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  1. You get the benefits on the next cruise, unless you make Pinnacle.
  2. After all the grocery shopping, daughter and I went liquor shopping. We made everyone happy with our banter, so proud of us. One guy cracked up when she told me to buy the large Belvedere because I deserved it. We also mentioned that we would have to sneak it into the house so hubby wouldn’t notice it. Probably that is what he found funny🤪I told the cashier what happens in the liquor store stays in the liquor store. Mums the word!!!!
  3. Our grandkids loved cruising. The youngest were both 2. One of them has since been on seven cruises.
  4. Turkey bought along with toilet paper, YAY(I guess you can’t use toilet paper for stuffing🤪)Stores are mobbed and people are buying anything and everything. Stores are out of the strangest things.
  5. More testing seems to be contributing to the rise in cases. Every UrgiCare in our area has lines wrapped around the block. We decided it is no worse, just more testing being done so numbers have gone up🥴
  6. No chocolate breakfast on our last few cruises.
  7. Lucky me, just back from the dentist. Tooth pain is a pain! Redid a filling and hoping for the best. He went conservative because of COVID but down the road probably will need more. SIGH
  8. I love Denny’s. I think because in my head I think I am on vacation😷
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