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  1. From what we saw, it wasn't too bad, at least around the marketplace.
  2. We asked the bus driver we flagged down at Maho Beach where we would need to change busses and he offered to take us to Marigot for $5 each. He then said he could pick up another load of passengers and then come back for us later and bring us back to Philipsburg later. He was there right on time 45 min. later and brought us back to Philipsburg for another $5 each. In Marigot he dropped us off at the Market Square where they sold nice shirts for good prices and there were a few restaurants as well. Prices are shown in Euros, but they accept $ as well at a 1:1 exchange rate which gives you a great deal if you pay in $, as the Euro normally is worth about $1.14
  3. Thanks a lot! Since the busses look so "inofficial", I never thought about looking for a official website for them. This really helps
  4. Aww, seems we will just miss Captain Johnny when we board Harmony next week. Looks like he is coming back when we leave on Nov. 10.
  5. Had this originally posted in the St. Maarten Ports of Call section of the forum, but since I go no reply there, I thought maybe someone over here might know: We usually take the public bus (small Toyota vans) from Philipsburg to Maho Beach. This time, we would like to go to Marigot later in the day. Are there buses to Marigot passing Maho Beach or would I have to backtrack a bit in a bus to Philipsburg and change busses somewhere?
  6. I prefer Tapatalk since I follow different boards apart from Cruise Critic and like to read them all in one place. Right now I have to open different websites to do the same.
  7. They only charge you if you upgrade to the VIP option, which removes ads. Standard with ads is still free. Please bring Tapatalk support back. I like to have all my boards in one place!
  8. This is indeed an incentive for me to find another forum that continues to support Tapatalk. I access message boards mostly via iPhone and find it much more convenient using Tapatalk.
  9. We usually take the public bus (small Toyota vans) from Philipsburg to Maho Beach. This time, we would like to go to Marigot later in the day. Are there buses to Marigot passing Maho Beach or would I have to backtrack a bit in a bus to Philipsburg and change busses somewhere?
  10. Reading all those opinions, I have to say that I can see a difference between the drink "coupons" and the drink packages for example. To me it is clear that sharing is not ok with any of the unlimited packages, as sharing would be on top of anything that I consume myself. However, with the drink "coupons", there are 3 per person per evening. So I don't see a difference if I consume those drinks or anyone else. As I'm no drinker, it would be a shame to let them go to waste if I don't use them.
  11. I don't like to drink alcohol and I have booked the Refreshment Package for our upcoming cruise, so I'm pretty much covered with any drinks I would want. As a Diamond Member, I get the 3 free drinks every evening during Diamon Happy Hour. Am I allowed to give those drinks away or is it the same as with the beverage packages and for personal consumption only? I was thinking on getting 3 glasses of champagne for my friends for sailaway while I have some ginger ale or so 🙂 And to be clear, I don't talk about getting drinks from the lounge for my friends, strictly the 3 drinks which are loaded onto my ship pass every night.
  12. We booked this one mainly for the catamaran part and the beach stop. We figured we'll just go back to the ship afterwards to enjoy the pools and hot tubs aboard which will be less crowded then, we hope. Also watched some videos where the tour ended at Margarithaville right next to the cruiseship. Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  13. A couple of years ago, someone higher up at TSA responsible for NY airports was interviewed by s newspaper. They also took a picture of him posing with the TSA master keys. A few hours later, you could download files for printing about half of those keys with 3D printers. The rest has been compromised not much later. The funny thing is that Zurich International Airport, like any other non US airport who wants to get access to the TSA keys, had to go through a lengthy security review done by the TSA. They were finally granted to get the keys, but I always joke it would have been easier to just print the keys from the internet. Our chief of police, responsible for airport security, also posed for a picture with the keys, but at least he held the "key" parts in his hands, so they weren't visible. But it's tool late for that anyways. Just saying, anyone who really wants to get into a suitcase locked with a TSA lock will get into it anyways. Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  14. Which dining room is used for traditional seating normally? I was just assuming that it is deck 3, American Icon since as confirmation that our friend had been moved from MTD to second seating, they sent me a screenshot of their reservation system and it says on top: 2-08:00 PM-D3-American Icon - Deck 3 Then there is the list of all our names, entitled: Passengers at table 347 Seating 2-D3 Guests: 7 And after each name: Seat: 2-08:00P Rm: D3 Tbl: 347 To me, this looks like Deck 3 is used for traditional seating. It also shows the previous assignment our friend had: 0-MY TIME What do you think? Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  15. I mean the online arrival record, not the paper form. The website still calls it I-94 arrival record. https://i94.cbp.dhs.gov/I94/#/recent-search Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
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