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  1. We will be on the Equinox, a Solstice ship. Once back , yes, I will post the situation with the balcony furniture. Hopefully the hotel director made a "special order" after reading all of this - ha ha!!!
  2. By then this will be resolved- I am certain!! Will post an update following our July sailing. We too look forward to every cruise!!
  3. Yes, deck 12 is the pool deck & deck 14 directly above has seating. Deck 14 is always our preferred but generally gets very crowded and almost impossible by late morning. Deck 16 always got those guests who enjoyed some quiet & being away from the crowds on decks 12 & 14 AND once those decks filled up. With deck 16 now reserved for suite guests, there no longer is a place for the overflow and for those who simply prefer a quieter area. DH & I from time to time went up there as well. Unfortunately deck 16 is no longer an option for us. In addition for those suite guests who don't want to go to 16 they will be looking for chairs on 12 & 14 anyway!!! Between the footstools, change of those comfortable balcony chairs & now this, we are not sure what to expect on our favorite Solstice ship in a few weeks. Hope that explains.
  4. Will be interesting to see how it all plays out. If the suite guests don't utilize their sundeck( lack of shade) and come down to the main areas on the pool deck and above, now we have even less room AND no deck 16 to escape to!
  5. Yes this is hilarious but sounds like many of us have lost another "something" on the plus side for choosing Celebrity. As many are saying we select certain cabin categories for comfort and the perks that come with the extra cost. We are paying more ( $400) than last summer's Equinox sailing( same cabin) and sounds like getting less for a C3 category. I also am concerned about getting lounge chairs above the pool deck now that deck 16 is the Retreat Sundeck. What a shame- we truly love this ship!
  6. Now that deck 16 ( I believe) is the suite sun deck , I would imagine the main sun deck for non suite guests is much more limited. It always was challenging without going to deck 16. Can anyone who has recently sailed comment on the change? We sail on the Equinox in a few weeks and can’t help but wonder what it will be like. Carrying lounge chairs to the grass may become the only option to avoid lots of frustration!! 😃 It’s great to enhance the areas for suite guests but what about the rest of us.
  7. Thanks much - exactly what we did. Murano booked for the first night. Holding off on the package.
  8. Thanks for the info. This is a story I thought I had heard in the past. We are going to book Morano for the first night and play it by ear from there. We too enjoyed the food in the MDR on the Equinox.
  9. Thanks very much. I guess the great bands that we know from Dazzles will no longer be.
  10. We will be sailing once again on the Equinox in July. Can anyone tell me if we purchase the 3 night dining package will we be able to select our restaurants and times? I seem to remember reading that you can not & the ships assign. If so, from experience, what are the chances of changing? Many thanks!
  11. Can anyone comment on the type of music/ bands that play in the Music Hall on Anthem? Understand they are replacing Dazzles with the Music Hall on Oasis of the Seas. Always love Dazzles on the Oasis Ships.
  12. Just read a RCCL blog re the changes coming to Oasis of the Seas. They mention adding the Music Hall with "cover bands" . Does this mean that Dazzles & the amazing bands that have played across all of the Oasis Class will be no more? Experienced the Music Hall on Anthem and it could not compare to Dazzles. Hoping someone from RCCL or anyone with any inside information reads this and can clarify. Just booked an OAS for Nov 2020 which I might want to change. Also with the restaurants there is no mention of 150 Central Park. Only Chops, Giovanni's Table & Izumi are mentioned. Loving the Oasis ships as we do, this is somewhat sad . 😥
  13. Thanks Bob- sounds like it should be fine. How about the adjoining situation?
  14. We have sailed many of the Oasis Ships, typically 6D on decks 10 & 11 starboard. Contemplating an OAS sailing in November 2020. The price is great but only for an 8D on deck 6 forward or all the way aft on deck 6. Can anyone tell me if we will be blocked somewhat from the lifeboats on deck 5 ?? Hopefully we are not making a mistake going down the ladder. Sailing on SOS this Dec but the rates are crazy for the following year. We just can't justify the higher price of $750.00 One other question - some of the cabins being offered are adjoining. I seem to remember some on the boards saying you can hear noise & see light from the adjoining cabins. Thanks in advance for your feedback! Paula
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