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  1. It's a shame that a thread initially posted for people to hazard a guess when cruising will start up again has turned into such a political mess, primarily aimed at trashing the US and it's response (rightly or wrongly - this is not a statement pro or con as regards to that). I wish the hosts would just remove this thread entirely. These boards are supposed to be about people talking about cruising; not giving their armchair quarterback opinions about political matters. Yes, there is a relationship to how countries are doing and when we can cruise again. But these boards are not the place to trash country's responses. There is so much hate and animosity on this thread it is very disturbing. Those of us in countries such as the US who are currently really struggling with the virus (for whatever reason) do really not need to be kicked while we're down by our fellow cruisers. We are suffering enough thank you. We are not the politicians; we are not the ones making these decisions. A little kindness would go a long way. Consider it.
  2. Love it! We usually cruise the Caribbean so every time I put on my suntan lotion each morning it reminds me of cruising. Every time I hear a song on the radio (which is regularly) which is one of the Topper songs I sigh. Sure hope this situation gets resolved soon and we can once again enjoy the real thing!
  3. I certainly agree with being considerate in the treatment of Celebrity staff on the phone. I do not agree with your post. You are being judgmental of people just because your attitude and circumstances are different. . Many people have lost their jobs and really need that money back to pay bills. And don't give me the 'if they can afford to cruise they can afford to wait for the refund' excuse. For some, yes. For others, they may have saved for months if not years to afford that cruise and never in a million years had reason to believe they would lose their jobs due to a pandemic. Others may be in a better financial situation but have tens of thousands of dollars tied up - not chump change for sure. Many people have gotten only partial refunds, and in many cases incorrect refunds. Are they being a PITA for following up with Celebrity to try to fix the errors? And for often needing to call back multiple times spending hours on wait times to even get an acceptable answer? I think not. We are also in disagreement that 79 days is an acceptable, nor very professional response. Professional? Wait times on calls regularly exceeded two hours. Their response - lay off staff to make the situation worse. How many cruises have they continued to accept money for, knowing that in all likelihood the cruises will not sail? Why did they wait to cancel cruises often long after other cruise lines did because they wanted to get past the final payment due date so they could hold onto their customer's money for longer? What kind of communication are we getting from them about future plans or what they are doing to get ready for when they can sail - the answer is zero - they would rather send us videos of how to make braised short ribs and send us solicitation emails to book other cruises that also may or may not sail. I used to be a Celebrity cheerleader of sorts. After 50 cruises with them I was certainly a fan if nothing else. Even considering the circumstances they were dealing with I am very disappointed in their handling of the situation. I have personally had five cruises cancelled so far and lifted and shifted another. Compared to many, our cancellations and FCC's were handled relatively quickly (if you can call 45 days quickly) and were accurate. But I know from reading others posts we were luckier than most. Celebrity has really let its customers down IMHO, even considering the circumstances.
  4. You can dine in the MDR, but don't just show up. Ask your Blu maître d' to arrange it for you the day before or that morning.
  5. For one thing, it is very doubtful that being in a warmer than normal climate would cause their temperatures to raise as high as it would need to be to prohibit boarding (100.5 I believe).
  6. For the record, I believe Tokyo has 1/3 the population of Canada. I understand that the graph is adjusted per million. But I do think there is something to be said for the fact that controlling 10 times more people (than Canada) does present additional challenges. For the good and the bad, the fact that the US places a considerable amount of value in the freedom of the individual states also makes it more complicated. In this case, it's a shame we are all considered as a whole, although I understand it needs to be that way. Many states, like mine, have actually done a very good job of controlling our cases. Overall, we've followed the health experts guidelines around re-opening and most people do a good job of following the rules about things like face masks and social distancing and so on. But as a country? Not good enough.
  7. Agreed. There is definitely hope. At UIC in Chicago they are currently looking for volunteers to join the Phase 3 trial in July for one of the most promising vaccines and they are already ramping up production and making plans in anticipation that it will work as well as it has done in the previous 2 phases. They are asking that at least 40% of the volunteers be seniors as well. Phase 3 trials in "normal" times can take a year or more but I suspect they will move this forward faster. Will that mean it is somewhat more risky? Perhaps. But overall considering the virus at hand it may very well be worth a slightly higher risk.
  8. So sorry to hear of all your troubles. I hope you stay well and hope in the not too distant future you can enjoy the cruise life again!
  9. My very first Celebrity ship in 1992. Became addicted to Celebrity - completed my 50th earlier this year, and would have had 5 more had they not been cancelled. She was a beauty.
  10. Unless you are on blood thinners, then you need to talk to your doc before taking any Vitamin K, even K2 (although they are less sure of the impact of that as opposed to K1). You may know this already but wanted to put this note in for readers who may not.
  11. I feel exactly the same way. I want to live as much as the next person, but if you asked me who is more important to protect - me or my children or grandchildren - the answer is simple (and I mean all people of those ages - not just the ones I love). That said, I have read that they realize seniors may not get as much immunity with the initial vaccines as younger people but they are working on ways to mitigate that. Also, at this point I certainly would rather have a vaccine that offers me some protection rather than the zero I have now - perhaps I would still get sick, but if I did it would likely not be as serious had I not had any vaccine. The initial shingles vaccine works like that - you may still get shingles, but if you do you will in all likelihood have a much lighter case.
  12. I don't know why people keep bringing up AIDS. Yes, there is no vaccine after so many years. But expert scientists and immunologists have stated that they believe that a Covid-19 vaccine will be relatively easy to develop (as vaccines go). Most predict within the next year if not sooner. I choose to believe them as they know a heck of a lot more about it than I do.🙂
  13. How difficult is it for Aqua Class guests to eat in one of the dining rooms rather than Blu? Love Blu, but as this will be our first time on Apex would like to see what one of the other dining rooms is like.
  14. I didn't see this on the website. Where do I go to find out this information?
  15. Exactly. And considering the risk of Covid-19, I for one am willing to take the risk of getting a newly released vaccine.
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