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  1. I don't add anything when I sign. I keep a stack of one dollar bills that I use when I hand over with my sea pass card.
  2. You clear customs in Vancouver. It is just after the security clearance. Both Security and customs was very quick and painless when I went through a month ago.
  3. That's what happened to me last year. I worked hard to get down below the 250# weight restriction for the ziplines at Costa Maya. By the time we got off the cruise I was back up to 260#. 😱 I have no idea how much I weighed when we got to Costa Maya but its was day 5 of the cruise so my suspicion is that I was over the weight restriction. No one checked though. I had a good time.
  4. I can't imagine putting myself under that kind of pressure to begin my vacation. Book a flight in a day early and relax!
  5. I have had airlines book me on another airline. Last year when my flight from FAT to LAX was delayed and I was going to miss my connection from LAX to FLL United booked me onto a FAT to LAX on American and then I carried on with the rest of my Itinerary from LAX back on United.
  6. The OP could do a B2B on independence. That is the best offer for a freedom class ship in the summer out of Florida.
  7. It looks like a fairly typical Spacious OV balcony. There are lots of reviews of similar cabins on youtube. They are all pretty much mirror copies of each other. Is there a reason I'm missing you might think this one is a little different.
  8. I prepay drinks, specialty dining and excursions but oddly I have never considered prepaying the autograts. I guess I figured there is no advantage to prepaying like there is with the other things when you catch their "sales" so why bother. I pay my CC off every month no matter what so interest isn't of a concern to me.
  9. Here's why I had 60 days in my head... Nextcruise flyer You can book and decide later within 60 days. Edit: Actually it looks like you have a year to decide but then you forfeit the OBC after 60 days
  10. That must be it why I had 60 in my head. Either way though with reduced deposit no worries about having to use FCC and in the event of an emergency I'm not out much.
  11. Actually you are right. I went back and looked at my invoice and it says 30 days. For some reason I have 60 days in my head. I have no idea why.
  12. For all the ranting about the terrible customer service on Royal their customer service dept. sure seems to come through a lot in the end! Glad you got a positive resolution.
  13. I plan on booking onboard from here forward. With their 60 days to change itineraries and reduced deposits booked through NextCruise, if I do have to cancel a NRD booking I'm only out $200. That'll be a way better deal for me than a refundable deposit that I end up paying more for.
  14. Apparently the OP did. They were willing flush $2000 down the commode when all they need to lose was $600.
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