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  1. On our cruise it says Limited Rooms Available for December 5-12, 2021 Encore 7 day Caribbean. What does this mean? Limited people on board? Or its almost sold out? Any one know? I like the idea of less people!
  2. We no longer have Kinky Boots or Prohibition on our cruise, Encore either in December 5-12, 2021 listed. Disappointed NOT to see Prohibition.
  3. Does anyone know if Le Bistro and Cagneys will be on this ship? I don't see any reference to it yet. Those are two of our favorite dining restaurants.
  4. They posted a new Embark episode/show today.
  5. We sail in December 5-12, 2021 and are hoping to see this show on this ship Encore, Choir Of Man. I hear roumors this show will NOT be ready for Dec 5-12,2021. Can anyone confirm this is true? If so this is the second time we missed this show!
  6. Did the AOS stop in Cozumel and dock or was it a tender stop?
  7. We usually cruise NCL how are differences from NCL to Carnival beside the millions of kids on the cruise? We do NOT want alot of kids on a 7 day Southern cruise in Sept-Dec 2022 time frame. Are the kids all, in school this time? Would we hate Carnival for all, the kids on board ruining our cruise. Are they allowed in all the bars under 21? Carnival is so much cheaper than NCL. I am considering this for my bucket list cruise. Is this Walmart of the Seas cruise? We have never sailed Carnival. Opinions please. Which one should we choose? NCL or Carnival?
  8. I would call NCL and ask. We are on the Encore in December so interested to see what they say.
  9. Which is better Horizon or Magic? They both have the same exact itinerary 8 day Southern which is my "bucket" list cruise. I just can't decide which ship we would like better. This would be our first Carnival cruise! We are an older couple. Hoping not too many kids on this long cruise. We like to sit around and do nothing all day. Drinks food/entertainment are our top priority. We plan to visit Serenity a lot. We need help deciding!
  10. Have you tried contacting NCL directly? I would try that.
  11. Go to NCL's website to see the new cancellations list of ships and dates just listed for today June 23, 2021. So far our December cruise is on the Encore is ON!
  12. We had a balcony cabin with a cpap machine. There are outlets above the desk. We bought an extension cord (3 prong type), I think it was a 6 foot extension cord, and duct tape and tacked down the extension cord with the duct tape as not to trip over it in the middle of the night. It was fine. There is a table on each side of the bed for the machine.
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