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  1. You can also use it for bottled water. Being able to use it for water and sodas was nice because kept the refrigerator stocked with the unused vouchers at the end of each day.
  2. I have just one night and opted for the Hilton airport. I have been to Rome several times so no desire to go earlier. Cruise isn't until spring but the hotels fill up quickly. I checked the options in Citivecchia but wasn't too impressed. I appreciate the advice.
  3. I will be flying to Rome the day before and taking a shuttle to the port. Is it closer to stay at an airport hotel or go into the city? The airport looks closer as it is on the coast but would like advice from someone who has done this before. Thanks!!! ✈️
  4. They will look for name. My sister printed the wrong page and we had to find the email and PDF that had her name along with the negative result before she could check in at pier. . The PDF will have both.
  5. My first cruise on Quest will be in the spring . Cabin # 8016~ anyone familiar with that cabin's location? Thank you!
  6. What category of cabin is that? I have a Club Vereanda Plus for April. Thank you for this wownderful post! 🛳️
  7. On Adventure last month the earliest was 6:45. They explained that MTD was sharing the same space as regular dining . The 3rd level of dining room was not being used. So there was a 5 or 5:30 dining time then MTD then 8 dining time. This was a fully vaccinated cruise.
  8. Based on my experience a few yrs ago(2018) I would say yes. We skipped breakfast and took our own luggage off at about 7 am.There was an abundance of taxis waiting at the port. Trip to airport isn't that long and that early the airport wasn't too busy. We made a 10 am flight . The flight schedule may very well change by next March so consider that as well.
  9. Same with me on July Adventure cruise. No bar seats.
  10. On Adventure there was one in the back of the Windjammer and 2 on the promenade by the Cafe Promenade/Starbucks.
  11. Yes, was on Adventure last month and the machines had lemon,orange,lime,etc Dasani water . The machines were not self-serve due to covid so they weren't always available.
  12. On the Adventure reservations for specialty resturants were not available until on the ship. If you have an early time for arrival just go the restaurant and make your reservations.
  13. The Diamond benefit for internet is 24 consecutive hrs. If both parties in cabin are Diamond you get 2 days of free internet. The 4 free drinks is for any bar any time. If you don't each use your 4 vouchers each day you may get bottled water or cans of soda from the bars as well. I did that and kept it in the fridge.
  14. How can you tell which ones have no single supplement? I love this idea but have never searched for a single. Thanks!
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