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  1. My daughter and I spent the day at 7 Mile Beach in Grand Cayman. We took a taxi back to the port. Since the lines were still pretty long, we browsed through the shops. I found an item I wanted to purchase. I searched through my beach bag for my wallet and could not find it. Last place I had it was in the taxi when I took the cash out to pay the driver. It dawned on me that I must have left it on the seat in the mini van! :eek: The wallet had all of my cash, both credit cards that I had brought with me on the cruise, my ship card and my ID!! I was panicking!!! When I got up to the security line and frantically told them I was on the Breeze (there were quite a few ships in port that day) and explained the story, they pulled out the ships roster and scrolled down til they found my name and asked my cabin number and a couple of other questions and let me onboard. So, now I don't have a dime to my name nor do I have any ID to get off the ship at our next 2 ports. MY cruise is ruined at this point and I'm not sure what's going to happen when we get home and how I'm going to get through customs! My first priority once onboard was to call my credit card companies and cancel my cards. About 20 minutes after that I get a phone call in my cabin from the desk. Security brought my wallet onboard. Someone from one of the ships found my wallet and turned it in to Carnival's security team at the port! How awesome is that!! Still have wonderful people in this world!!
  2. I'm confused as to how many passengers will actually be in the cabin.
  3. On the Freedom many years ago (back when we actually attended the raffles and such) they were raffling a necklace. The place was packed!! This overly large red-headed lady was shoving and pushing people so she could be standing next to the jewelry store worker who was holding the large plastic container that had all the slips in it. The one that they leave outside the door all day for entrees. She practically jumped the man wanting to be the one who drew the winning name. He of course chose her...I'd have hated to see what would have happened had he not! Anyway, low and behold, she pulls out her own name. She had a slip of paper waded up in her hand as she put her hand in the bag. SMH...the things some people will stoop to. MANY people saw it and grumbled about it loudly. I saw her frequently out on the deck by the pool throughout the cruise. The first time was when she and her husband were sitting directly in front of us and I loudly said, "well, here comes the necklace thief." Every other time I saw her I just said, "well, he comes the thief......".
  4. The other issue that possibly comes in to play when using most TAs is that that if you want to make any changes at all to your cruise, even a room switch, they charge a $50 service fee. The majority of TAs do this, not all.
  5. Great start to you review! :) How much was the Uber? the hotel?
  6. Personally, I would do my own walking/bus tour of Nassau. You can walk to Bay Street (the main street that you come out on once you get off the ship and pass through the Market Place). Catch the #10 Jitney (bus). That bus makes a huge circle that starts and ends on Bay Street, It's about $2pp. Ride it around and just check things out. If you see something you might want to check out, hop off the bus. When you're done go back to the bus stop and wait for another #10 bus. They run every 5 or 10 minutes.
  7. What is the bus number that just runs a circle from Bay Street and ends back on Bay Street?
  8. August would be great if it's doable.
  9. I haven't been down that way in sooo long! I think it's been almost 2 years since we've been to BG. We should get the group together for dinner in VA! You're in charge! :D
  10. My daughter and I usually do about 4 cruises a year, but my dad was diagnosed with stage 4 lung CA about 3 years ago and it was a long road. He passed 2 years ago and we now take care of my mother who has Parkinson's. In addition, my daughter started college last year so she's limited. Well, we're sick of not being on a ship!! ;p So, I've been looking and I just booked us on the Victory for December!! We are so excited...I'm going to burst if I don't tell someone who understands how much we've been dying!! :hearteyes: Okay...I feel better now! :')
  11. What'd you like best about the Havana, Tiff? On a side note, we need to post for cruisers on the east coast to meet in Virginia again. Same place for dinner sounds good to me! :D
  12. I'm gonna have to try the wrap on the Vista. I wasn't impressed with the standard aft balcony on the Pride. It was always in complete direct sunlight and I wasn't a big fan of that. Even with the sun screen curtain closed I felt that it increased the temp in the cabin by like 10 degrees. I did like the room and balcony size of the wrap and have wanted to try one. I'm thinking of booking the Vista next year and will try to book the Havana wrap.
  13. Other than interior design, any difference between Havana wrap and standard wrap?
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