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  1. Thank you so much for digging around for this. I assume this means the cruise has to happen by 10/31? Not that the new cruise needs to be booked by 10/31? I hope they extend this if this continues to go on. Thanks again!
  2. I guess no one knows 😁 Please let me know if you find out and I'll do the same!
  3. I'm sorry if this has been asked before, I dug around and every thread that talks about FCC seems to be discussing FCC for cancelling future cruises. We are scheduled on the Brilliance in June. We applied a FCC to this cruise, the FCC was due to expire July 1, 2020. We've obviously paid the cruise off in full. What happens to that old FCC? Does it matter if I cancel vs. RCCL cancels?
  4. Bright side - Once things get back to normal, protocols will be in place to work even harder at keeping the germs down... And, hopefully, all of this will make passengers more aware about disease transmission in general and they will washy washy like it's going out of style....
  5. We are HOOKED on Grandeur, we love it, our kids love it... the size is perfect, it feels like a little community. The staff is fabulous, they remember us year after year and are so helpful and welcoming. The promenade deck, sitting in the shade, reading books, watching the water go by. The ease of the Baltimore port, we're spoiled, we live less than 20 minutes away but getting on and off this ship is a breeze. The food is great but comparable to other RC ships. I love Grandeur so much and I"m going to miss it!
  6. Our assistant waiters have always taken care of alcoholic drink requests. Sometimes they bring it themselves, sometimes it's delivered by a different waiter that seems to focus on drink fetching. I will say it takes a little long sometimes so it is always best to bring a drink in if you want it right at the beginning of your meal.
  7. I'm under the impression they know it because our TA puts it on our reservation, I can see it in our paperwork. I don't think emailing Special Needs is a waste of time, I like to think that's how they know what to order (in terms of gluten free bread, etc.) but I haven't found them to be especially helpful in answering questions, you either get a form letter or generic, vague information that doesn't turn out to really be true once you're on board. It's your classic disconnect between corporate and what really goes on the ship that we often see with RCCL. It's been GREAT once we're on the ship, they know exactly what they're doing and make us feel at ease with their protocols for dietary restrictions. So we continue to follow the same routine.. put it in our reservation, email special needs, talk to the MTD head waiter, and then our waiter and it all works out perfectly.
  8. My daughter has celiac and we've done 4 RCCL cruises in the past 3 years and they've been GREAT. We email special needs ahead of time but usually get canned answers. Once we're on board she is treated like royalty and we always do My Time Dining, we always have the same servers but even if we didn't, the head waited always has our back. She eats like a queen at Windjammer too, there are always staff around that gets her safe food from the back.
  9. They actually have a 3 course menu separate on the table with Indian dishes, it was amazing. I was hoping more ships did this, or is this just a Jewel thing?
  10. We got it almost every night on Grandeur last month, it was delicious!
  11. Looking at Grandeur for Aug 2020. The ship doesn't get to Coco Cay until 11am but leaves at 8pm. Will the buffets on Coco Cay be open for dinner? If not, that's a really short day if you have early seating in the MDR. I guess you could hike it back to the ship and eat at the WJ and go back out but that, too, seems like a pain. Any insight or thoughts?
  12. We're taking our third cruise to Coco Cay in a few weeks (first time since it's become "Perfect Day...") and I've been wondering how they are currently dealing with dietary restrictions, specifically gluten free food. My daughter has celiac disease and in the past we've had mixed success with asking someone from the ship to bring something out for her to eat because the ship staff set up the buffet. The restaurants now seem more permanent at Coco Cay and I was hoping this means they have an area where they prep food for people with dietary restrictions like they do on the ship. (And, yes, I've already emailed special diets 🙂 I was hoping to get some first-hand experience stories from experienced cruisers)
  13. For those that have been on the Jewel out of Rome: 1. How early have they been letting people board the ship? 2. How early did the Windjammer open for lunch on the first day? Thanks!
  14. From what I understand, via a Google search, Royal Caribbean provides a shuttle bus from the cruise port to the city center. The info I found was 4 years old and I was hoping to get updated info. Assuming this shuttle bus exists: 1. How much is it? 2. Where does it drop you off? 3. How often does it run? Do they give you a schedule for getting the bus back? Thanks so much!
  15. In the WJ look for the staff dressed up as officers, they're usually walking around making sure everything is running well 🙂 they're the ones to go to to ask for special food. We'll find them, tell them our order and show them where we're sitting. They'll come find you and deliver your safe food to you. Going into our first cruise I didn't think the buffet would even be an option for us but it became our go-to for breakfast and lunch!
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