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  1. How many are in each room and how long is the cruise?
  2. Thanks for this great review. We are booked on the reverse of this coming up in May 2020. We're really looking forward to it. This review just makes me more anxious.
  3. 43 until Adventure 199 until Radiance 414 until Allure 546 until Empress 🙂
  4. We're flying from the Westcoast. Either Cali, WA, or BC depending on where we are at the time. There is so much that can does go wrong on cross country flights that I could imagine not flying in a day early. I understand when you are out east and have a shorter flight with no connections but for us it would mean in inevitably missing an embarkation or two over the coarse of time. I'm not unsympathetic to those who fly in day of and lose but I would encourage folks who have the ability to go a day early to do so. Much more enjoyable embarkation day and much better start to your vacation.
  5. When I was on Mariner in April it had one but was never staffed. They must have replaced it. Thanks for the info.
  6. They are linked. Sorry I should’ve included that info
  7. We have traditional dining booked for 7 people over three reservations. Will we be given our own table or would we likely be grouped with others at a really big table with others? We would prefer our own table. I’m assuming that, subject to availability, we can change once onboard.
  8. Enjoying this thread and your vlogs as well. Just one question. On my rare trips to Vegas the only table game I played is baccarat. Every time I go to the casino the it seems the baccarat table is closed. Do you ever open it?
  9. This isn’t an exhaustive collection of available inventory but does let you see some WS availability. http://www.creative.rccl.com/Sales/Royal/Multi_Dest/Special_Offers/rci_sales_event.pdf
  10. Yes, you can bring a dozen, up to 500 ml, bottles. However with the DBP you can get a bottle water at any bar. As long as you’re not specific about the brand.
  11. My first cruise on Royal was 2007. We paid apx. $3100 CDN for an inside cabin on deck 3. That same cruise (same week/same ship/similar Itinerary) priced today is $2688 CDN. When you factor in the inflation that is substantially cheaper now than then.
  12. Yes, however we found that nothing was open right at lunch 12:00-1:00. As @John&LaLa said 2:00 was the usual time we saw things open on Mariner.
  13. This would be my worry. Ive had more flights delayed/cancelled when flying in or out of SFO than any other airport in the world. Do the one that gets you in at midnight. It might be a PITA but at least you have more wiggle room.
  14. Just saved $100. Thanks for the heads up. I usually check every couple of days but had been busy and hadn't been.
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