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  1. Didn’t know that either! How does one get VIP status? oops..just noticed this thread is almost a year old. 🤷‍♀️
  2. VT..you always have the BEST information! Thank you for posting the pics above. I'm not a fan of the Hoppen design at all. I see that she has done the M class ships, which makes me less excited about putting down a deposit on Connie for a 2021 Panama Canal trip.
  3. As I recall, Equinox has fewer specialties than some of the other S class ships. Sushi on 5 is one that we really enjoy but I wouldn't use up a freebie on that venue. For us, it's more of a lunch venue because you don't leave feeling stuffed and it leaves room for dinner later in the evening. We have never really enjoyed the Tuscan Grill. Have found service to be very slow and food to be just OK. Silk Harvest, which is what it was pre-revolution was forgettable. I don't know if that venue has been replaced with something else. Our favorite is Murano by far. I don't think they have had a menu update in quite some time but it's a wonderful menu with lots of great things to try. We usually order the steak and lobster prepared table side. They also have a really nice cheese course to top off the meal. We enjoy the service and ambiance as well. Disclaimer...my POV is based on our Equinix experience pre-revolution. Things may be much different now.
  4. We also enjoy the Sun and have been on her twice. I didn't experience any of the issues described...EXCEPT the under cooked bacon. Totally agree with that statement. For us, the Sun provides a quick get away. We don't go into it expecting the bells and whistles that the other ships and itineraries have to offer. That said, NCL still has an obligation to provide a quality product as the contract between customer and company implies. I hope OP still managed to have a good time despite certain disappointments.
  5. The Sky suite would allow you to experience the ship within a ship concept like NCL's Haven while Aqua would be more like a Spa balcony on NCL except with Blu. I'd probably pay the additional and go for the suite experience and with 2 ports of call on a 4 night itinerary, I might not even get off the ship so that I could get the full experience. You could use the OBC to purchase a day pass (assuming they have them) to the spa just to try it out.
  6. Yes, we are saying the same thing...just in a different way. I agree with you. 😊
  7. I think the perks are a personal choice based on how you cruise and your needs while being away. We take full advantage of the drinks package perk so for us, that's a win. The wifi perk allows DH to travel for longer lengths of time bc of his need to check in with work. The grats are a toss up. We will pay them either way. And the OBC is nice but if you have a TA, they often throw that in as well. I don't think you're missing anything. Sounds like in your case the a la carte plan is better for your circumstances.
  8. Annie, Not really sure of your point but I can say that regardless of whether the cruise experience was good or bad, most people will never take the time to leave a review. I believe that those who are taking the time to review their experience are giving their perspective/opinion of events which cannot be proven or disproven...as a reader of such events, I can weed through the details and take away what works for me. I think that's all any who frequent CC for information can do.
  9. Heavens NO! Quite the opposite, as you can imagine. But until recently, I was bound by the school calendar for planning my cruises. Twice a year...once in November over Thanksgiving and the other in early April for spring break. My cruise line of choice has been Celebrity because despite the fact that I was traveling on a school break, the ships were relatively calm with children because of the reputation for drawing an older crowd. If Celebrity is going to advertise "kids sail free" they are obligated to then provide activities for the barrage of families with children they will likely attract during these travel periods. From the reviews written on this sailing, Celebrity was nowhere near ready to accommodate 1. the number of children, and 2. the increased number of passengers. It's interesting because one of the reviews I read was written from the perspective of a parent who was also complaining bc her children had nothing to do and the ship's staff seemed intolerant of having them on board. It seems both perspectives were dissatisfied.
  10. Well, this is just my opinion but for what it's worth, I think being in a suite pre-dry dock is a better option than post. With the Edgefied changes that they are making to the suites (all categories, really), the post dry-dock price will be higher and the suite itself less appealing. So many complaints about changes in furniture, comfort of furniture, changes in storage, changes in balcony furniture...no thank you. We are on Silhouette in November, pre-dry dock. I am looking forward to enjoying the suite life as I know it and remember it to be. Aqua is also nice though and includes Persian Gardens! So now that I've rambled on, let me summarize: Post-dry dock, suite prices will increase due to the addition of the new suites only area, and the level of comfort associated with the suite will decrease...just my opinion.
  11. No criticism here...as a retired educator, I've had my fill. I think many people prefer to cruise on ships without lots of kids but won't openly admit it because of the hazing that often ensues...like what you received in the way of comments. Less children....it's why we consciously chose Celebrity over Royal...but when our kids were younger, that was our line of choice because we knew they would be adequately entertained. Even the best behaved kids will sow some wild oats when in a new element with some new found freedoms. We are on Silly in November over Thanksgiving. It's a 9 nighter leaving on a Friday instead of the typical Saturday or Sunday embarkation. It is my hope that families looking for a vacation over the Thanksgiving break will opt for a 7 nighter instead. Like the poster who had the retreat of the RS, we do as well. But as others have pointed out, a customer is a customer and Celebrity has a responsibility to live up to the product they advertise. Providing day time entertainment in the theater, both large, and in the movie, is an excellent idea. If kids aren't given something productive to do, they will find ways to entertain themselves.
  12. I usually get good information from your insights but would you mind expanding on this? What do you mean?
  13. Thank you for saying this. You are right in that it is important to remember that pictures often don't do a space the justice it deserves.
  14. Completely agree. It's not about the decor at all. For me, it's about the functionality of the space in the 11 days that I'm going to be living in it. I like and enjoy relaxing in comfort on my balcony. By all reports, that will be a challenge unless I request furniture to be brought in from some obscure, storage room of more practical furniture located somewhere on the ship. Additionally, I like to unpack and store my clothes. Drawer space appears to be limited...not a deal breaker, but I'm not fond of the idea of having to keep all of my non-hanging clothes in a single drawer in order to make sure DH has a place for his things. Lighting seems to be an issue both in natural light (at least in the cabin I've reserved) and bed-side. How about in-suite dining? Doesn't seem very practical given the table size/height...IDK, I'm just trying to justify the cost of this category against the number of factors that have been removed/replaced by things I think I will enjoy less than what was in place prior to the revolution. And I do think that it is prudent to research what I'm getting into, in this case spending my money on, before actually forking over the money. And that pains me because Celebrity is my go-to for cruising and the changes just don't excite me. I want to like it...I really do. So I will keep looking at pictures and reading reviews to get more perspective.
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