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  1. I’m not able to log in to my account at all using safari ; no issues with explorer or my ipad
  2. Our first experience with a butler was earlier this year; we didn't use his services much either. He did come around with tea and goodies in the afternoon, which we gladly accepted when we were in our stateroom.
  3. “Food was great; especially the Signature Chef’s Table” is this a new chef’s table?
  4. I also had them several mornings in the mixed fresh berries in Windows; they were delicious
  5. We've been declined once, on our July cruise 😞 I guess not everyone enjoys meeting their fellow cruisers
  6. The LCV minutes can still also be used though?
  7. So the 235 or 240 minutes is per person, yes? And you also get your Le club minutes, per guest, or $ off towards unlimited for the entire cruise. Can one guest put 300.00 towards an unlimited package and the other the Le Club X 2 amount for another unlimited package?
  8. Very good to know! I’ll put it to the test in January
  9. It’s my understanding that if you purchase the ultimate beverage package, that you can have drinks delivered to your stateroom with no charge; is this true?
  10. my DH has never packed a tie or a jacket and has never felt under dressed, in the specialties or for the chef's table, same with our traveling companions. It's really all just a matter of what you feel comfortable with! I like to dress up a bit, and never feel out of place (well maybe I would at Windows). Not having to pack heavy, dressy clothing is one of the first things that drew us to Azamara so many years ago
  11. laurieb


    It’s a good day to do it!
  12. We have b2b cruises out of Venice in October 2020; I hope changes won’t affect us too much. The three sisters are to be in Venice October 10 2020.
  13. Funny I don’t remember that much sunshine!
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