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  1. You can sit by the Music Hall windows and really enjoy the ocean views. The Diamond Lounge also along with 270 and the Seaplex.
  2. I understand their point but they picked the wrong forum. Go out in the communities and help, kneeling at a football game helps no one. You are so right about getting paid.
  3. So far the protest here is quiet. They are down by the place Garner was killed. It brings up a lot of pain for my family as my mother was killed the day after Garner. She was run down by a sanitation truck a block from our house. We did get news coverage, which we didn’t want but the Garner thing went on and on. I wanted to protest for her life which was worth as much as anyone’s.
  4. Here on Staten Island there is a big protest planned. Supposedly Al Sharpton is coming. He has been unusually quiet during this quarantine. I understand the protests but why resort to violence, nothing will change this way.
  5. Words cannot express the feelings of losing a child. A piece of your heart is gone and never will be replaced. So sorry.
  6. My favorite memory is seeing the look on my granddaughter’s face when we took her on the Explorer. She couldn’t understand how we got to cruise a lot but she didn’t. We surprised her with the Explorer and she has now been on eight cruises with us and her mom.
  7. Strangely enough my daughter moved to BayRidge after she got married! No, I am sure I was around when you were here🤪
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