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  1. Ok thanks... I guess that kinda makes sense but what do you do with the extra??
  2. I wondered why it took you so long to chime in. John is CATS #1 fan.
  3. Carnival rides?? I’m guessing your not in favor of the Amplified program or were you referring to the activities in the Diamond Lounge?? Lol
  4. Now your talking... combing being a Pin with s Full Suite is the good life. Can’t wait until you Star Class Cruise on Allure. That ought to be something special. Enjoy
  5. Keep this space clear. This is where all the goodies show up. I’m surprised no fruit dish and cookies for Suites not to mention what you get for being a P? Maybe they showed up later. Chocolate Covered strawberries later in the week and maybe a cheese plate.
  6. Actually, we were never charged for the Corona. Chalk it up to the $20 tip (most likely) or sharing the drink package (less likely).
  7. Yea baby.... bring me another Tito’s please. In my opinion
  8. Why do you say that? Royal caters to families who might only Cruise a couple times a year or every few years. They might save for some time and likely to go all out. I believe a cruise is still cheaper than spending the same 7 nights in a Disney World Hotel and Theme Park tickets. Face it, our Economy is strong. People are more likely to spend $ when they few good about the economy and their jobs. I can understand how it seems odd to those that travel/cruise often and are on a more restricted budget (due partially to many cruises in a year) and would like a cabana or park passes. It’s a choice, cruise less, spend more or spend less outside of cruise fare, and cruise more often. We always buy the drink package. Has more to do with selection and brand/choice. If we cruised more often, we would certainly be more frugal. In my opinion
  9. A $20 tip on Labadee Suite area to the local attendant, we had loungers and umbrellas and free flowing drinks (we had the drink package). I think @John&LaLa can vouche for this.
  10. Demand sets price. Price will fluctuate up/down based on demand. Set price too low, people upset when sold out. This is simple economics 101. Royal is in the business to make money for its shareholders.
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