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  1. Thanks to all who have replied! Great info & a terrific port link. We are sailing from Pier 26. Can’t wait! thanks again!
  2. We will be sailing on the The Nieuw Statemdam on Sunday. Can anyone comment on the closest garage. As usual I’ve packed to many bags! Many thanks!
  3. Paul- thank you once again for taking us along on your journey. You touched my heart today with your "mushy" moments from last night. You brought me to tears while reading about the couple you saw on the deck above the Martini Bar. It could have been my husband & I . If there was dance music you would have seen us dancing which we love. By the way is there any dancing on the ship? Enjoy EVERY moment of tomorrow & tomorrow evening. Happy Birthday! Paula
  4. Have a great cruise Paul & Edward!! Looking fo to following along! Bon Voyage!
  5. Ann, Thank you so much for posting the wine list, thermal suite info & answering the many questions you received. You are amazing! Yes, most helpful to many of us. Based on the limited wines for $9 , we may have no choice but to upgrade. At least we have that option - two years ago we did not. Enjoy your last day on board tomorrow ! Happy Holidays to all & Happy Cruising! Paula
  6. Thanks so much to VictOriann and all other on board who have taken us along & posted so much information . She looks beautiful! DH & I just booked the Nieuw Statendam( VC) for the end of March. We actually cancelled our Edge sailing despite a very low group rate. We very much enjoy dancing in the evenings and from what I have read it's basically non existent. It just does not sound like a good fit for us. We have always enjoyed the BB King groups & hope this is a good one! A few questions - We are going to purchase the Signature Beverage Package and upgrade on board if necessary. Is this possible? When we sailed 2 years ago HAL was not offering the premium package. We mainly drink wine throughout the evenings & remember the Santa Carolina Chardonnay was not at all to our liking. Can anyone comment on what is currently offered in the lounges & restaurant? We may wish to purchase the Thermal Suite Pass - how much is the week rate for a couple. On the Greenhouse web-site it says check at the Spa. Thank you & enjoy your remaining days on board!
  7. I just pulled the plug and cancelled our March sailing. This ship may be for some, but not us. Enjoy your remaining time on board Cruisestich & all others onboard. Hopefully the seas are calm & you can enjoy the sounds & views of the sea! Happy Holidays!
  8. Oh boy this truly may not be for us!! Certainly not expecting ballroom but Cruisestich we are with you on this. Presume you are on board and have first hand experience. Hope you enjoy the rest of your cruise! Thank you!
  9. Thanks for the replies- pretty much what I thought based on the Celebrity today that was posted. Almost at final payment & really thinking if this ship is for us. Esprit - enjoy your cruise & report back if you can.
  10. Hi Adam, Thank you very much for taking along & posting so much information. Has there been much in the way of evening dance music either in the Club or not sure where else it could be? With the Sky Lounge, Grand Foyer & Quasar which we are very familiar with GONE- are there any options for the evenings. It's a big part of our cruising experience. Many thanks!
  11. DH & I are booked on the Edge, end of March. We are seasoned cruisers who enjoy a variety of dancing in the evenings. The reviews I have read say nothing about the evening music . The copies of Celebrity today, that Adam has been so kind to post do not appear to have very much in the way of evening dance music. Can anyone who has been or is onboard share any info. Many thanks!
  12. Paul, Missing the old Cruise Critic Forums app which I used on my I-Pad. Sorry to sound dumb, but which mobile Cruise Critic app are you now using that is working well? I'm not the most savvy with all this!! Truly hope to one day be on the same cruise as you & Edward! Enjoy every moment of the next few days! Paula
  13. Thank you Paul for taking us along & sharing so much valuable info. Bon Voyage to you & Edward! Paula
  14. Congrats Paul!!! So well deserved & so wonderfully written . I had goosebumps reading it. Hope to have the opportunity to meet you & Edward on a future Celebrity sailing. In the meantime I can’t wait till November 5 & your next LIVE! Cheers! Paula Sent from my iPad using Forums
  15. thanks so much Beardie! I feel comfortable booking dinner at 8pm and will change if necessary. Most shows don’t typically last more that 45 or 50 minutes. So glad you you enjoyed your cruise as I am sure we will. The reviews have been so very positive!
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