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  1. Here is What I got for traveling: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B074S64TW8/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o07_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I take along an assortment of magnetic hooks too.
  2. I never get the PUP email but my boyfriend does. He got the email and forwarded it on to me. Registered and got the confirmation.😁
  3. I just called on Monday and had my boyfriend's and my accounts linked. Took all of about 3 minutes to do.
  4. I will be getting the vaccine when I'm able but it will be awhile as I don't have any risk factors, not a front line worker, or an essential worker. If I were to get COVID I most likely would be okay. Still I'll get the vaccine because: 1. It will reduce my risk as slight as it may be. 2. I want things to get back to normal like everyone. 3. THE MOST IMPORTANT! I want to protect those at risk and those who can't get the vaccine. I feel it is my responsibility as a person to do what I can to protect my fellow humans. I have a partner who has sev
  5. People are reporting on the Royal board that RCCL is going to award extra point to all cruise in 2021. Here's to hoping it is true and Celebrity will do the same.
  6. Finally able to get back in. What a cluster!
  7. My whole webinar just stopped streaming. It just froze up.????
  8. We have L&S our spring 2021 OZ/NZ cruise, Great Barrier Reef cruise and our TP from Sydney to Hawaii cruise to 2022. It was no problem to L&S our first 2 cruises online but Celebrity showed no option for our TP🤥. Having read that some people on our Roll Call had success doing L&S for that cruise I called our TA and asked him to try with Celebrity to get us L&S. It took 4 days to get an answer but he was successful with our request.😁 We have had to make some adjustments with our cruising plans. Instead of a closed loop Australia/NZ cruise leaving from Sydney we now
  9. Where was your flight starting and ending? If you flight started or ended in the US and AC cancelled the flight they must provide a refund to you according to US DOT regulations. You can try filling a compliant with DOT. https://airconsumer.dot.gov/escomplaint/ConsumerForm.cfm I have read that even when AC has been told they must provide refund by DOT AC has been refusing in some cases. Good luck and I hope you can get your refund.
  10. We have a B2B2B scheduled starting March 24th 2021 on the Solstice doing Australia, New Zealand, and a TP to Hawaii. We did book using refundable deposits but unless there is a vaccine by then we most likely be canceling all three cruises. We will hold off making a decision until final payment is due.
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