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  1. Thanks we will have to do that, we found a deal that is almost too good to pass up if we can get the lower cost on the seventh floor.
  2. We are looking at a cruise on the constellation in 2022 and have found that an inside room on the second floor vs the seventh floor to be a 100$ PP price difference, seventh is more. When we booked the Apex on-board the Edge we were seeing something similar, but using the one category upgrade we got the lower price for the better room. The question is can we make this happen booking online or do we need our TA to call and inquire if it is possible?
  3. So what we learned is the 1 perk option for the inside room is non refundable and it would be 110 per person per night for 10 nights after taxes. The 3 perk option for the inside room is refundable and it would be 134 per person per night for 10 nights after taxes. We would do the OBC, Classic beverage and the tips. I just need to flip over to the Celebrity board to figure out if the value of the 2 extra perks makes it worth it. The only thing I hate about the celebrity site is they hide the deposit status well. When the list the Promos taken off, if it has NRD after them it is non refundable. The issue I take with that is they don't warn you about that at all, and we almost booked non refundable. Thankfully the chat person was helpful. Thanks and davekathy, do I see you over on the Celebrity board? Screen name looks really familiar.
  4. We found a 10 night cruise in an inside room with the free classic beverage package that would cost 110 per night per person after taxes, really hard not to lock that one in.
  5. We are going back and forth between Celebrity and RCCL which really isn't smart for building loyalty, but we go with the line that has our ship or itinerary of choice that year. The question about booking Celebrity onboard an RCCL trip is there any benifit to doing so? Do you get more off the room etc? Right now we found a 10 day in 2022 that would be very cheap and we would get the beverage package free on an inside room. So we are thinking we book it today to lock it in, appears we can cancel the room, and then re-shop the room on-board in case a better deal is to be had. Is there any flaws in my logic?
  6. Reading this makes me wonder if this is why Celebrity does this as a free perk? All I know is that the with the free perks on oceanview rooms and above on Celebrity booking an inside room doesn’t make sense. We can drink 2 to 3 alcoholic drinks a day or load up on soda and pay same out of pocket as we would in an inside room. Wonder if the free perks idea will be brought over to RCCL eventually?
  7. We have never had a drink package and been fine. In fact my wife didn’t even have a soda package on our last two cruises. The only reason it works for us though is on our last couple of cruises we probably averaged 5 adult drinks each, and for our current booked cruise adding a 1000 for the beverage package didn’t make sense. For some it does though.
  8. thanks, that would be good. I always hate making my wife’s meal longer when she has to wait on me to find the chef. I usually start eating as she is finishing up.
  9. I can do that but it takes so long to get food, the signs are helpful. They had the signs on Celebrity and I didn't encounter any issues on that trip. I have had to wait up to 20 minutes to get a chef on both Disney and RCCL and then some are super helpful and others are fairly useless.
  10. Question on the buffet. I have seen some food labels form the windjammer on adventure that have items containing nuts or vegan. What I am curious about is do they also label some buffet items as gluten free on the labels? Enjoying your review.
  11. I wonder if the GF truly doesn’t remember because he repressed the memory due to the shock of the situation. Just a horrible situation and I feel horrible for the family losing their child. At the same time I also hope the case doesn’t go through now against RCCL.
  12. I do apologize the title should have been ‘Adult beverage tastings and mixology class options on RCCL’ Any way it can be changed to bail me out? Thanks
  13. So on Celebrity with the way the pricing worked out when we initially booked, an inside room had zero free perks and an oceanview had two. We did the math, and if I had like 4 sodas and 1 alcoholic drink a day, or some other combo, the oceanview, would be the same out of pocket cost as an inside. We later got a 3rd perk free so realistically we don’t have to drink anything to break even cost wise against an inside. We really wanted a forward facing oceanview so getting the free perks was a bonus. On our cruises that we don’t do a class or a tasting I would say I would drink maybe 5 adult beverages on average. We just always enjoyed the tastings and mixology type classes when we went. I also just realized I titled this thread horribly.
  14. We honestly don’t drink enough to make the beverage package worthwhile. We have it on our next Celebrity cruise as a free perk but we would never buy it separately.
  15. The cocktail classes sound interesting. Were they in the daily planner?
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