealed.
  5. OP back. There message is you do not need to call. I called anyway and said I have not had your card that long so you do not know we do foreign travel every summer and I don't want the card to be denied in (name of country). They took the information and said they would make note of it.
  6. If you want a hotel in Scotland at that time, you will do better staying in Glasgow than Edinburgh. There is easy bus transportation between the two cities.
  7. Sounds great (except for no Dublin). Enjoy, especially the Tattoo; it is an unforgettable experience.
  8. How about if you have a husband or other travelling companion asking him (or her) to take the guard duty instead of imposing on someone you have only met on a roll call? Or you could do it.
  9. OP back. We are leaving on a land trip next week. We just got an e-mail from the tour group with reminders of things to do pre-trip. It included let your cc company know where you are going.
  10. I'm sure that there are folks who did enjoy the Viking Museum, but I just found it very dark which made it hard to view items, just a personal opinion.
  11. Let me express my sympathy for you and your son. I don't know why The Americans With Disabilities Act would not apply to your son. Oh wait, it's because somehow pot has a terrible stigma. You have probably been told that there is only anecdotal evidence that pot would help your son's condition, no real research evidence. And then you unfortunately learn that the research that could prove (or disprove) pot as a cure is prohibited. You have my sympathy, but unfortunately if caught on a cruise you are going to be in big trouble.
  12. Yes, they can get the lower rates when the rates change. This is the issue that people bring up when they talk about control of their account. To get the lower rate, you have to go through the TA who "owns" the account, you can no longer do it yourself. There are things you can still do yourself like book excursions, etc.
  13. Sounds more like a way to get days off by being fired.
  14. We did Santorini on our own. And we got lost. We somehow stumbled upon a museum that was in a cave. We took the tour with one other couple. The presentation was done in English for us and Greek for the other couple. Afterwards we asked the museum person where we were showing him out HAL map. He laughed and said we were off the map. He tried, but failed, to get us a taxi, but then pointed out a shortcut back to where we would be on the map and DW wanted to go (beach). The funny thing is that it is one of the two things I still remember from Santorini. (The other is doing the climb, something I would never do again but am glad I did.)
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