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  1. We also just asked an agent today. He thought a likely substitute would be Roatan (ugh) or Costa Maya but he didn’t know for sure. But I’ll be happy just to be onboard!
  2. Agreed. We have encountered that a couple times. More frustrating, sometimes the TA says they’re not sure. But thankfully usually it is refundable.
  3. Usually 9:30 or so. And being in a suite shouldn’t impact that as far as I know.
  4. I imagine that flight time will be fine. But we need to be careful about comparing now to pre-COVID. We also need to remember not many ships are sailing now, and all at reduced capacity, so even current experiences may be invalid a month or three from now. Staffing continues to be a huge issue with services trying to get back to normal (we’ll avoid the debate as to why). This means potential shortages of taxis and ride shares as more people cruise, as well as TSA staff. Just something to keep in mind.
  5. I don't always necessarily agree with them, and I do get what you are saying. At the same time, they have an overall testing requirement for anyone flying in from other countries. If they start writing specific exceptions like the ones you are talking about it could get even more confusing and frustrating than it already is. Like, you need a test when flying in from a foreign port cruise, but if you are sailing to and from a US port you don't, but if you are sailing from a foreign port and then ending up in the US you do, or..........well, you get the picture.
  6. So sad that the cancellations are coming back - and to give that amount of timeframe for rebooking is ridiculous! I see a website crash in their future (and good luck trying to get ahold of them or your TA on the phone). As to other sailings - no one really knows. I have 10 cruises booked in the next year and a half - most of them already lifted and shifted. I am going to keep a positive attitude and hope for the best - it's really all you can do right now.
  7. Just FYI, a couple months ago we visited FLL when our cruise could not take place. We stayed at a hotel where we usually stay. Normally Uber to the airport from there was around $20-$25. It cost us $80. Not sure if this price gouging is still in effect. If anyone has used Uber recently would be interested to hear if you paid the usual price?
  8. I hear what you are saying. Over the years I've encountered my fair share of this as well. The fact is, this website is called Cruise Critic, not Celebrity Fan Club. As such one should be able to report both the good and the bad they encounter. I am a huge Celebrity fan - have 50 cruises under my belt and 10 more scheduled. And I am happy (and often do) report all the things I love about Celebrity. But there are also things I don't love, or sometimes (rarely) experiences that did not go well. I should be able to state those as well without hearing comments to the effect that some people
  9. My mouth is watering just thinking about this! We do the filet. We start with a Caesar salad, and an order of their meatballs - excellent. For dessert we love the pistachio crème brule that comes with a chocolate layer. Enjoy!
  10. For people saying the closet is big enough, consider that not everyone goes on 7 night cruises. We have 21 days on a ship in January - luckily M class rather than Edge class. Also consider that not everyone sails 2 to a cabin. For years we sailed with our son. Cramming 3 people's clothes in that closet would take creativity for sure.
  11. Yikes, that's ridiculous. A pretty significant price increase if you do the math. I wouldn't mind that much except the Martini Bar is the most popular bar on the ship and getting drink #2 can sometimes take quite awhile. The stubborn (and maybe cheap) part of me refuses to go the route of ordering a larger size and paying more.
  12. In the best of times, you might make it, with a lot of stress. In Covid times, there is no way in the world I would book a flight that early. No way to know what Dec will be like, so we have to base on our current knowledge. And that knowledge says no way. Taxis, Uber and Lyft have staffing issues like most service industries - may take much longer to get transportation. TSA also has staffing issues - some airports have lines 2+ hours long. There could conceivably be issues during disembarkation vis a vis testing, or whatever. These issues have not been encountered necessarily on the fe
  13. I'll leave others to go into more detail, but as far as cabin size on M class ships - the Aqua Class and Concierge Class balcony cabins are larger than the standard balconies or outside cabins
  14. the answer is no. If you get caught you will be warned. If you do it again they can kick you off the ship. If vaping is a must have, she can vape in the couple of smoking areas.
  15. Agreed. I just think comparing right now, with few cruises sailing and at reduced capacity, versus a few weeks or couple of months from now could be an entirely different situation. And what happened PC (pre-Covid) could be very different from what will happen this year. We traveled to FLL earlier this year because we couldn't take the cruise we had originally booked. Ubers were taking some people 2+ hours to arrive (if they showed up at all). We ended up paying more than $80 for a ride we were used to paying $25 for. I would just hate to see anyone miss a plane based on old information.
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