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  1. I thought everyone was familiar with that quotation from the movie Airplane. Sorry I wrote something that riled you up.
  2. There is a major difference between emergency procedures on a cruise ship and an airplane. The airplane crew does not need to practice getting the passengers where they need to go; they are already "herded".
  3. Thank you. We had seen 1 or 2 night cruises in the past out of NY, but no longer. There was one that we wish we took.
  4. We have only cruised during hurricane season as DW is a teacher. Yet in 12 cruises, we have never missed a port. The closest was when we actually did have a hurricane; we made all our ports, but spent an extra two days at sea before we could disembark in Fort Lauderdale. However, the present situation with ports possibly saying we do not want cruise ships to dock due to health reasons may very well be different.
  5. Is her name really Shirley? That would be funny. I cannot really speak for Clo, but I think she was referring to protests over civil rights for minorities, not being asked to wear masks.
  6. I sent an e-mail to my agent asking about what dates they may be up to in sending refunds. His answer was that the refund department was not even answering their phones, and to be patient.
  7. So, they are actually refunding money unlike what some who post would lead you to believe. They are actually not just waiting to go bankrupt.
  8. What difference should that make since any ethical agent will have the cc payment made directly to the cruise line?
  9. LOL, the lawyer probably would be ready to sue if you went to a port threatened with a hurricane, and also be ready to sue if you did not go to the scheduled port just because there was a hurricane !
  10. Do they really still exist? I know there used to be 1 or 2 night cruises to nowhere, but I do not think they still exist.
  11. I would check the ship's roll call to see if there is already someone with a private tour looking for others to join. You would of course have to be comfortable with the choice of tours. Or, if there is a particular tour or tour company you would want, you could post and ask for others to join.
  12. We also very much enjoyed Lamani on a ship's excursion. Before it there was both a bus and a boat. On the boat you got to see a lot of native animals.
  13. I do not believe you can be forced to use a certain TA or even any TA at all.
  14. There are ambulance chasers everywhere. Today I saw on tv a lawyer ad for going after the Boy Scouts for sexual abuse that specifically said you don't have long because of potential bankruptcies. And I see ads for going after Johnson & Johnson. And I see ads for going after the Catholic Church. And probably we will all see ads for going after cruise lines.
  15. After you flew in you may have walked to the terminal. Or maybe you took a cab. Or maybe you took a cruise line transfer. Or maybe you took some other form of public transportation. Anyway your car that you want to sit in is back at your home airport.
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