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  1. Once a year election is enough for me. Once every 2 years actually, I don't count the off-years where the only person to vote for is county coroner or dog catcher. I think this country - or at least cable news networks - would have a meltdown if there was 3 elections in less than a year. Can't wait for the day when we can vote via TV remote or text. Hey, it's its good enough for TV show singing competitions.... 😆
  2. I like to pick option #3. Go to showroom bar for another drink(s). Gets me thru the most boring performances.
  3. Don't feel bad. I felt the same way as you did at first, thinking the responses were the usual "don't you dare say anything bad about Royal". Then I realized the OP has a certain history and now everything makes sense.
  4. You are asking me to prove that a crime was not committed? Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? If anything, I feel like the numbers of cases/deaths have been under-reported overall due to the lack of testing during the first half of the pandemic. Just my opinion. No link to back it up. I disagree. I think every little thing helps. Wearing a mask may not stop you for getting sick but it could reduce the viral load and make the difference between mild symptoms (or no symptoms) vs severe symptoms .....or severe symptoms vs death. https://apnews.com/article/16cc7a31a327820b9bd1e56a89df5d49 https://www.healthline.com/health-news/wearing-a-mask-may-reduce-how-sick-you-get-from-covid-19#How-masks-might-protect-the-wearer-as-well 👍. Careful is good.
  5. Yeah, trust me, I have no desire to go near a poll on Election Day. That is why I voted absentee. I'll be traveling later that week and need to get a covid-19 test before getting on the plane. I don't want any last second surprises messing up my vacation plans or putting me in quarantine in another country.
  6. Ok, you presented a fact with a link source. But you also suggested something sketchy was going on and the numbers were wildly inflated for profit sake. Nothing other than vague maybes, urban legends of skydiving accidents being counted as CV19 and a one-off of a motorcycle death recorded as CV19 death. One! Besides, you rightfully posted that despite rising case numbers, deaths are not rising proportionally. Proof that awareness, testing, social distance, early treatment and wearing a mask are working....as opposed to March when everyone was "meh, it's just a flu. I'm not going to let it stop me from enjoying my life". Being careful and aware is different than being fearful or careless. Which would you rather be?
  7. Send some snow my way. Tomorrow I receive delivery of my new 24 inch, 2 stage Ariens Deluxe snowblower replacing my trusty but dying 22 year old 2 stage 24 inch Ariens snowblower. Can't wait to try it out. Supposedly it's more powerful but they don't rate horsepower anymore. It goes by torque. There is a mathematical formula to do the conversion. I guess I could ask @John&LaLa to do the math for me.😀
  8. Nice to know I could change my mind if something dramatic happens in the next week.
  9. One click. If hospitals were making money, NYC hospitals would be paving the sidewalks with gold. https://www.dispatch.com/story/news/healthcare/2020/08/04/qa-do-hospitals-get-paid-more-for-covid-19-patients/112873160/
  10. We should be okay unless someone reports us. But I will respectfully defer to our OP, Dani to let us know if we go out of bounds.
  11. I think all absentee ballots do get counted. That's why it sometimes takes until weeks after Election day to get an "accurate" count of the popular vote and certify. I also thought absentee ballots were not counted until after the polls close on election day. I was told I could still show up on Election Day and cast my vote which would invalidate my absentee ballot. Maybe it varies by state??? "Vote early, vote often" is my motto.!😃
  12. I actually have to book a cruise to get double points? Why can't they just double the points I already have? 😁 That might encourage me to book a cruise for next year. Not fair that the people spending money are actually getting a better deal!!! 😆
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