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  1. We felt very safe in Cape Town. Avoid certain neighborhoods that are known for their criminal element and you will be fine.
  2. We ended up staying at The Table Bay Hotel. We were very happy with the hotel and the location. The Ports Wood is very close (walkable) to the V&A Waterfront. We booked a room at the City Lodge Hotel for disembarkation day. Our flight left at 11:00pm. The hotel was inexpensive, clean, and provided respite during our busy day. We dropped off our luggage around 9am and our room was available around noon. We did not stay overnight. The nice thing about this hotel is it is next to a boardwalk that connects the Canal district to the Waterfront. It is a safe 10-15 minute walk along the canal or the main road. We used John Farthing @ Kestrel Executive Services. He was recommended to us by another cruisecritic member. His rates were very reasonable! https://www.kestrelservices.co.za/Contact.htm John was wonderful. He was very knowledgeable, friendly, and an all-around great guy. He gave us great recommendations and enhanced our trip tremendously. We did several private tours with John. He also transported us to/from the airport.
  3. Would you mind sharing the cost and flight route from US?
  4. Yes. I received an upgrade offer email for my upcoming Dec 9 Pursuit cruise.
  5. PortsWood is very reasonable and in a great area. We booked the nearby Queen Victoria Hotel. Rates have varied greatly since our booking.
  6. Were you able to get in touch with your Dad? I hope everything worked out ok for you.
  7. Also try: OnwardGuestEmergency@Azamara.com
  8. Check the roll call to see if anyone is actively posting. They may be able to have guest services send a message to the person you are trying to contact. Here is the roll call:
  9. People are giving you a hard time, but I understand your POV. It is not about the butler. I am not okay with contracting with a business for certain goods and services and then having them taken away at a later time. I expect to get what I pay for. Nothing more and nothing less. Some things are included and paid for in the cruise rate that I do not partake in. I am ok with subsidizing those things or experiences for other cruisers. The big difference is that I make those choices. We cruised with Celebrity three times over the past year. Twice on Solstice and once on Reflection. The product is not the same. I am a low-maintenance person and I was very disappointed in the changes. After 20 years of cruising with Celebrity, I don't think we will be returning any time soon. We booked our upcoming December cruise with Azamara.
  10. Ours were available at booking with additional excursions available soon after final payment.
  11. Here is a link to the contact form: https://www.azamara.com/about-azamara/contact-us Also, try support@azamara.com
  12. I got it because I sent an email to Azamara customer service asking if we were going to be credited port fees for the dropped ports. I expressed disappointment at Azamara dropping two ports immediately after final payment. My original email was not to the UK CS. It was sent through the US website "contact us" support page. The form asks which country you are from. I think the UK email was an error on the response email. I called US CS and was told I could rebook if I wanted to. The email came from support@azamara.com
  13. You will probably be offered the opportunity to rebook your cruise. I am on a December Pursuit South Africa sailing. Azamara canceled two of six ports right after the final payment was due. Of course, the price of the cruise dropped. I emailed Azamara inquiring whether we would receive a refund of port fees (No). Here is their response: (Note: I am not sure why it is routed to UK customer service.) Thank you for contacting Azamara. I hope this email finds you in good health. In our continuous commitment to enhancing the cruise experience, we have taken into consideration feedback received from the previous Africa season. Based on these valuable insights, we have decided to make some adjustments to the itinerary in order to offer a more enriching and immersive South African adventure. I am sorry for your disappointment with the itinerary change during your sailing. We will be removing East London and Maputo from this itinerary and instead give additional time in the captivating port of Richards Bay. Although this change may alter the original plans, we firmly believe that the new direction of the itinerary will provide an even more captivating experience and unforgettable memories. Reservations can be changed to a new ship and sail date and Azamara will waive the major change fees, cancellations are not available. If you would like to pursue this matter further please contact; azamaracustomerserviceuk@azamara.com *Azamara reserves the right to change the itinerary Many thanks, Georgina
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