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  1. Here in the states, most Travel Agents will charge their clients card directly to Azamara; I wouldn't be happy having the agent get the refund and having to wait on them to get it back to you.
  2. It sounds to me like you're understanding it correctly 🙂
  3. The US offices have been closed on Saturdays for months now
  4. Taxes and fees on two of our cruises actually dropped; bonus!
  5. I've heard earlier that Azamara will be rolling out the rest of the 2022 itineraries in July; is this still when we can look forward to seeing them?
  6. Just lifted and shifted three cruises, b2b2b; worked perfectly!
  7. Very happy to see you here! I have no doubt that you will be sharing valuable information with all of us here!
  8. Bonnie you have been a help and voice of reason and you will be missed! Thank you for all you have done! I hope we'll all be able to get back to talking about cruises again, and that you'll be here to join in happier conversations.
  9. Your travel agent will know 😉
  10. My friend’s march 17 cruise is just now mostly refunded; her Emirates flights however, won’t be refunded for another 60-90 days (from today). the first couple cancellations are taking longer but they are being refunded. Your TA needs to contact their BDM
  11. Later 2022 will hopefully be released in July
  12. Well put together video; the reason we cruise with Azamara!
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