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  1. I still believe unruly entitled adults onboard are far worse than any “unruly “ kids.
  2. Here is the winners of Team Slow Ride. This is a Father Daughter team from Louisiana. Enjoy IMG_0685.MOV
  3. Yesterday was the completion of the 1st Bruce Rossmeyer Harley-Davidson Civilian Motorcycle Skills Challenge Yours truly placed second in Team Slow Ride. We had 59 riders and raised over $7000 for the Volusia Sheriff Office Charities. The video is called SMART Ride. Three rider teams from blind draw. Two Experts/Masters and 1 Novice. IMG_0696.MOV
  4. Day 2 Civilian Motorcycle Challenge This is expert Slow Ride. How does he do this? We had 3 riders over 2 minutes. Slow riding is the hardest skill to learn. IMG_0615.MOV
  5. I have no problems with families. I also have no problems with well behaved children. What I do have is problems with unruly rugrats on cruises I’ve seen more issues with entitled thinking adults than children. M8
  6. Does this mean if you book say Drink Package and a better price is offered, you only get a refund if cruise reservation is cancelled? M8
  7. Yesterday was first full practice day for the Civilian Challenge. Here is a drone flyby of Bruce Rossmeyer Daytona Harley-Davidson. Today is more practice, the Challenge Ride, and Individual Slow Ride. DJI_0007.MP4
  8. Glad you getting your first “jab”. (did I really say that, jab. Lol) Waiting for permits now. It’s a process. Yes, both my Mom and I have had both Moderna. The boss had both of hers PZ. Rory
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