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  1. Mine have been good, Charlie had his retaken our last cruise. Funny because we used the same photo a million times!
  2. We, indeed, all need that support system. My kids, family, cousins, friends all helped immensely. We had many trips up tp Columbia before he finally got his new heart. Third time was the charm. Luckily, everyone knew the severity of the situation from the beginning so there was always a shoulder to cry on.
  3. Haven’t had one in many years. Luckily, the pharmacist recommended an over-the-counter pill for UTIs. It kept things calm until I got the prescription.
  4. He told me to get cranberry tablets so I figured that and cosmos should help😳
  5. So, I decided to go to med school. I diagnosed myself with a UTI and went to my Doctor. He said I had to wait on a culture until he would prescribe antibiotics. Four days later I have antibiotics! If I could prescribe I would be four days ahead of the game🤪 Seriously, he is a really good, cautious Doctor and has been great to us for over thirty years.
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