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  1. Read a very detailed review on another RC blog website and the experience seemed to have been mostly positive. Looking forward to our cruise starting Sun. in a week.
  2. I can second that I could get as many free shakes I wanted on Harmony. I had the Refreshment package. Would get a chocolate malt every night to take to the Aqua Theatre. By day 2, the staff waved me over to the bar when I walked in and almost had my shake ready by the time I sat down 🙂 And when they ran my card it automatically changed the price to $0, so it is programmed in their system and seems to be an official thing. Not sure why it doesn't work on all the ships that have Johnny Rockets.
  3. Sorry, my mistake, must have slipped categories... I reported the post and asked for a mod to move it into RCL.
  4. I just printed the SetSail Passes for our party of seven and noticed something funny. Two people have 2-letter codes underneath the barcode, the others only have the barcodes. 6 are staying in Spa Junior Suites, 1 is in a Single Balcony. One of the suite people has "DX" underneath the barcode, and the Single Balcony person has "RR". Any idea what this means? Just curious!
  5. The cruise ship berth at Osaka Port is called Tempozan, it is basically right next to and on the island south of Universal Studios Osaka. From there, it is about a 5 min. foot walk to Osakako subway station. There you take a Chuo line train to Hommachi station, where you change to the Midosuji line to Shin-Osaka train station. From there, you can catch a Special Rapid train (about 25 min.) or a Shinkansen (about 15 min.) to Kyoto several times per hour. Alternatively, you could catch a Special Rapid train from Osaka station, those take about 30 min. to get to Kyoto. Have a look at Google maps, it will help in planning. If you enter Osakako - Kyoto, it will only show connections via Oaska station. If you would like to take the Shinkansen at least one way (more expensive, but also a distinctly japanese experience, in my opinion), you'd have to split your search into the Osakako - Shin-Osaka route and then Shin-Osaka - Kyoto.
  6. Oh and by the way, for some reason, the E-Boarding Passes don't seem to work for me. I can print them out on the website, but in the app, they still haven't shown up.
  7. We do not plan on booking any shore excursions, as Osaka, Kobe and Tokyo are very easy to get around on our own. Besides, I already know what I would like to show my friends who haven't been to Japan before. Since the stay isn't very long, a Best of for each port has to do 🙂 My biggest disappointment is that there haven't any discounts shown up for the drinks packages yet.
  8. I think Spectrum is pretty unique as far as the deck layouts go, because of the special adaptations for the chinese market.
  9. He was originally booked in 9630, a 2W and now could upgrade to 2F, cabin 8720. We are in 9726, a back-facing Silver Spa Junior Suite. (J4)
  10. I will let you know once we are back from our cruise on Nov. 3. We have a friend who is travelling solo and we had one of the original singe balcony studios (the ones visible on the deck plan) on hold for him but there was a delay for him to get his vacation dates confirmed and we lost that cabin. As there were no more outside singles available, we had to book him in a inside single, with "virtual porthole", although we then learned, that the virtual porthole in the insides studio is just the TV you can tune into an outside view channel, not a dedicated screen which looks like a regular window as is the case in the regular insides with "virtual balconies". And then all of a sudden, more single balcony studios showed up so I got him to change his booking for one of those. By the way, which cabin number is your back facing 2F?
  11. We‘ll be cruising on Spectrum of the Seas in Oct., staying in a Silver Junior Suite. Just browsed some of the restaurant descriptions in the Royal app and noticed something in regards to the Silver Lounge and Dining. In the description for Gold Dining, it says „Golden suite guests can indulge...“, however, for Silver Dining, it only says „Pinnacle and Diamond Plus guests can enjoy...“, no mention of Silver suite guests. Anyone knows if Silver Suite guests have access to Silver Dining and the Silver Lounge? Based on the name I assumed yes, but after reading this, not so sure anymore. By the way, any good recent reviews or ship tours for Spectrum of the Seas? Haven’t found much yet on YouTube etc. Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  12. We requested late seating and it says that on the booking confirmation, so it seems 7 is the later time... 🙂
  13. We are cruising on Spectrum of the Seas in Oct. When I look at my booking in the Royal app, it says "Cosmopolitan Dining" 07:00 PM. We had requested and got confirmation for second seating. Just wondering what Cosmopolitan Dining means, perhaps the name of the Dining room we are assigned to? Any ideas?
  14. As there is also a category called Silver Junior Suite, I would imagine that those will get access to the Silver areas and Golden Junior Suite gets access to the Gold areas. Wouldn't make much sense to have the gold in the name and then give them the same access rights as the Silver Junior Suite gets.
  15. Thanks, hadn‘t seen the Jewel itineraries before. Might actually be what I‘m looking for.
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