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  1. I have used my Debit/VISA card at the Miami Port. Don’t remember if I ran it as Debit or VISA. This was in 2017.
  2. Maybe it’s just me, but “nerve-wracking” seems a bit stressful to me. Glad you got the upgrade.
  3. I wasn’t aware D+ ever had access to the Suite Lounge? Want access, book a Suite or become Pinnacle.
  4. Why not just book the cabin you want and not get stressed out waiting for the results?
  5. This area. Look at the density. This is in the middle of nowhere, or was. Lol
  6. We hear, over here on the coast, that in addition to all the great things at the Villages, they have the highest STD rate by sq/mile than any other location in Florida. Any truth to these rumors?
  7. That too. A easy hop over for young people. The few times we have used the Suite Deck on Harmony, the lock worked but it was easy to leave the gate ajar.
  8. On both trips on Harmony, the kids had figured out how to open the gate at the bottom of the stairs to use the hot tub. They were NOT Suite Guests. It was easy to get a drink at the bar and a seat.
  9. I know Brilliance is Chartered Nov 30-Dec 7 2019 for High Seas Rally. A Biker Cruise to raise money for Kidney Dialysis.
  10. Is that similar to an inside cabin where no Sun Shines?
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