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  1. Had it not been for this pandemic, we would have been on a cruise this week. However, I still wore my Royal Carribbean BINGO T-shirt today!
  2. A couple years back, I saw a TV show that talked about cruise capacity and profitability that pointed out the need to run full capacity. Here's an article that gives similar details https://www.jeremykisner.com/cruise-ship-industry/ Bottom line... if they cut the capacity, prices will increase dramatically. That's why the ships with a higher space ratio charge more for that extra space.
  3. Our May cruise may have been canceled, but we can still do a virtual one! Here we are getting on the ss. Home Cruise, having afternoon tea, adding some pieces to the puzzle in the Crow's Nest, and enjoying the turndown service with chocolates at night!
  4. Since we'll be driving to Galveston, the only costs we've pre-paid is the cruise. They have still to tempt us with "Royal Up" which makes me wonder if they're hoping that Caribbean cruises will be okay. We'd probably opt for the refund. Never had the FCC. How does the 125% FCC work? Since we booked well in advance, we paid a lower rate. How would that transfer to a new rate?
  5. I have a cruise scheduled 5/17 and so far it's still scheduled. What feedback have you had for upcoming cruises for RCL?
  6. What do you mean by a Newbie price? Is it the best booking price regardless of whether you've cruised before? Or is it really stated "first time" cruiser price?
  7. I'm constantly telling people about CC as a great money-saver and to get tips about everything cruising. But alas once on board, I find few who've heard of it. I'll keep spreading the word.
  8. Same for us in November on Liberty - Caribbean and Disco. Have Caribbean shirts. Will need to get disco gear for next cruise!!
  9. We're definitely going for the music, but the perks would be nice as well. We'll see how Premier replies.
  10. May I ask which music themed cruises? That's what I'm looking into booking.
  11. It's Premier Cruises, and I've sent them an email. But if they are required to pick up the fees, I'd doubt they'd do that. Guess the only thing, I'll get is the points towards d+
  12. I'm looking into booking a music cruise where I believe they fully book the cruise. Will I still get my normal Diamond benefits?
  13. Meldrum... Thanks for the info on the band. I've always been impressed by the musicians on cruises. They are well-trained, have expansive options for playlists, and appreciative when guests become regulars and interact with them. Once on a Princess cruise, the house orchestra, in a smaller quintet version and at a lounge venue, allowed my husband to sit in for the drummer on a couple of songs.
  14. May I suggest you actually cruise on a cruiseline before you categorize what it is or isn't. I don't know how you define a "luxury" line. If you're only looking at brochures, then I'd think you'd say every cruise line other than RCL and Carnival were all luxury lines as the people they portray in ads are slim, tanned, and dressed like all their clothes are hand tailored. Most rankings for luxury cruiselines are by price point and both Viking and Oceania fit that category. In regards to getting hackles up about dressing down, every board on this site, no matter the cruiseline, ha
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