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  1. He was president through my teen years. A walk through that library is a nostalgic trip of my youth. That's probably why I loved it so much.
  2. Heading to Ventura for a wedding this weekend. A good friend's oldest son is tying the knot. The wedding is at 4 pm tomorrow. I'm apparently getting lazy in my old age. In the past I'd have driven down tomorrow morning and then driven back home late Saturday night/Sunday morning. I'm actually heading down today, staying two nights and driving back Sunday morning. Today will be dinner and shopping at the outlet mall. Tomorrow I"m trying to convince my wife to come with me to the Reagan Presidential Library. I've been before but It is the most interesting of all the presidential libraries I
  3. I do a chops lunch at least once a cruise. It is definitely worth it for us.
  4. No they stated that when they release the protocols for the a particular batch of cruises, if you aren't happy with them or unable to comply refunds will be offered.
  5. During our sojourn back in BC in 2020 we had a period of time near Chilliwack. I saw signs adverttising them but never got there. Maybe next time.
  6. Well I know my vaccine works. I was just advised that an event that I was part of last week for several days had a significant covid outbreak. There was no ability to social distance and while masks were made available to anyone who needed or wanted them I saw very few were wearing them. I certainly was not. I do not know who or what percentage of people were vaccinated but my suspicion is that it was a low percentage based on the demographic that were participating. 7 days after the end and 10 days after my initial exposure at the event and I'm as healthy as a horse. Those
  7. Does this mean you need to put your mask on between sips of the drink or as long as you have a drink going while seated you can be maskless. Also, I've been perplexed by the listing of the Solarium as a mixed venue. It is adults only and all adults must be vaxxed. I'm confused by why this is. What was your experience in the Solarium like and was it in fact masked all the time?
  8. Maybe they could replace the water in the pool with hand sanitizer and require everyone to dive in three times a day.
  9. I'll keep doing it until the knees finally break down once and for all. I was worried that I had reached that point this spring. I tweaked my MCL on my last day skiing this year back in March. Then I tore it up worse playing basketball with some teenagers at the park 3 months ago and it just didn't recover. Doc talked about referring me to ortho for a consult but I really want to avoid surgery. I have been working it on the bike for months. Yesterday was the first day in ages that I haven't been limping. There is hope for next season. 🙂
  10. I'm preparing to do a live review if internet is good enough. I'm absolutely stoked. 🙂
  11. They should wear masks and rubber gloves and maybe a hazmat suit everywhere on the ship.
  12. Beautiful! I love Tahoe... With my screen name I'm sure you can imagine why. I'm up in your neck of the woods right now, Fremont/Hayward area.
  13. Oops I should have read your previous post. Sorry I didn’t mean to sound pedantic.
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