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  1. When RCL cancelled our TA cruise on Odyssey last week, our travel agent forwarded us RCLs information letter. There, they mention a 125% future credit on already bought Cruise Planner items, like drinks and dinner packages. Apparently, there is a link you have to click to opt in. However, the link got lost in copy-pasting it seems, I can only see this: Cruise Planner Purchases If you've already purchased Cruise Planner Items for your sailing, we also have a special offer available to you. You can opt-in to receive an Onboard Credit in the value of 125% of the total Cruise Pla
  2. Received a message this morning, but unfortunately, can't find where it came from, maybe Twitter from RCL? I copied the text and forwarded it to a friend, so at least I have that. Here's what it said: The ship transfer is expected to begin on February 27, 2021 at around 4AM in Papenburg. The passage of the Jann-Berghaus-Brücke in Leer is planned for February 27, 2021 at around 12PM. The ship is expected to pass through the Gandersum Ems barrier on February 28, 2021 at around 00:30AM Hopefully, it will be streamed somewhere, didn't find anything in
  3. Yeah, I know, but maybe by then they are back. Still plan on going, even if they don't run the bus tours.
  4. Does anyone know (or has RCL even released that info yet) if there will be single studio cabins on Odyssey of the Seas?
  5. We'll be visiting Kennedy Space Center from Orlando during our stay in June. Being in the area, I'd love to watch a DCL ship sail out from Fishlips. According to the DCL itineraries, on the first day it only says "Aboard 3:45", does that mean they will sail out around 4:45? However, the port schedule on Crew Center says Disney ships depart at 3:45.
  6. Also, if you choose the FCC, the taxes and fees are refunded and once you book a new cruise, those taxes and fees are not covered by the FCC, you are responsible to pay for those on your own.
  7. I could really use the points from our cancelled cruise, currently I'm just 1 point away from Diamond Plus. Our April 26 cruise which had been cancelled on March 17 still shows up under "My Bookings".
  8. Jewel is currently anchored near the island of Hydra in the gulf of Pyraeus, according to Vesseltracker. Seabourn Ovation is anchored nearby.
  9. Cancelled my drink package on March 17, refund showed up on credit card on March 19. Last time, when I cancelled the drinks package because prices went down and I wanted to repurchase it with the new price, it took 9 days, if I remember correctly.
  10. That sounds bad. Really like how our travel agent handles payments, he just forwarded our CC number to RCL and they then charge everything directly.
  11. I'm at 174 points right now, so only one point away from Diamond plus. So frustrating. :-) BTW, the highest tier of Crown & Anchor is called Pinnacle!
  12. I guess so 🙂 I'm not too worried at the moment.
  13. Is it normal that they send FCC emails separatly? We had a cruise with 3 cabins booked, received an email containing FCCs for person 1 in booking 1, person 2 in booking 2 and person 1 in booking 3. Our travel agent is now checking with RCL where the other 3 FCCs are.
  14. Posted this in another FCC thread already, but since there are several, I decided to post here as well. When we were informed that our Med cruise for April 26 had been cancelled on March 17, I requested a refund of the drinks package I ordered. I got the money back on my CC just 3 days later. Unfortunately, RCL later sent out a mail that you could transfer prepaid amenities to a new cruise as well and they would apply an additional 25% to the original amount as well. Oh well. We then rebooked to a TA cruise in October 2021, RCL granted us the full discounts we
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