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  1. You do realize the focus of your post is what you personally care about and believe? So I guess you fit right in with the rest of the CCers of which you speak
  2. I don't recall anything in the CDC guidelines preventing B2B cruises. The reason you need to disembark and re-embark in the US in-between cruises is because they are so specific about considering them separate cruises. As to PCR tests - no one can say for sure if Celebrity will require them. It is very difficult right now in many areas (including my own) to get a PCR test at all unless you have symptoms, let alone be able to get one that gives you results that quick. Most testing sites by me take a minimum of 4 days to return results, and that is after you wait in line 3-4 hou
  3. Disagree 100% (I would say 1000% but I'm trying to keep my emotions out of it🙂) Yes, us older folks do often zero in on a preferred cruise line- I'm with you on that. But as to the rest? Not in my opinion. Those of us who cruise regularly on Celebrity (and there are tons of us) may have a fixed budget per se, but that budget is not necessarily small. Since retiring, we average 6-8 cruises per year (pre-Covid of course). We don't book inside cabins - at our age we want to enjoy a bit of luxury. We can't always afford suites, but the minimum we will do is AQ or CC. Based on the demographi
  4. Agree 100%. I also can't think of any reason why they don't do this.
  5. I could also see west coast US cruises also, provided they can still make a stop in Mexico (and I'm hoping Canada or else Alaska cruises are toast!). I think at some point I read that some cruise lines (I want to say RCI but not 100% sure) were going to consider shorter Caribbean as well as west coast cruises.
  6. There's certainly a part of me that would absolutely love to agree with you. Unfortunately I don't. Yes, there are many in the US who benefit from the cruise industry but in the scheme of things not enough to rock the boat if you'll excuse the metaphor. There is no way a vacation industry will be considered essential IMHO, particularly one that has avoided paying taxes and following US laws by registering in other countries. I've seen and read a number of suggested phased approaches to distribution, and not one of them even mentions the travel industry. You could get around that argument
  7. I think it is very likely that you are right about the virus being with us for many years. I could hope otherwise, but.....At the same time, I hope with a stronger degree of positivity that within 2 years there will be a reasonably effective vaccine that will be 50-70% effective and reduce intensity of the virus if caught, as well as maybe some much better treatments.
  8. True, most Caribbean islands are probably Second World countries, if there were such a thing, and as Fouremco mentioned the facilities would likely be better than those onboard the ship. If what you propose were possible, it would ally some of my concerns. But how likely is it that the cruise lines, even if cooperating, could design such facilities and then convince expert medical staff to go there? Besides the medical staff shortage/strain everyone is already experiencing due to Covid, these facilities would specifically be designed for patients with the virus. I don't see a lot of hands
  9. This touches on one of my biggest concerns about resuming cruising. If I get sick with a deadly disease, possibly caught onboard, I don't want to be dumped off at some third world country with who knows what kind of medical facilities. Even if by some miracle they are able to pay to ensure appropriate medical treatment, what happens to those traveling with me? Will they create bulk housing for those folks? Individual cabins? What if I am so sick I am there for weeks, or months? What happens to my family traveling with me? I could go on and on. I fear it will take lots and lots and lots
  10. Considering the number of cruise lines that we may be talking about, 3 ships is not many. And it goes way beyond the ships themselves, they would need much larger embarkation/debarkation areas, quarantine areas, considerably more hotel rooms, restaurants, etc.. Not saying they couldn't use that as an embarkation port in a limited way, but for usage similar to FLL or MIA it is just not possible.
  11. Not very appealing to me for multiple reasons. First, I expect they would be priced exorbitantly. Next, what if I was counting on them, and for some reason they mixed up the order and they never showed up? Supplies of certain things can be very limited in some ports, especially the Caribbean, and highly priced when they can be found. And then there are the days at sea before you reach a port. All in all, not something I would take advantage of in all likelihood.
  12. Unfortunately, as hard as that is for people who honestly can't wear one, it makes sense. Your primary reason for wearing a mask is to protect others. If you happen to have some kind of valid reason you can't wear a mask unfortunately that still holds true. Others should not have their lives literally put at risk because you have a problem. The needs of the many must outweigh the needs of the few or the one (I learned that on Star Trek LOL, but it is very true). I feel bad for people in this situation, but from what I have researched there are truly very few people who absolutely cannot w
  13. If only that was truly the reason. Anyone who does not know any better by now (speaking of older children up to adults) either has been locked in a closet for 10 months, or is just not willing to accept what the scientific experts are saying. They think they know better. Or they are total jerks and just don't care. Unfortunately, there are just too many out there that fit in one or both of these categories,
  14. Totally agree. There is always some risk in taking any kind of vacation, including a cruise. But never before have we had to deal with the potential ramifications of such a deadly and contagious virus. That completely changes the dynamic. And your points about getting off at a port and getting home are very valid. I'm not even sure it is legal to just jump ship for no reason at the first port, without prior approval - not sure about that one but I seem to remember reading some posts years ago about people wanting to sail just from here to there and not complete the journey but it was not
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