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  1. Graham, if I run away from home do you have an extra bed for me????🤪
  2. I agree Dani. The six day simulation was too short. Hopefully the eleven day in January will be a go.
  3. I also was lucky enough to hear back from someone in the executive office. She took care of everything and I have stayed in contact with her over the last few years. She actually helped us with some little things a few times. Good luck OP
  4. Almost every time security at Cape Liberty has asked to open my carryon. This trip I had water, some cranberry juice and my wine and a bottle of tonic for Charlie’s leg cramps.
  5. Lenny, after my second shot I spent the day in bed. Aches and horrible chills! Hoping Charlie stays the way he is now!!!!
  6. He got it this morning. No lines, nothing like our first two shots. We were in and out after the 15 minute wait.
  7. He waited a week and a half after the flu shot. They said they give the vaccines together but I wouldn’t take that chance.
  8. Charlie got his third Covid vaccine this morning. Hoping for no side effects🤞
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