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  1. You are correct. Not sure where I grabbed that number from. But it was much more than 7. M8
  2. NY Stage 3 is nothing like our Stage 2 in Florida. Each Governor set up there own plan. Our bars that serve food are now open again. We are still in phase 2. There is no cure for CV19. You can’t remain locked down forever. There will be nothing left. It’s never been about the number of cases. There is more understanding of some treatments that help. Vents are a last ditch effort not likely to end well. Need to protect the vulnerable. Florida’s daily death rate continues to drop. M8
  3. New York is still a long way off from opening up. Once they do, cases will surge. M8
  4. Florida only tracks Florida residents death so the 7 was correct.
  5. I’ll share with the boss. She is in tune with the things of brain matter. It’s my understanding, a CT scan can confirm CV19. It appears as crystals on the film. M8
  6. Who enforces the quarantine? We had the same requirements from those entering Florida from NY, NJ, and CT. News crews saw most people flying into airports who were given the quarantine papers disembarking, and throwing them in the trash. Our first 3 CV19 patients here were in contact with NY’ers who didn’t follow the quarantine. You really believe most people will stay quarantined? I don’t. We did for a few weeks. M8
  7. Good luck. I know charters can sure put a dent in plans, especially a b2b2b.........
  8. The boss here used to think he walked on water. She met him during her residency at Temple. She now thinks he has gone overboard. M8
  9. We were not booked on this years cruise. Same itinerary three years in a roll turned us off. Mariner has more capacity. The only way to book is likely on the HSR site. I think you found it but just in case, try here. https://www.highseasrally.com A word of caution. This cruise can get a bit rowdy and 90% will have the Drink Package. C&A perks are not applicable on this cruise. DL/CL may or may not be available. Points have been awarded in the past. M8
  10. We have booked one cruise December 2021 on Odyssey but I wouldn’t have if it required a flight. M8
  11. I don’t eat, touch, or attempt to sniff fecal matter. I do fart. Does it spread by farting? 😇 M8
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