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  1. Reminder, the hair dryer is in the desk drawer not the bathroom.
  2. You might have better luck getting an answer here: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/131-cozumel/ It is a link to the Cozumel Port of Call board.
  3. I know it's not the same ship but it is the Galapagos. There is great information to be found here;
  4. I have paid in full for both fares. Insurance is refunding my partner's fare.
  5. I am Diamond + on Royal so I know I will be Elite on Celebrity. We haven't cruise Celebrity before so I am starting with 0 points. We had a Galapagos cruise booked with the Machu Picchu add on after for a total of 15 days. Due to recent surgery my partner will not be going but I still am. Yes, we do have insurance to cover him. I have 2 questions. 1. Do I earn points for the land portion? 2 Will I get double points for doing this trip solo? Well 3 questions. #. If I do get points for the land portion do I get double points for that too?
  6. We are longtime cruisers on Royal (Diamond +)and are going to try Celebrity. My partner is on a low sodium diet. On Royal we have used specialty restaurants to help with the low sodium diet. We have found the cooked to order meals much easier for control rather than trying to do it in the main dinning room. On our last cruise we got the UDP and never set foot in the main dinning room or the Windjammer. Breakfast was at the Solarium Bistro and all other onboard meals (lunch and dinner) were in specialty restaurants this plan worked very well for us and Jim had no problems Now that we are going to try Celebrity we are thinking of going Aqua Class mainly for access to Blu. I was wonder if experienced Celebrity cruisers think that we will be able control the sodium content in our meals in Blu or would we be better off doing exclusively specialty restaurants? Does Celebrity usually offer something like an full cruise specialty dinning package (UDP) like Royal does if Blu is not a good option for us?
  7. My mobile SetSail Pass has a barcode for our Symphony cruise next month.
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