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  1. Not sure if that is what made it happen but I got my refund yesterday!
  2. I was on the Island Princess sailing 3/7/20. With cancelled shore excursions that I had prepaid, returned port tax and more, Princess owes me over $400. They said a check would be mailed refunding my money but I have not gotten it. I tried calling and was told the only way to get a refund is to email but no one has responded. What do I do?
  3. I'm on the cruise and I feel Princess has done the best they could. I don't feel they owe me FCC. We still got a 10 day cruise and we were given the option to reschedule before we boarded. I figured when we started we might just get to cruise through the locks in Panama.
  4. Has Grand Cayman continued to accept cruise ships? I'm on the Island Princess and supposed to arrive 3/15. Just wondering if we will be able to get off the ship. We weren't permitted to get off in Panama but Costa Rica did. Just trying to make plans for tomorrow.
  5. No. He announced earlier the next port Limon, Costa Rica is planned. We will see tomorrow morning.
  6. No we are not getting additional at this time. We got an extra $200 onboard credit That was given for not cancelling and announced before we boarded. Yes we have missed a port and couldn't get off in Panama. I pretty much thought it was possible to miss ports based on the situation right now. So I'm not expecting anything right now. Really what could Princess have done? It isn't there fault.
  7. Yes the captain announced.
  8. Panama is not allowing any cruise ship passsengers to de ark according to the Captain of the Island Princess. Curious if anyone knows about Limon, Costa Rica and Grand Cayman? Those are the ports we have left.
  9. Panama authorities came on took all our temps before we could go on tours today. The first tender left the ship and got sent back. All tours cancelled. Does anyone know if Costa Rica received cruise ships today? We are going there tomorrow.
  10. I just took a tour with Jhon today. I highly recommend. It was not a walking tour because our group included elderly. But I'm sure he would be excellent Highly recommend. https://www.toursbylocals.com/amazingwalkingtouroldcitycartagenaBarbaraTiedemanx4 Also his email. Jonakatours@gmail.com
  11. I just got a drink at the pool and they wiped the menu.
  12. I think about 90%. Room upgrades are available. We could have gone from inside to balcony for $400. Someone upgraded from outside to balcony for $200. R
  13. It does seem they are cleaning more but it has been a long time since I've cruised Princess so I really don't know. But earlier before they took salt shakers away. I watched as each one was wiped at the end of the meal. I don't think I've seen that before.
  14. So sorry. I didn't know this posted. I was going to post about Coronavirus precautions onboard but thought I aborted and must have posted instead. We did not dock in Falmouth due to bad weather. The seas have been rough. We came a day early to Cartagena and are staying until our scheduled departure tomorrow. We are washing in the sink before going to buffet. Everything is being served by waiters in the buffet. In the dining room, bread is served, cream is poured, salt is shaken all by the waiters. We touch nothing but our glass, silverware and delivered dishes.
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