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  1. How many entrees and how many times do you really need to eat?! Let's go back to the days of quality over quantity. Cruising was amazing 15-20 years ago. Multi-course meals. Good quality. Perfect portions. Excellent service. I cannot stand food waste...which is why I abhor buffets, UDP, and mediocre-poor quality. Less is more.
  2. I remember, way back when, the specialty restaurant cover charge was the tip.
  3. I believe Pre-paid daily gratuity would go to MDR staff. Check your cruiseplanner to see if BOGO includes gratuity for specialty dining wait staff. If not, then you should tip specialty dining wait staff.
  4. Agree. Triple - daily gratuity, cruiseplanner purchase gratuity, and dinnertime gratuity. Yikes. What is the point of RCI adding the gratuity on the purchase (my cruiseplanner purchase said gratuity included) if you are expected to tip again at the restaurant? (I am not concerned about double tipping (daily gratuity) because I feel the weekly gratuity goes to the MDR staff and not the specialty restaurant staff. I don't want the MDR staff to suffer if I chose not to eat there.)
  5. You could choose no perks. My point is - I only paid $20pp per day (incl gratuities) for Celebrity's drink package. They would not sell the perks promo if it was not profitable for them. I would think people who are more inclined to drink would chose the beverage package over the others as it provides the greatest savings on retail cost.
  6. You could pick 2 of 4 perks: $300 OBC, free gratuities, free drinks, or free internet.
  7. I doubt the $18 drink package is hurting RCI. I booked a Celebrity cruise with Pick2 - I choose beverage package and $300 OBC. The difference in price for the added "free" perks was $600. That means, effectively, the beverage package was purchased for $300 for two people for 7 days - ~$20pp including gratuities.
  8. No. But I would expect some minor service for the child. Assist with nursery arrangements. Maybe some snacks or special treats. etc. Sing lullabies at naptime. (j/k)
  9. Why not? The child is a paying passenger. Seriously. 😁
  10. Recently, my daughter and her friends secured a room on AirBnb in Munich for a very reasonable rate near the Ocktoberfest festivities, You may want to check out alternative arrangements.
  11. RCI accepted the deposit. RCI contacted OP more than two weeks after the booking. They also accepted responsibility by doing an alternative arrangement for the OP, as a sort of good will. I believe the OP also said the rate was available on RCI's website.
  12. They called RCI to verify pricing. RCI had the same pricing.
  13. Has anyone had their bid link expire? I receive a "bid to upgrade" email in mid-June for my Aug 29 sailing. I decided not to bid at that time. I decided to look it over again today and the email link shows as an error on RCI page. I went to the link someone posted on this thread, but it says sailing must be within 30 days. I am 31 days out. I have a balcony GTY that has been assigned, but my account page still show GTY. My edocs show deck 11; which coincides with the cabin RCI told me was already assigned. Does RCI revoke your chance to bid if you wait a certain length of time to respond?
  14. Honestly, I would have unknowingly booked this "outstanding" deal and not considered it being a wrong price as $3000 is not so out of the realm when looking at other dates for that itinerary. I would think the sailing is not selling well for whatever the reason. Most of the dates are about 20% higher than what OP paid. OP said TA and RCI verified the price was correct. There have been recent posts on CC telling people about fantastic deals available on Grand Suites. Are the people booking them stupid and greedy too? (BTW, thanks to those posters. Great info.) In the past, I have managed to secure a balcony cabin for 2 for $730 plus $150 OBC for a 7 night spring cruise. 10 night spring cruise for 3 people in an OV for $1600. Recently, I saw a dirt cheap Aqua class cabin (Alaska) on Celebrity for $600pp. I know it was a good rate because previously booked cruises got the price drop credit. The OP and the TA did their due diligence and I believe the fault lies on RCI.
  15. I had no idea you could bid more to downgade your stateroom. Good to know.
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