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  1. We had an aft cabin on Liberty in 2018, albeit on deck 10. I had no problem with obstructed views. You see some of the superstructure but the views are still fabulous. Great big balconies too. I will book aft cabins every chance I get. Panoramic leaving Galveston First Sunset Big Deck It doesn't get better than this...
  2. In most business models, in good times the front end (operations) has preeminence in the business and makes most decisions, in bad times it's the back end (finance). We have gone from good to bad in such a short time I doubt there has been a real transition from front end to backend control. Going forward, expect when finance is making the decisions them to not make sense to the consumer. Ops is consumer focused and finance is balance sheet focused.
  3. Exactly like the auto sector back in 2008/09, chapter 11 bankruptcy will be used to forestall debt payments. Operations will continue but inefficiencies will be purged and unprofitable ships mothballed. Does anyone remember the Saturn brand of car? Have you bought a Pontiac lately? The bean counters in Miami will determine which ships live and which ships die. The ships with the best revenue streams live to fight another day while others are sold off to lines like Pullmantur or similar. The same is going to be true for itineraries. Some Itineraries don't generate the same amount of onboard revenue as other itineraries. Expect the accountants to be making the decisions about operations going forward.
  4. If what I read by some posted here on CC is true, NCL was in the most precarious position going into the shutdown.
  5. My wife will be upset about this! She’s always referred to me as her boytoy 😂
  6. We did a three night cruise on Mariner a little over a year ago. She is a great ship and has lots of great stuff for kids. I haven't been on Independence but Freedom class and Voyageur class are very similar in layout.
  7. I love @twangster reviews his pictures are amazing and his detail of activities is second to none. However, I also love @John&LaLa and @A&L_Ont as well. They make you feel like you are along for the ride!
  8. That's so kind of you to remember and ask. She's alive but fading. It's hard watching but I'm thankful I have this pause in my usual schedule allowing me to spend all this time with her now.
  9. I'm very sympathetic to the couple. What they experienced would have been utterly horrible. I'm also sad that they have chosen to represent their interests by the worst, ambulance chasing, snake known to maritime law. I don't anymore, but I have engaged in all manner of dangerous activities. I have been severely injured several times. I recognized that when I chose to participate in these dangerous activities I accepted that I might be at risk and that that risk is all my own. Not every time bad things happen to good people do corporations need to pay the bill for the good peoples choice to participate. I believe in personal responsibility. I truly hope these folks recover completely. I hope that Winkleman doesn't drag these people through a media circus, as is his custom, and they are eventually allowed to recover emotionally as well.
  10. Didn't the port of LA have Voyageur briefly listed on their schedule then took the info down. I thought I remember that from earlier in this thread.
  11. https://www.foxbusiness.com/lifestyle/royal-caribbean-new-zealand-volcano-eruption
  12. We were on Mariner back in April 19. Absolutely loved it. Lots to do, good specialty restaurants. Playmakers is a nice addition. Our favorite dining experience was Izumi Hibachi. We had the UDP so we didn't eat in the MDR so I can't comment on that. It is definitely a younger crowd and we had tonnes of kids on our cruise but most were decently behaved.
  13. Congrats, planning the cruise is half the fun. I've got 1 still booked for 2020 which I think might be cancelled and then 4 more for 2021 and 1 for 2022. As long as we're booking and planning with "fun money" I don't see the harm. I've thought it strange when I see posts condemning people for their "wasteful unrealistic optimism". No one condemns the gamblers who spend hours and hours in the casino knowing full well they will come behind. Cruise planning is fun entertainment and well worth the risk of a few small deposits.
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