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  1. Oh good, I had checked in and got a 12:30 check in time. Hopefully those things are kept but if not I'll try and get checked in on the 28 of Oct..
  2. I've only had an Amex card for less than 6 months. Is this a promotion that I should see again within the next year?
  3. So I put $750 on two different cruises booked for next year and today, when they switched from pending to posted, this showed up in my online account. 🙂 Nothing on my statement yet. Has anyone seen how long it takes to actually show up as a credit on your statement?
  4. My sailing is 12/12 and I can't check in either. However, I did get a RoyalUp email. I was surprised. I didn't expect one until after checkin or final payment.
  5. I think you misunderstood my post. I received the offer to Royalup not a winning bid. I don't expect to hear anything until December at the earliest.
  6. Got our Royal up offer for Liberty of the Seas 12/12. I bid on the GS, 2BD GS, OS, VS and RS... for the GS and OS's I bid fair and the others I bid weak bids. We'd be lost in the mammoth space of a villa suite but it'd still be fun...
  7. But the relative number isn't what it costs now but the difference between what he paid initially and the price now.
  8. I enjoyed just wandering around in Ketchikan a little more than Sitka.
  9. How's your weather been. I was wondering about these late cruises to Alaska and what they were like?
  10. For cruises six days or longer it is normally 90 days. However, currently due to their CWC policies, cruises through Jan 2022 have a 45 day final payment day.
  11. I have two. One in CDN $ which is a cobalt card and one in US $ is the regular green card. The US$ has the offer but, sadly, my CDN$ card doesn't. Does anyone know, once you use the offer up is it possible that you could another one or is it only possible after the current expiry date?
  12. I got $500 dollar off $1500 here as well. I have never paid that much attention to these offers. I think I've been missing out. Thanks @ZoeyVictoria
  13. On Serenade there was no need ever to make a reservation for the Windjammer. They scan your card every time you enter and exit but that was just for capacity control.
  14. I wore my tracelet on my belt loop. It was pretty much unnoticed and forgotten about all cruise.
  15. I'm careful about paying off my cards every month. I hate debt!
  16. Shorter cruises tend to have higher DBP. I just bought it for Liberty for $50
  17. I cancelled and rebooked my DBP for a price drop back in July for my August cruise. I had the refund hit my Visa 10 days later.
  18. Don't worry another sale will come. Black Friday will get you the price you need. 🙂
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