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  1. I actually think that’s a great idea!
  2. I'll be onboard too! I had no idea she would be sailing with us.
  3. Guest relations can help you access your internet package. I hope you enjoy your cruise!
  4. It was well advertised long before the cut off date. Not Azamara's fault that you didn't start cruising with them until after.
  5. I have noticed, on our cruises coming up this month (!!!) that there are excursions showing with no prices; they are the ones that have sold out. Available ones are still showing prices.
  6. You can arrange your own tours, which you probably will find beneficial as you are traveling as a group. I expect you may find the same though, that it is too far out and many tour guides/ companies are not offering anything yet.
  7. Yes, if cancelled 48 hours before the excursion in general, and yes the OBC would go back to your shipboard account. You can use your OBC for specialty dining/ Chef's Table, wine, upgraded drink package or individual drinks not already included, the spa, the salon, the shops.
  8. laurieb

    Tote bags

    I was thinking maybe I should pack one just to be safe. I've often used one as my personal item for my flights
  9. laurieb

    Tote bags

    Thank you!! I hope you're having a wonderful cruise!!
  10. laurieb

    Tote bags

    Are Tote bags still being given to guests? On Quest in particular.
  11. Enjoy the rest of your adventure! I'm sure you'll enjoy every minute of it. Safe travels and thank you for taking us all along with you!!
  12. laurieb

    Buyer beware

    Extraordinary Perks Big price reduction on the first leg, lost EBB but got 1000.00 OBC. EBB also taken off second leg, but wasn't informed that would happen. I have someone working on it now; I'll let you know the outcome if it changes.
  13. laurieb

    Buyer beware

    Originally two, but needed to be moved to one to get B2B OBC applied. Booked before the split.
  14. laurieb

    Buyer beware

    If you have a B2B cruise, be aware that if you adjust one of the cruises, new promotion case in point, you will lose any benefits you had on both legs, even if no new promotion was added to the other leg. Not a happy camper right now.
  15. I believe you also receive a coupon for a discount on a bottle or more of wine, at least that used to be the case.
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