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  1. We're taking our third cruise to Coco Cay in a few weeks (first time since it's become "Perfect Day...") and I've been wondering how they are currently dealing with dietary restrictions, specifically gluten free food. My daughter has celiac disease and in the past we've had mixed success with asking someone from the ship to bring something out for her to eat because the ship staff set up the buffet. The restaurants now seem more permanent at Coco Cay and I was hoping this means they have an area where they prep food for people with dietary restrictions like they do on the ship. (And, yes, I've already emailed special diets 🙂 I was hoping to get some first-hand experience stories from experienced cruisers)
  2. For those that have been on the Jewel out of Rome: 1. How early have they been letting people board the ship? 2. How early did the Windjammer open for lunch on the first day? Thanks!
  3. From what I understand, via a Google search, Royal Caribbean provides a shuttle bus from the cruise port to the city center. The info I found was 4 years old and I was hoping to get updated info. Assuming this shuttle bus exists: 1. How much is it? 2. Where does it drop you off? 3. How often does it run? Do they give you a schedule for getting the bus back? Thanks so much!
  4. In the WJ look for the staff dressed up as officers, they're usually walking around making sure everything is running well 🙂 they're the ones to go to to ask for special food. We'll find them, tell them our order and show them where we're sitting. They'll come find you and deliver your safe food to you. Going into our first cruise I didn't think the buffet would even be an option for us but it became our go-to for breakfast and lunch!
  5. Oh I understand! Here's a picture of the cake, I forgot she had it at Giovanni's too, it seemed to show up everywhere!
  6. Both WJ and MDR had the French Toast. In WJ, ask one of the head waiters to help you out (the ones dressed like officers), they'll fetch you anything you ask for that they can make. The chocolate cake showed up on the buffet one day (we asked for fresh from the back) and then our water in the MDR asked her if she wanted chocolate cake and it was the same cake which was fine with her. The previous year there was no cake, but she was happy with ice cream and Udi's snickerdoodle cookies.
  7. Unfortunately, I have to answer this in the eyes of my daughter, who has celiac and was 6 and 7 on our 2 Grandeur cruises 🙂. In Windjammer, they've made her grilled cheese, hot dogs, fries, pizza, pancakes, french toast, and bagels. On our cruise last year they had a delicious gf chocolate layer cake that showed up at both the MDR and WJ. In the MDR for dinner she's had pasta, steak, shrimp, grilled cheese, fruit soups, ice cream and the chocolate cake I've already mentioned. I'm sure those with more adult tastebuds will have more creative ideas but I'll say she's been pretty happy with these choices!
  8. I know this is pretty specific and it's a long-shot that I'll get an answer but I was wondering if there are any gluten free options in Ajaccio? I'd love to get my celiac daughter a baked good or treat while we're touring around. I haven't had much luck with google searches because everything is in French 😁 Thanks!
  9. Is there a beach area walkable to the cruise port? Or, if necessary, beaches accessible by public bus? We have kids that would need carseats in a taxi so taxis are out. Ideally, we'd love to check out the sites in the morning then head to a beach to cool off but I can't wrap my mind around the area and if this is feasible. Thanks!
  10. We've been on Grandeur twice with connecting cabins. Once they're open, you can't lock them, but you could shove a heavy chair in front of them if you wanted privacy?
  11. While we're talking about the Jewel, I was watching a ship tour and it looked like the soft serve machine was in the Windjammer (it was outside by the pool on Grandeur), does that mean you can only get soft serve when WJ is open? Or do they let you slip in just to get some, even outside of meal hours?
  12. We've done Grandeur a few times and our docs say noon but we've been on ss early as 1045, wondering if Civi also has days where this is also the case or if they strictly stick to the time on the docs
  13. Also curious about this, specifically with Jewel of the Seas, wondering how early we can get on...
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