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  1. Does anyone know or have an opinion on if there will be any changes to the Captain's Club perks? Trying to decide between HAL and Celebrity. HAL intinerary is a little more to my liking but Happy hour and laundry perks on Celebrity are really nice. Elite on Celebrity (some points came from Royal Caribbean) 2 star on HAL so no real perks on HAL. Thanks for the feedback.

    Big Waves

    CCCole The ship docks in Oahu on November 4TH. I have responsibilities that can't be changed until about 1:30 pm. The ship doesn't leave till 11pm so getting back shouldn't be a problem.

    Big Waves

    Sailing to Hawaii in November. It's on my bucket list to see some big waves and probably may not get back to Hawaii again. I have 8AM-5pm stops at Hilo, Kona and Lahaina. Full day 8am-11pm in Oahu with a slight hitch. I have responsibilities in Oahu until 1pm. Would there be any place to see these Big Waves at one of the first 3 stops? I would have all day there. In Oahu I only have afternoon and evening to get my sightseeing done so that may put a crimp into my plans. Does anyone know if it's possible to take an uber or cab from the pier to the beach? Not sure how far that would be but that w
  4. Thanks will repost there, but how do I delete this post?
  5. Going to Hawaii in November. Ship docks at 8am but I have responsibilities until 1PM. Ship leaves at 11PM. So I have afternoon into evening to sightsee. I'm not a surfer but a bucket list item has always been to see the big waves on the north shore. Can't seem to find any excursions that would cover that especially one that would start in the afternoon. Is it possible to take a cab or an uber from the pier to the beach? Not sure how far it is. Also going to Hilo, Kona and Lahaina other days from 8-5 without any thing planned if those places have big waves I could maybe do something from there.
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