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  1. Sthrngary, we enjoy fine dining & getting dressed up. But, equally like the shows. So far our two dinners are booked for 7:30 & 7:00 on sea days. Our preference is going to a show on a “not-specialty-dinner” night. There’s nothing worse than constantly looking at your watch while enjoying an exquisite meal. I’ll look for recent dailies from the Breakaway and see if I can ascertain a pattern.
  2. So it’s a bit of a crap shoot booking dinners in advance?
  3. We are 120 days out from our Breakaway cruise out of New Orleans. This morning, I was able to book our 2 specialty restaurants. But, of course the concern is we’ll be dining while the shows are on. The website says it’s too early to book Six or Burn the Floor. When do these normally open up? And, is there a “usual” time for the shows? We will likely buy 2 more dinners but want to wait to book the shows first. Let the countdown begin!
  4. Yes. We found all the meat to be well done. When the lamb arrived well done, we asked for some with at least some pink shoeing, and were told “that’s not how we cook it here”. We may have hit a bad night, but having mashed potatoes sitting there cooling for 10 minutes before any meat arrived was not acceptable to us. It was too bad because we’d heard rave reviews. I do say the salad bar was stellar; too bad the main course didn’t match up.
  5. I second the light scunchable down jacket. We were on a cruise in January a few years ago; our 2nd flight was postponed a day and the airline put us up in a hotel for the night. But, we had to wait outside for the hotel shuttle. Believe me, I’d have paid anyone any amount for a warm coat & gloves!
  6. Our experience at Moderno was only fair. All our sides were delivered 10 minutes before any meat arrived. We like our meat medium and each carver said “that’s coming next”-it never did. We loved the salad bar but it won’t be our first choice for dining. Teppanaki was a good show, but the food was average. Our first choices are Cagney’s & Bistro followed by Cucina. We are eager to try Ocean Blue on our February Breakaway sailing.
  7. Pre-pandemic, my sister, parents & I cruised on breakaway in January. All cabins were sold and we were able to move around fairly well. My brother took his 3 teens during a school break & he said “never again”. My nephews couldn’t get onto the basketball court or any other activities due to huge lineups. The buffet was crazy! So, there’s a difference between all cabins sold with an average of 2 per cabin, and all cabins sold with 3-4 per cabin. Luckily, we can avoid school holidays.
  8. I have a good friend who turns 55 in 2024 and I’d like to treat her to a cruise. She’s been Ill on very small boats (less than 30’) so is concerned she’ll “waste” money. What can I tell her to convince her that cruising is fabulous?
  9. Thanks for the replies. After much consideration, we have decided to wait till our next cruise to book an aft facing balcony. Thanks also for the concerns regarding open doors & AC function. We will certainly keep that in mind.
  10. DH has always dreamed of an aft cabin & one is available for our February sailing. But, it’s right above Moderno & Cagney’s. Will it be noisy? Also DH likes to sleep with the balcony door open. Noise? Smell? can our upstairs neighbours look down on us? Any input welcome. thanks, Pat
  11. I was able to see photos of my cabin on that site. DH wanted to be sure he was facing the balcony window, and he is! It is $8.99 to join for one year. Depends how badly you want to see photos, I guess! and I see your cabin has photos available.
  12. Found photos. Bed is by the closet, but DH gets “his side” so we will keep the cabin. Now to wait, and wait and wait!
  13. DH & I are on the Breakaway in cabin 11818 next year. I’d prefer the bed by the balcony and DH wants “his side” of the bed to be facing the balcony door. Without waiting on hold for hours with NCL, is there a way to determine the setup for a particular cabin? I’ve booked with a TA and she “thinks” we’ll be ok.
  14. We are cruising out of NO on Feb 5! 2023. We are flying down a few days early to see NO. Booked with Air Canada Vacations, staying at NCL hotel, Hilton river walk.
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