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  1. Ugg, the cruise industry has gotten such a bad wrap! But really, what did you expect them to say? It will be interesting to see whose government agency is the first to declare that cruising is safe. Nobody wants to be the first to officially take that leap...
  2. The itinerary for Celebrity on Constellation leaving Tampa in March 2021 is also an 11 day. It goes part way into the canal and turns around at the half-way point in a lake. My understanding is that from there, you can book an excursion to go the rest of the way through. But you have to catch up with the ship at the next port. Now, fast forward to March 2022. We did a L&S from 2021 and the 2022 itinerary does not go into the canal at all. Rather, like @Biker19 said, it docks in Colon. From there, we'd have to take an excursion to go into the canal...which upon investigation, seems abundant. Having said all that, this is for Celebrity. RCL may do it differently but since they are under the same company umbrella, they may be more alike than different.
  3. Our last RCL cruise was on Allure, sister of Oasis back in 2015. So incredibly big! As we were on a port intensive itinerary in the Mediterranean, I can tell you very little about the ship except it was way too big for my liking. The Breakaway class is much more manageable... and it's big as well! We also liked Escape which is only slightly bigger than Breakaway. You are going to have an amazing time!
  4. This is us. We booked for March, 2021. At the time, I thought March as a no brainer. We'd have this figured out by then, shirley. Now...I'm second guessing that move. Oh well time will tell. Like you, we won't book any air until we have more information. And if we have to, we will drive to the port. Not my first choice, but do-able from Atl to Mia. A drive for you, not so much! 😊
  5. Think this thread has gone by way of the sewer 🙃.
  6. Thanks for posting this. It's nice to just think and read about normal stuff. What might have once seemed pretty mundane is now most welcome! Stay well David_Sobe! PS. Epic is probably my least favorite ship of all time but if she were the last one on earth available to sail, I'd gladly embark on her once again. 😊
  7. I think part of the problem is that one can find an "expert" or two to support their way of thinking for just about anything. I've read some medical experts who have said mask wearing is really more psychological protection than health protection from contracting a virus. Is that true? Who knows?! Case in point, the Mayor of Atlanta is always seen wearing a mask when in public. Leading by example. I respect that. However, yesterday she announced she tested positive for COVID. I pray for her speedy recovery. The truth is, nobody really knows if wearing a mask helps. All they really know is that it doesn't hurt. But like @fandash I'm done with the mask debate. People think what they think...and that's ok with me.
  8. I don't go on a cruise to socialize with people I don't know so social distancing won't be an issue for me. But I don't care to be prohibited from entering a venue, like the casino for example, because it has already met a certain quota of people. Who knows if that will happen but it could. As far as masks go, I wear one when in public because it's what our community officials have asked us to do. If it helps control the spread, then I will do it. But let me be clear. I don't like it one bit. It fogs up my glasses and it's hot and I can't hear people as well when they speak through their mask. It's annoying. I don't mind putting up with such annoyances when I leave the house because it's temporary. On a cruise, it's different. It just is. Will I have a bad time if I wear one? Absolutely not because I won't be there until they are no longer required. I work for the University System of Georgia who has just announced mandatory mask wearing inside all campus buildings in the fall. I get it, I'll do it, but don't ask me to like it. If I have to do it on vacation, then for me, it's not vacation.
  9. You know what's really annoying? When someone in a FB group or some other platform says they have "inside information". No source, nothing official from the company itself. Inside information could be his/her neighbor's sister who has an aunt who knows someone who sells watches onboard the ship. Rumors cause such unnecessary stress and panic. Having said all that....OP, I highly recommend you do a L&S for your December cruise and I certainly would not make final payment. December is not likely at all. This is not based on an inside source...just the writing on the wall. Like Fouremco, we had a cruise booked for March 2021 and did a L&S for 2022.
  10. I think this is due, in part to the fact that they don't want to publish that which has not yet been approved only to have to change it again. How would it look to the consumer if they put out multiple releases because they have to walk back or correct something put in an earlier release. I'm of the opinion that the best course of action is the have a solid plan before releasing it. Generalities is about all they can manage at the moment. Like you, I find it very irritating but I'm not sitting in their chair so I try (sometime really try) not to judge. I will continue to use my TA. She has been much more successful in communication with Celebrity than I would have been on my own. I can see no benefit to my going it alone on future bookings. And the bonus OBC that we score from our TA makes it worth it. We had a cruise cancelled in April. We received our refund in chunks from on board pre-paids to taxes and port fees, to finally the fare itself. Entire time period was 90 days. Some have not been so lucky. But what's the lesson? IDK. If there's another situation that shuts down the cruise industry indefinitely, do you think they (the cruise industry) will have different protocols in place to speed up the refund process? I don't see any of the cruise lines building in such a contingency. It is what is it. So what have I learned? I won't book cruises so far in advance anymore.
  11. Definitely on my list of weekend getaways. Wasn't so sure if now was the best time. How are things?
  12. Cruising would be my first choice. An all inclusive is a good second choice. For now, we are just taking small weekend trips to get away. Not leaving the state. This weekend, we will explore some GA wineries and hide away at a quaint little mountain B&B. Who knew you could get away so close to home...
  13. Please post your source that indicates doctors/hospitals in the US are flipping a coin for the purpose of determining who lives and who dies...
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