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  1. chrismch

    Tampa Car Rental

    Need to rent a car for a couple of days before cruising out of Tampa. Never cruised out of this port before. What rental companies offer service through the airport? Once I return the car, do any rental companies offer a shuttle service to the port? Or do I need to arrange my own transportation from the rental company to the cruise port? At the end of the cruise, I won't need a car but will need a shuttle for 2 to the airport. Would appreciate any and all suggestions.
  2. chrismch

    Diamond Lounge Attire

    Yum! I can't drink alcohol on an empty stomach or it hurts at my jawline. A bit odd, but it definitely stops me from overdrinking.
  3. chrismch

    Veggie tray instead of rolls?

    Thanks for all the suggestions. I know it's not on the menu, but as c-leg5 said, something similar is on the Kid's menu. We'll talk to our waiter the first night and the head waiter.
  4. Would I be able to get a relish tray (celery, carrots, olives etc) served before dinner instead of dinner rolls or bread in the MDR? I know I was able to get that on one ship when I had a set dining time, but haven't asked since. Our upcoming cruise will be with a table for 8 of us and we'd all like that option if possible.
  5. chrismch

    Diamond Lounge Attire

    What type of hot appetizers do they have in the Diamond Lounge in the evening?
  6. Do they count your drinks while in the Diamond Lounge or is it open?
  7. We did the Canadian ports cruise a couple of years ago and it was one of our favorites. We did two extra days in Quebec. We did a walking tour of the old town through Viatour, with a guide who was quite informative and fun. We also did a bus tour to Ile D'Orleans and enjoyed that as well. They took us to an ice cream and candy store that had the best ice cream cones ever. It was soft serve, but you could get a thick dipped coating on it of caramel, dark chocolate, or milk chocolate. Huge serving sizes - easily split and the outer coating doesn't fall apart like other ice cream stores. Never had a coating that stayed with the ice cream and didn't flake off.
  8. chrismch

    Show reservations-how early?

    What shows do you have to make reservations for?
  9. Why would you be surprised that RCL would keep tabs of a customer's likes and dislikes? They are in the hospitality business and want to make your vacation the best ever. The more they can make you feel a valued customer, the more likely you'll return and tell others. The bigger the company, the more likely they'll have a data mining system. Why should that be only with FB or Amazon?
  10. RCL shows their next cruise program offers cruise credits up to $600. How does that break down by cabin category? What's the lowest credit we would get per person or cabin?
  11. I only need one hotel in Galveston -- Hotel Galvez. It's right across from the beach, has beach cruisers to use, a great spa with costs less than the cruise line, and a wonderful outdoor pool and hot tub. Staying there makes me feel I'm already on a cruise! http://www.hotelgalvez.com/
  12. chrismch

    CA point acceleration

    I ran through those offerings for next week. They are cruises under 60 days in advance or less. So that's after final payments. Nothing shouted out to me to book and actually didn't look to be much better rates than the cruise I just booked for 5 months out. However, I will say I've had great bonuses on cruises I've already booked with price reductions. Plan to retire to FL so I can cut out the flights and do some of those last minute cruises just to get away!
  13. I've got loyalty points on several cruiselines within the Carnival umbrella and wish I could use the highest on the lower point ones. Just discovered I could do that with Celebrity and RCL which will be a nice perk for a short family cruise.
  14. Carnival Cruise Lines covers a lot of cruise names under its banner like Princess, Carnival, Holland, Costa, etc. Do any of them have reciprocal loyalty points programs so that if you're a certain level on one line, they'll match it with another?
  15. chrismch

    Diamond Member benefits?

    What type of food is offered in the Diamond Lounge during the day? In the morning, do they have Danish or other pastries? Do they have appetizers or other snacks in the afternoon or evening?