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  1. We were/are in the waiting it out phase too, and have decided to keep our early 2022 cruise for now out of Florida and continue to wait and see, but not the 2021 cruise. We are living our lives, not shut ins, but at the same time don't do something higher on our risk scale like flying to a cruise and cruising. For those that do cruise I don't have any issues with that choice and hope you have great trips. It is just to far out of our comfort zone. I am curious though why nobody is discussing the number of cases onboard each cruise? Is it against the new rules? I really think that
  2. So below is from the X website for Flordia. Sentences 3 and 4 seem a bit contradictory, but what is missing from the Florida column is the statement that at least 95% of the passengers must be vaccinated. So the current percentages may work out that way, but the way it is written makes me question the 95% rule in Florida. Am I missing something? Also to the Mods if I can't post info from the X website please delete. https://www.celebritycruises.com/content/dam/celebrity/pdf/celebrity-healthy-at-sea-protocols.pdf Vaccine recommended All guests 16 years and o
  3. I tried to stay away from mentinoning Florida vs other ports to not turn this discussion that way. Right now there seem to be different rules out of Florida due to things.. For example I still follow a DCL forum and with their policy for their ships sailing out of Florida I wouldn't set foot on their ships right now.
  4. That is what I would do, but living in the Midwest, the whole point of cruising is to get a break from the snow and cold temps. As of right now we have 2 cruises booked during hibernation season, 1 in 2021 and 1 in 2022. So the better half would rather cancel than switch to before October 31st. I have thought of either driving down or getting a semi private jet down to minimize our risk. Somewhere I read some of the smaller jet services can be done for around the price of a first class ticket. While this would be a huge increase over the cheap southwest fares we pay, the added saf
  5. We also fall out of the time window when Celebrity will send you home and pay for your trip home if you test positive onboard. That means we have to find insurance that covers if we test positive and all that goes along with it. We both are fully vacinated, but so was the latest case on the Edge.
  6. Hopefully this poll won't break any forum rules. We have a cruise later this year going out of FLL, but are really questioning if that is the smart thing to do with the rise of the delta variant in certain areas of the country. The decisions that the states have made that impact/change the cruislines onboard policies for the percentage of vaccinated passengers allowed onboard will also play into our decision. Curious if others are factoring this in and are changing ports or canceling cruises due to these concerns. The poll is multiple choice because I see the possiblity of people choosing at l
  7. We are potentially cruising later this year. Is there a good resource to see how open the shops are in the ports? While we don't spend a ton of money, it is always fun to buy something from each port. So far all I have seen is Nassau in the Bahamas, and there a lot of the shops are closed. This would be a factor in our decision to keep or cancel a cruise. Would be nice if there was a website tracking this or a pinned thread with reports from cruisers about the different ports Celebrity calls on.
  8. Thanks for the replies and an idea of what we can expect. On some lines I had read it was better to just not touch the reservation and have the person as a no show the day of, but I never liked that because it was dishonest. We have the original invoice and will see what we decide to do depending on what the changes are to our costs then. We have the forward facing oceanview on the APEX that we were really looking forward to, but the ports are not our favorites. Also since this is still a cruise in 2021 and the Delta variant picking up steam if we can be sure they keep the cruise
  9. We likely need to drop a 3rd person booked in our room. We have a fairly good deal with some bonus perks picked up during one of their sales. Is it likely we will keep our perks and price or will they force us to rebook and pay a higher price with different perks? If it is the later we will likely just cancel.
  10. I am curious about this too. Haven't heard much on the Connie in a while and we have a trip scheduled early 2022 as well. Last rumor was a transfer to Pullmantur. and then that rumor kind of went away.
  11. I was hoping for a dual magic carpet, I kid, but we really did like spending time out on the magic carpet. The rooftop garden and the resort deck were areas that we spent the most time. We have never had a beverage package, so in the past we never were ones to hang out at the bars. Now that our next two cruises we have the beverage package we will see if that changes. Other areas we enjoyed were the theatre and the club area for the shows at night along with the 4 different free restaurants. That is the other thing we don't do is the upcharge dining. We only did an upcharge bruncha
  12. Why yes I am going to critique the new build. We really liked the Edge and hopefully sail the APEX later this year, but had hoped to see some changes for the non suite passenger. Instead they made the suite life even better and increased some bars, neither apply to us. The biggest thing they don't have appeared to fix is an on deck forward facing view for the non suite guests. If the price is right on the beyond we will likely try it, but book a forward facing oceanview like we did on the Apex to get that view we like. Like BigAl94 said, the E class is kind of a 2 class ship. Depen
  13. I am very surprised to say that I am disappointed in what I see with the beyond. Some will remember that I am a huge fan of the Edge. What I find disappointing as a thrifty cruiser by choice, they didn't seem to enhance the areas that we use. We were really hoping for a forward facing view for the non suite guests, looks like that didn't happen. Yes we could book a suite, but having done that level of service on another line we found it to be totally wasted money for us. We really didn't use or enjoy having that extra service level those rooms afforded us. So I guess w
  14. Always - Celebrity and RCCL and Disney (at a lower price point for Disney though) Never - Carnival Try - Cunard and NCL and Viking and Princess come to mind right now. The always is that we have had good luck on all three of these lines and have enjoyed the product. Disney however has ramped up prices way faster than the industry since 2016, so we won't be back there anytime soon, and their prices are likely similar to some of the luxury lines. As far as Carnival we are basing our decision on experiences from other family members and close friends to say that
  15. Well bummer for her, she will just have to get up early;) That is an awesome view though. We had a forward facing on the Brilliance and thought the little port hole was incredible, this will be really nice. Thanks for sharing the picture.
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